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Bought this one last year and still using it for my daughter as she s still doing her nap on the afternoon. It s great for toddler as it have a cup holder and tray at the front and also a cup holder and tray on the top for parents what is also great as you don t need to purchased it separetly. The 3 wheels make it really confortable to navigate through busy street And for shopping ( big basket at the bottom) . And i can lay my daughter totally flat when she s sleeping so love it as it s easy to fold, not too big and really handy. The only problem is it doesn t last as the front wheels start to struck and the front tray unclip quite easily.

Great for a newborn but too small for larger child

There are a number of things that I absolutely love about this pram. In no particular order:
- extremely easy to fold and open up (that's a big bonus to me)
- very lightweight (compared to other prams we have had in the past)
- easy to maneuver
- a good set of clips to ensure that the child is well restrained inside the pram and cannot easily get out (the clips are easy for an adult to open with the touch of a single button).

Things I don't like so much:
- it has a small storage area for nappies; bottles and the like (but if you are travelling light, it's not a big concern)
- this pram is easy to tip unless the child is correctly seated. Our child tried standing up in the pram and it fell backwards (we caught it and him before it went too far).
- sitting a child larger than 3yo is difficult as the footrests are quite high (and can't be lowered). This can make the ride a little more uncomfortable.

All in all, I really like this pram and would happily recommend it (with the caveats above).

Easy to use pram

We chose this pram due to it being small and light weight. It is easy for me to fold and unfold and lift in and out of the boot (even with a baby in my arms).It is also large enough to carry a toddler and shopping in the carry basket but small enough that it is kept in the boot of the car while still leaving room for groceries or every day items. It steers well, has a removable tray with straps than can be used as 3 point or 5 point. Still going strong after over 2 years of use.

Starting to encounter issues with front mounted wheels

When we bought the stroller , it worked very well. We take good care of the unit since it holds our most precious cargo, our 2 year old, but it seems that the way the front wheels are designed causes issues over time. When folded, there's always awkwardness in they way the wheel doesn't slip into a more neutral position no matter how many times I refold it. Wear and tear isn't expected so soon after being purchased but I guess we see built in obsolescence is par for the course nowadays...

compact stroller that is good value

This stroller has worked well for us. Its bigger than an umbrella stroller and can carry lots of stuff, but its still small enough to fit into shops and a small car boot. Its been comfortable and our child is just over a metre tall and still fits just fits into it.

It won't last forever and the plastic holding the top handles together has started cracking on ours. The front wheel squeaked for a long time and needed a good clean out with silicon spray. It has been over some rough ground as there are not many footpaths in our area and we do lots of walking. Considering we paid less than $200, its still good value even with those problems and we have happy with it.

Great affordable pram

Easy to use and fold up, has been used for 2 children and lasts and wears excellent with material holding up extremely well
only negative is that you can't have baby facing you would be good to have a handle that goes forward & back
Does not take up a lot of room and is lightweight

Not Safe

Bought this pram from Toys R Us, my pram is 7 months old and both back wheels have fallen off while my 4 month old baby girl was in it. I wrote to Veebee and took photos they sent me spare parts to fix it. One month later the wheels fell off again, when I rang the company the women I spoke to was rude & told me I wasn't putting the wheels back on properly as they shouldn't fall off, they won't replace the pram or give me my money back, not happy at all, not safe...

Not worth the price I paid.

can be easy to maneuver. It is possible to steer with one hand. Down side of the stroller is that when it is fully reclined you can not access the basket storage area. Can no longer use this pram though, after being used twice. Put little miss in there while having specialist appointments and no matter what I done the back wheels kept falling off and would not stay on. Bough this pram via Zippay after hearing the great reviews and if I knew about the wheels I would definetely not have bought the pram. Definetely not worth the $250 I paid for it.

This is a good lightweight stroller for a small adult to push a small toddler in for quick shopping

I found this is a very good LITTLE stroller with lots of extra features I really liked, however I have a 4 month old and she's not able to sit up properly when seat is upright, so it tends to roll her to the side a little. Handle too short for me being 5'11', and hood doesn't seem to stay fully extended out. The crotch strap is a bit far down, but other than those things, it is a very good pram if you're after a cheap, light, good quality small pram

How do you change the handle direction please

Its light and easy to use except I do not know how the handle changes from front to back, I hear that its easy but so far no one can show me how to do it, I would appreciate any information please. I'm old and dont get these new prams at all.

Hi Sandi_pye Were not quite sure what you mean. The handle on the Navigator has a fixed position and it cannot be moved at all. If you would like some assistance with your pram please do not hesitate to contact us. Our very friendly customer service team can be reached on 1300 082 526. Thank you. I sold the pram and bought one that the handle does move.

