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Valco Relax

Valco Relax

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It's comfy but didn't use it

It's very comfortable to watch tv in (probably) but I preferred nursing my son in bed where I didn't have to hold him. I could count on one hand how many times it was used. Now it's kind of an ornament that takes up too much space in the room and now that my baby is crawling it's a hazard because he keeps trying to hold onto the rocking stool when he's trying to stand up.. It was very pricey to purchase but it's impossible to sell it, well it's not worth selling it for the money you would get for it second hand. I wouldn't recommend buying it.

In Praise of Chairs

This is the most relaxing and versatile piece of furniture ever.It embraces you and induces deep contemplation ie sleep .Some of the assembly instructions were ambiguous,study the floor model and take photos before you buy.However one man and a 9 month pregnant wife took only 30 minutes to get it together.

Love it!

I have spent a LOT of hours in this chair since bringing my first born home 7 weeks ago and I'm very happy. The 'gliding', reclining and 360 degree swivel features are all very smooth. The only problem I have found is that my back can ache after a while in the chair so I bought a back support which has helped. The fabric is quite thin so I imagine it will wear easily but no signs yet. It is too big to fit in my baby's room
Comfy, great to rock baby's sleep (even when over tired and grumpy).
No back support (only an issue if in the chair for a long time). Also requires a lot of space


It's ugly and uncomfortable. I have consistantly chosen the bed or lounge chair over this for breastfeeding 2 babies. I recently sat in another brand in a feeding room in Ipswich rail museum and realised hjust how bad this chair is!!

I don't have anything good to say about this chair. I do like the ottoman for bedside reading and settling though. I have not found any of the quality issues with it that others have mentioned & its had lots of use. I'm rating a 2 - all for the ottoman - 0 for the chair!
Ottoman great for sitting on next to cot of sick or unsettled bub. Seat reclines.
Almost everything - not sure how I ended up buying it.


We've really enjoyed having this chair in our nursery and although I don't use it for feeding much anymore, we use it every night for bed time stories. Even my mum uses it when she comes over!
Its a very comfortable chair that I use every day. The chair glides smoothly and I love that the foot rest moves with it. I found that the arm rests were at a good height for feeding and being able to recline it makes bed time very relaxing.
It looks pretty ugly. We went for the faux suede material which has a few marks on it from the baby. It is pretty big, our nursery is only small and you need room to recline and rock back and forth. I also think its quite expensive for a chair but I have enjoyed using it.


I have gotten my money's worth out of this chair! It lives in our loungeroom in front of the TV, sand colour goes well with our decor. Late pregnancy I couldn't sit in any of our armchairs or lounge anymore because they were low, hard to get up from and had poor lower back support. I LIVED in this chair in late pregnancy! Found it very comfortable. When bubs came along, I couldn't use it for a while as it was too hard on my backside and lower back (natural birth recovery) and then, as baby was quite long and strong she kept kicking off the back during feeding. However, once she grew a bit, we learned how to breastfeed and I recovered, we started using it again. Then she got reflux and I always rocked her to sleep in the chair. Quality wise (fabric, soldering, metal frame) it's not a great chair, but if you can get it on sale, it's well worth it.
Good gliding motion, excellent swivel and recline, good support for late stages pregnancy and breastfeeding (eg armrests at the right height, back well supported), vomit easy to clean off (as long as you remember to tilt the chair into full recline position to get the vomit out of the gap between chair back and seat), matching ottoman provides good support and glides with you
After 8 mo solid use, the padding on the chair has compressed somewhat so is less comfortable than it was at first, too easy to bend out of shape - so many people are tempted to sit on the ottoman and if they do it will break! (Had the chair for less than 24hrs and DH half-knelt on the ottoman and warped it out of shape)


This is a nice chair to sit and and rock baby. I didnt find it great for feeding in though (compared to my old wooden lounge chair anyway). I would recommend it to others though, with those points noted.
It's comfy (all our guests gravitate towards it) and blends in pretty well with our loungeroom. Quite relaxing even when you're not feeding.
The foot rest is too low. I wish it came with the option of real leather. I've had other chairs which are more comfortable to feed in.


I'm really happy with this purchase. I needed a chair that I could breastfeed in, read my baby a bedtime story with him on my lap and rock him when he needs it. When he was smaller, rockingand bouncing were the only things that would settle him when he was fussy, there is only so much walking around and giggling one can so this rocking chair came in really handy. It is also really easy to clean of the odd baby vomit. It is a reasonable price but it does have a cheap feel to it. It feels like if you catch the leatherette the wrong way it might tear or mark easily and the metal frame had a few rust bubbles under the paint when we bought it. It is a made in China product so it is obviously a mass produced chair with comfort and not aesthetics in mind. All said, it is a great chair, wonderfully comfortable and I'm sure I'll be reading bedtime stories in it to my boy for years to come.
This rocking chair has a nice smooth rocking motion and the foot stool has a gliding motion as well. The seat reclines and you can lock it to a set reclined position. It is a reasonable price.
I've had to use WD40 on all the moving parts as it was a bit squeeky when I got it. It is pretty ugly and unfortunately the colours are pretty ordinary so we went with black which is fairly dark in a nursery.

Questions & Answers

Are there spares available? I.e the whole cover set? As the material was so thin that 1 month of use and the covers are already splitting! Tsk tsk!
10 answers
After nearly one year of constant use no problemsMK, so you found the material used not thin? We bought the sand colour and the material is already starting to peel. I could not return it as it was assembled and not used for a few months - then started using and found some small peeling on the material...very thin! Box and receipt long gone!Hi Dee, I thought the material was thin but have had no issues. I used the chair constantly for over a year with no peeling or splitting. The chair has been in storage for a few months and not used for maybe a year but I still haven't seen any splitting/peeling. I have a black chair in case that is the difference.

How do I recline the Tranquility chair? The little lever on the side won't move.
2 answers
Just push back with the top half of your body. There's no lever so you can have your hands full with your baby, you just sit and lean back.Hi Pam, The lever on the right needs to be pulled up all the way for the seat to recline - and you may need to lean back in the chair to start the recline. If the lever is jammed, try lubricating it to get it moving - or if that doesn't work and you;re still within 12 month warranty - call the store or Valco Baby's customer service; I think their number is 1300 0 VALCO. Good luck.

Is the padding washable? (On the Valco Bliss Glider?)
1 answer
Hi Tanya, thanks for your message. The padding is all removable on the Bliss Glider, and the safest way is to spot clean it. I hope this helps!


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