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Vellux Blanket

Vellux Blanket

2.2 from 32 reviews

I rate this blanket a ZERO!!!

Washed the blanket in my new washer and it totally fell apart! It was a mess! Ended up vacuuming the inside once the mess dried! Ran the recommended table cleaner today.It seems all clean now.

Purchased in June 2017.

Fell apart in the wash

I decided to wash two Vellux blankets that had been stored for several years (they were my deceased mothers) cold water, one cup liquid detergent. The one blanket disintegrated as soon as the water hit, as soon as I saw stuff floating in the water, I yanked it, clean what mess in tub as best as I could and proceeded to continue to wash the still good looking one remaining. Seven or so minutes later that one also started to disintegrate the same as the first one, I'm just glad I inherited them and did not spend my own hard earned money. Taught me a valuable lesson to stay as far away from Vellux blankets as I possibly can.

Date PurchasedDec 2011

Great Blankets

The original Martel Vellux blankets lasted about 30 years bought in Hawaii. The Chinese produced blankets were rubbish. We found some original blankets in Norfolk island at Petes Place, great quality and price and still going. Easy to make the bed, one blanket all winter, no night time fry ups as with duvet, no pushing and shoving with covers and inners, and lite. Track down the original Martella Vellux they are well worth it and we don't believe they are overpriced.
We couldn't live without them and used them in our rental houses in the mountains where temperatures went from -20c to plus 32c. We provided an eiderdown as extra warmth in winter.

Date PurchasedSep 2002

Absolute Crap

Too bad there are no stars representing negative numbers, because that is how I would rate this blanket. I would not even give it a zero. I washed my blanket as per instructions, and it completely disintegrated in the washer. After removing most of the mess, I had to use a kitchen strainer to remove the particles that floated in the remaining water left in the washer. Even then, there were microscopic particles in the washer and gasket, that I couldn't see, but could feel. The particles were gritty. I'm concerned that even though I have run my washer though several cycles to get rid of the particles, there are some still remaining and will end up on any laundry I put in the washer. I'm worried about whether this will affect the performance of my washer and if it will break down because of this garbage product. DO NOT BUY A VELLUX BLANKET! You have been warned.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Expensive "dry rot" rubbish, if you want to waste money you've made the correct choice with a Vellux

As per several other reviews the blankets disintergrate. The best way to ensure they do is to sit on them in bed. They are approximately 8years old. They have a 5 year warranty. For the price you pay it should be a lifetime cover.
They have been washed according to instructions and stored in a moisture proof sealed bag over the 9 months they aren't in use.
Apparently after contacting customer service they say it's dry rot - rotting of the core. My other blankets have never suffered this.
Really disappointed in Vellux.

Date PurchasedJun 2009

Vellux blanket

I've had my Vellux blanket for approx 15yrs. It has been the best blanket for in between seasons. Only after last wash did it feel limp & started to tear along the sides. I feel that it was good quality to last 15yrs & am purchasing another. Hope the quality hasn't gone down hill.

Date PurchasedMay 2003

Not quality & expensive to buy

My friend gave me a Vellux blanket, I've looked after it well, only gentle wash. It's disintegrated, fabric has broken apart, will have to be thrown out, I'm not sure of the best way to dispose?

Date PurchasedAug 2014

I Cant Believe It Has Disintegrated

Put simple my expensive Vellux blanket has Disintegrated and is useless... It only lasted two winters!
We put it on our bed last weekend - changed the sheets today and couldn't work out what all these crumbs were. As we got to that layer we were shocked to see it had disintegrated. Ive thrown it away - such a waste of money - definitely not a quality product. DON'T BUY ONE !

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Big disappointment

Used this brand for years. Last falI, I purchased one and it literally fell apart. Pieces of fabric fell all over floor and bed. I purchased two more, but they were even worse. The last one shed so much that I had to have a service person clean my dryer vent. It is no longer the original product. I can no longer purchase this product.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Falls apart very disappointed

Hand washed falling apart very disappointed.I won’t recommend to my friends.I would to know why this is happening to your product.I would like you to ask me in email please.

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Disintegrated in wash

Actually fell completely apart leaving me thousands of pieces in my washing machine. Should be taken off market. What a mess. Don't buy, even if on sale. Worst blanket on market.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Not great

Not great at all. They are not finished off very well for the single bed blankets. They only have a simple zig zag stitch down the sides and end. The edges should be finished all the way, like one end hem / turnover, which has been finished off by folding over and nice looking stitching. Hence the sides of the blankets stretch a lot and have become quite frayed. We use them in SOME of our motel rooms, so there is not a lot of wear and tear involved as they don't get used every day at all. I would not recommend them at all. They are also very thin and it's not hard to tear them just by tucking them in :-( I won't be buying any more.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Not like they used to be

My first vellex blanket I bought in the early 00's lasted years, until I accidentally left it somewhere.
The 3 that I have bought since then last about a year. They fall apart and rip easily.
Granted I do use them year-round and wash weekly, but the quality definitely took a nose dive in the last 8 to 10 years.
These were hotel blankets years ago. No way they would ever make it as that now.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Vellux blanket

I can not fault the VelIux blanket. I have 4 of these blankets that I bought about 11 years ago. They get used for about 3 months a year. and washed in Earth Choice wool mix detergent and stored away in pillowcases.