Fit's in a mini couper

This was the only pram on the market i could find to fit in my mini. It is wonderfully lightweight and compact. It has been fine for a year and a half but looks like it might collapse spoon. Child seems to slip fwd in the seat relying on the harness to hold her in. The brakes are awfully stiff and wreck ur shoes. Good big storage basket underneath. Low for a tall person to push. Little if any shock absorption so it is a bimpy ride. When child is about 6 momths old the temples of their head bump into some joints either side of pram. Overall okay forthe money,
Fits in a mini couper
Brakes, todler slides fwd on seat, infant bangs head on sides

Great pram for the quick run around

I bought this pram as a cheap quick run around to the shops etc and am surprised by how much I love it. It's 100% value for money. Light weight, easy to fold, huge basket underneath that's larger than average. I've also got a three wheeler all terrain for my walks and the veebee is used for my shopping expeditions and lives in the boot of the car. My child is a tall child and fits with no problems with room still to go (currently is 15 month old). The only negative is that my husband and I are tall and kick the basket underneath whilst pushing the pram which can get annoying. Aside for that one element, the pram is fantastic. Highly recommend. We also bought the veebee footmuff that I use on the all terrain pram also. Best money ever spent.
Lightweight, easy to fold, great value for money
Kick the underside of the basket whilst walking/pushing pram

Awseome stroller great price

I love the VeeBee :) its lightweight, fits easily in the boot of my car and folds down with one push of a button. Snaps upright easily as well. 3 wheels makes it easy to manover and the storage basket is easily accessible even with the baby laying right down in the stroller. Love the cup holders too! The little peep window near where you hold the pram to push it is great I can easily keep an eye on bub.
Lightweight, inexpensive, easy to manover.

best pram for the price range!

I've tried about 3 other prams/strollers before, and this is by far my favorite. It has lots of pros and only 1 con (read my pros/cons below). It's so easy to recline and manouvre (one hand operation). It's easy to fold/unfold, and it fits in the smallest car boot (I have a suzuki swift).
Although the basket can be a bit hard to access if it's fully reclined, but so are many other prams.
I just wish it is everything that it is now but slightly bigger. Otherwise, love everything about it.
light weight, one hand recline, easy to steer, cup holder, large steady basket, lots of things!
a bit small; my baby will soon grow out of it.

Good for its price

Nice lightweight pram, good for short trip to shopping centres. It was not expensive. It has snack and drink trays for both the mum and the baby, and huge easy-to-access storage underneath. However I find the seat size is a bit small. Also the steering can be difficult sometimes, I really need to use two hands and push hard when making a turn.
Great for short trip to shopping centres
Seat is a bit small and steering can be difficult sometimes

An excellent lightweight stroller/pram

This is an excellent pram (although classified as a stroller it has all the features of a pram without being bulky and heavy). I bought this pram because I wanted a three wheel design which wasn't big, bulky and heavy. The navigator can be easily folded, is very light so I can lift it in and out of the car, and folds compactly enough to fit in our small car boot with the groceries, or when packed for a holiday.

I also love the really huge basket underneath- you can fit a small grocery shop underneath if the seat is upright! And because it is compact, it actually fits through checkouts and down narrow aisles at the shops. I bought this for my first child 3 years ago and used it from newborn right up until my next child was born 2.5 years later. Am now using it for my second child and it only shows minimal signs of wear- mainly just the wheels have flattened (as solid plastic wheels tend to). Very easy to push with a newborn or small child, gets a bit harder to push and steer with a toddler- although still usable. I have not seen any other pram that rivals this one for ease of use and useful features- plus for the price you buy these you really can't go wrong.
cheap, huge shopping basket, very lightweight, easy to lift, easy to fold, compact, backrest position easy to adjust, fits through checkouts!
it is a cheap, lightweight pram so is not as tough or as easy to push long distances or off paths as a big, bulky pram

Get what you paid for

This pram had everything we were looking for, it's lightweight, easy to fold and steer (even with one hand, large shopping basket, and narrow so can fit through small spaces. However after using it for 6 months my daughter has already grown out of it! Her head already reaches past the top of the seat! I'm constantly having to adjust her as she always slides down or to the side and looks very uncomfortable. When we initially bought the pram we had to take it back as there were parts missing (bolts etc to put the wheels on). But only paying about $150 I guess it's not too bad for the money!
lightweight, easy to steer and fold, cheap, narrow
My 6 month old has already outgrown it, she always looks uncomfortable in it and always slides down in it.

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ind of looks small. I put my 15 week baby in there and she is not big and she took up most of the pram and her head was only about 2 inches from the top. any one else have this problem??


