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Valco Seville

Valco Seville

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This should recalled

when you try to stand up from lying position, it will come with you, it literally fell over my pregnant wife. The base has no weight and it turns over with you while get up

Purchased in March 2019 at Baby Kingdom for $269.00.

Comfortable and our Son likes it at sleep time

Admittedly we bought our chair second hand, it was faultless for a few months but then developed and annoying loud fiction noise at a certain point of the swing movement. I pulled apart all the bearings/moving parts and greased them and re-assembled, I was amazed that the noise was still there.
After a day of doing stuff and coming back to it to figure out exactly where it was coming from I narrowed it down to the bass as I could make it make that noise by putting weight on the base without making any of the moving parts move. I pulled the base off again and again trying different tourque setting on the nut etc etc but I found it to be the welded plates the base bolts too, I dont have a welder so I bent the bottom brackets in abit with a hammer so the stress point tightened slightly and Bam, noise gone. It was a pretty loud creeking noise to star with and so time consuming trying to track it down. If you the manufacturer is reading then maybe redesign those bottom plates the base fitting bolts too.

Pathetic excuse for material

I bought this chair in 2012 and used it for a maximum of 9 months. It was then stored in a room not being used for 4 years until we were blessed with another child. I went to use it and on the first day noticed the material had started to disintegrate. 1 week later and the material has peeled off that much it is unsellable. I had bought this item new thinking it was a good investment. I was wrong. I only wished I had researched this product prior to purchasing

You can contact Valco and they will over replacement covers at a price that is close to the original purchase price. Interesting that they should also need to sell replacment covers!

Very disappointed

Hi Am2, thanks for your review. I am sorry that this has been your experience, this is not a common problem but I can understand your frustration. As with any PU fabrics, gliders may experience wear and tear especially if they are kept in direct sunlight. Sorry we can't be of more help :)It was kept in a bedroom that was rarely used and was definitely kept out of the sunlight. If I had of mis-treated this product in any way I would not have gone to the trouble of writing the review. It must be common enough for you to sell replacement covers!

Do not buy. Chair is dangerous.

At first I thought this chair was great but after three uses it started making terrible noises when rocking. Bits of metal and eventually ball bearings fell out making the chair unusable and dangerous. The problem is the bearings can jump over the nuts on each of the joints (the nuts are too small and the design bad), destroying the bearings before separating entirely.

Terrible fabric and squeaks, but love the rocking with the foot stool

This has been a great chair for breastfeeding and reading, but it is a shame the fabric wears away so easily. Every time we use the chair we end up with tiny bits of black all over us and it's tough to clean off. Covering the chair with a blanket helps but is dangerous to then rock in. Very disappointed in that given these aren't exactly cheap. The chair also squeaks a bit as I rock, I can find the odd angle that is quiet and my bub sleeps pretty well but it is annoying.

Doesnt last

Ive Only had the chair for a few months and it makes terrible noises when rocking back and forth i cant rock baby to sleep in it anymore clunks with every rock i loved it otherwise it has just worn out way to quickley for something that was $400 not very happy with quality

Poor quality, wears out within 2 months

At first we loved this chair - it was comfy & soothed baby to sleep. But within 2 months of normal use, the cheap bearings in this chair had worn so that they "clunk" with every, "glide" rousing baby instead. It can no longer be used for purpose. Don't waste your money! Or buy something better quality rather than having to spend your money twice to replace it!!


After only 3-4 months - I have the receipt, ball bearings and small Sharp metal shavings coming out of swivel bolts, recommend by something different with different swing assembly this us super dodge and going back to store. Hopefully we can get something different this time 3 more words here
It was comfortable but not reliable

Still unsure

We sat in this before we purchased it and loves it. When we took it home it was so difficult to put together, the 2 main brackets that you you have to screw together didn't match up and were too far away to screw in, so had a lot of trouble getting that together. Worked great the first couple of times I rocked in it, but now when I rock it's not smooth almost like your running over something each time, this is super irritating & I opt for the couch instead!
Comfortable, easy to clean material
Difficult to put together and perhaps the 'non-smooth rocking' has something to do with that

Good only for the first baby

I can only say that it is satisfactory for its intended purpose. The glider has poor quality vinyl seat covers that break up over a few years. This material not only deteriorates to the point of being very unattractive but sheds tiny pieces of flyaway plastic all around the house. This is a worry for young children. Also, the glider mechanism is not concealed or protected and at the bottom, the scissor type movement could very easily hurt the fingers of a young child. The chair is not stable when fully reclined. There are no brakes or pins to stop movement so that when a child stands on either the chair or foot stool, they may come crashing off. The chair is very heavy and could cause damage to young children.
At the cheaper end of market, smooth action
Dangerous in certain situations, covers will not last (very expensive to replace), throw away like build quality.


I wasn't going to get a rocker as I thought my lovely lounge chair would do the job - thank god I got one! This has been the most important purchase in the baby process and I will probably keep it after the bub is older. On a cost per use basis this is the best value around.
This was an absolute godsend!! The Seville is wider in the seat than the Relax Glider and a little more comfy. Pockets on the sides allow you to store bibs and wipes. The reclining action is perfect for when you need to get some shut eye whilst rocking your little baby.
Can go off balance if you rock too hard and rotate at the same time.


I really did like this chair and used it for reading to bub well past the time we stopped feeding in it. Once I worked out how to get out as quietly as possible (covered it with blanket and moved slowly, it was great!
Very comfortable and easy to recline. Locks too if you don't want to recline. Love that the stool rocks too. Handy pockets on the side for tissues/breast pads/ cloths etc.
Could be very noisy getting out of it and quite difficult to do with a sleeping bub in one arm. Had to pack around myself with pillows when Bf bub in early stages


Good chair at a good price.
It was $269 at baby bunting, and i think it was well worth the money.
Probably not as super comfortable as a $600 swivel. but im happy with mine.
Comfy, reclines nicely
Has pockets on both sides for storing stuff
Rocks nicely, and foot stool rocks nicely too.
no cons it is nice

Questions & Answers

Hi, I can see the quality of material on Valco Seville is not durable and will peel. Does Valco, have the ability to replace the material? what is the cost to replace maaterial? (Sand) thank you
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They do, but I can't remember if it was $150 or $250 and I'm not sure if this includes the material on the arm rests. Hope this helps.


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