For a pram costing roughly $200 I think that it is not worth it. Before this I had a valco light weight umbrella stroller which was very good and easy to collapse and comfortable with a good sunshade - but I overloaded it oneday and the suspension was never the same.
I have returned the navigator to bigw and they immediately percieved the wobble in the frame and gave me an option of an exchange or store credit - I took the store credit as I had already chosen a new pram from another shop, the Baby Jogger City Mini which I found online for $400 - well worth the money because it has so many amazing features.
I liked this pram because it had a large basket and snack trays for both parent and child. Very light weight but tended to take up the entire of my corrolla hatchbacks boot space. Seat recline is easy to use.
I found it difficult to steer with a child (11kg) plus a bag in the basket. Also a tendency to tip to the side when going down slopes. I could never steer with one hand. Difficult to assemble, instructions were not very clear.
IT seems to have a design fault. When upright the place where it folds is not sturdy but has a wobble and makes the whole pram very difficult to lift over kerbs (have to put foot under basket onto crossbar between back wheels to create a pivot point). Also, the three step folding mechanism is impossible to activate whilst holding a child / infant and the seat back has to be fully reclined before collapsing. Nor could I see my child through the peekaboo window when he was sitting fully upright.
The brakes are very difficult to apply and even harder to release - I usually did this by hand rather than foot. Inadequate sunshade. The seat is not very tall and has a strange flappy thing that pressed on my one year olds head - or folded under his head and was annoying. The crotch strap is too far forward and he was always slumped down in his seat.

Surprised by other ratings

Being a new mother, I bought myself a bulky pram with all the features for my newborn (Love N Care Adiva Sport) - it was a wonderful pram for a newborn but ultimately proved cumbersome and bulky when out and about.

When bub was about 6mths, I came across the Navigator. I've loved it since - it's relatively light, easy to collapse, roomy basket, reclines easily, and fits really nicely into the car. It also has a safety feature - the five point harness cannot be undone by bub because it requires a dual motion (pushing down on the two points whilst pressing down the release button). I take the point that the harness is hard to adjust but it is definitely adjustable. The pram is wonderful for shopping centres but not suitable for off road and day to day walk to the park. I use it all the time, and have loved the ease of use. After purchasing a pram with lots of features, the Navigator was a bonus for me because it lacked extra bells and whistles - it just does the job: gets baby from A to B without too much hassle, the lack of multi-steps to unfold and fold, and lets me carry a generous number of shopping bag. Baby is now 16mths and I'm still very happy with it.
Easy to steer, relatively lightweight, easy to collapse and set-up, generous basket, easy to recline. Good sun shade coverage (incls a window to peek at bub). Excellent price. Fantastic for grocery shops, brief trips.
Harness is hard to adjust. Not suitable for newborns - I definitely think that the stroller is only suitable for babies able to sit up quite steadily. Basket not accessible when fully reclined. Not as smooth as prams with inflatable tires.

Great lightweight pram

This is a great lightweight little pram with huge storage underneath, comes with drink and snack trays for both me and my little man in the front. I bought this pram because my original phil and teds was too heavy and love the fact that this folds so easy and is light. Only problem I have with it is that I have to adjust my child often as it appears that he slides down, he is not uncomfortable, it just looks like he is. Other than that I love it.
Light, huge storage, easy to push, 2 handy drink and snack trays.
Have to adjust child now and again as he slips down in it.

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Questions & Answers

how do you fold it for the car?
3 answers
There's a lever that you pull, which disengages the lock. This allows the unit to be folded down to fit into the car.Yes you hold a button on the handle and lift a latch on the left side and it folds down. Really easy.Yes you hold a button on the handle and lift a latch on the left side and it folds down. Really easy.

Is there a way to lock the front wheel in place so it doesn't keep getting stuck/swiveling around- it's quite jarring for my toddler?
3 answers
We no longer have our vee bee (upgraded to a larger pram), but my recollection is that there's a small clip on the back of each of the front struts (just above the wheels), which allow the wheels to be locked or unlocked. The wheels can be locked to force them to remain straight or unlocked so they swivel as required.Hi Tam, Wayne is 100% correct :) If you want to contact our customer service team please call 03 9581 8000Thank you guys!

been given this product..Just managed to work out how to fold it down but part the steel rod for the back piece has come out of the sides as I was trying to fold it or release the back to go straight rather..regards Jan
2 answers
Hi Jan, thanks for getting in touch with us :) Might be easiest if you give our customer service team a call on 03 9581 8000Usually, there s a steel flipon the side and the red button at the top to press and release at the same which make it quickly fold by itself. When you mount the wheels, make sure it s securely clipped


Price (RRP) $229.00
Seating Type Single
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 20 kg
Seat OrientationForward-facing
FeaturesArm Bar and Under-seat Storage
Weight7.8 kg
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)
Folded Dimensions51 x 58 x 84 cm

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