Date PurchasedMay 2006

Falls apart

I bought 2 of these blankets only to find after a 3 months pieces of the fabric just lift off and it shows a type of netting, a pup scratched one blankets and I have marks now showing the netting where it scratched. At the cost they are it is appaling certainly do not get your monies worth. I complained Myer wanted a photo emailed to them which I did. I was then given 2 replacement blankets only for the same thing to happen. The only thing good about them are that they are lightweight. Can no longer fold back my bedcover because of the tears in the blankets. Looks like a mouse or moths have been at them rather embarrassing.
I am furious that I paid so much money for them and then for this to happen. I cannot understand how they can keep selling them! I cant afford to go replacing blankets....

October 5th 2017 Update: More than falling apart

I am now too embarrassed to put any visitor in our beds because of these blankets they look like a mouse has been at them and are getting worse each time I wash them. They say was every 12 weeks. I would so love to know why. The worse product I have ever bought. I definitely would tell people to not waste their hard ear to money they are absolutely disgusting and you certainly do not get your mo yes worth, they aren't cheap.. very very disappointed, never ever again.

Date PurchasedApr 2014
With reference to my review above. Why is it that the blankets need to be washed every 3 monthsWhy is it you have to wash them every 3months

Waste of money. Lowest quality.

I bought two queen size blankets at Kohl's, each at $50+. I should have checked product reviews before purchasing and saved myself money and frustration. Although they look shiny, are lightweight and warm, they started to lose bits and pieces of material during regular use. First time wash, both shredded and made a complete mess in my washing machine. These should be labeled "Disposable Blankets - Discard After Use." A warning should be included to NOT wash as they WILL fall apart. I have the packaging and the label reads "Made in the USA by WestPoint Stevens Ind. New York..." - That's a discouraging fact when we make an effort to buy products made in the US and pay higher prices for poor quality material.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

How can they sell this junk?

Purchased a martex blanket on eBay. Paid $40 for it. It fell apart completely in my washing machine. What a mess! Never have I seen anything like this happen before in my life. How can they sell this junk?

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Vellux Blanket-----It falls apart!!!

Initially it looks and feels great, but after a year or two it begins to fall apart; it absolutely begins to disintegrate. So, unless you like the feel of this thing so much you're prepared to buy a new one every year, forget it. If you want a blanket that lasts do not buy this blanket. Martex the maker of Vellux should be held accountable for putting this junk on the market.

Date PurchasedJan 2014

Vellux blanket

I bought four of the blanket,as I saw them in the hotels..I fell in love..so when I came back I googled and saw dj.and Myers sales them..and I went and got four of them..I washed all of them as they said...one at the time....two came fall appart....two stayed the same very good..but the other two fell APPART...the staff on the phone....wasn't even wanted to listen...it looks like they don't care...I am extremely fussy,I look after my stuff...and take good care of them...I think as when I told them on the phone it must have been bad batch...her answer was NO...I used to work in fabric shops and I know it can happen..instead she answer with manners,her answer was that's all I can say...now I have two in a plastic bag,to throw them,and two to keep..I don't use them,I use them when I have guest..for extra blanket...what a waste of money..

Date PurchasedAug 2013

Doesn't like hot water, and disintegrates over time

I bought Vellux blankets for my son who tested allergic to dust mites. This was down to a shop assistant at David Jones who rang the company and asked if the product could be washed with hot water, as recommended by my son's doctor. The company rep said yes. Well, it can be washed weekly in hot water, but it reduces the life of the product to no more than a few years. And what a mess it makes of anything else in the washing machine, with bits of tuft coming off and attaching themselves to anything and everything. Not nice at tall. It's a bit of a pity given the product is not cheap. Otherwise, my son liked the blankets, and his friends always chose a vellux blanket when it came to sleepovers.

Date PurchasedJul 2005

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Questions & Answers

Washing my new Vellux blanket would not be easy too big for my washing machine and no way I could manage it by hand. What happens to it if I do not wash it ? Bought a t David Jones at Tuggerah NSW
4 answers
Hi Jill, You will find It probably will fit in a washing machine, even a small one, as it's very thin and light - even if it is a king size. They fit easily in our regular household washing machine without a problem. We only wash ours every now and then, if they have a mark on them basically. We use them in our motel. It would be fine to not wash it for quite a while. We hang ours outside on a clothes line often to give them a good airing, but we don't wash them a whole lot. The main problem I've found with ours is that they fray along the sides and the bottom end as not all of them are folded over and hemmed on all sides. I have purchased about 8 and only one was hemmed all the way around. The others just have a zig zag stitch around the 3 edges. I hope this helps :-)Many thanks, Mandy, for your helpful answer. I did buy one several years ago and it was never the same after I washed it in small washing machine. It came out with white streaks all over it and was such a mess I threw it away. Have always regretted not returning it to Myer because I washed it before using it and so never got any use out of it. I thought that over the years they may have improved, but was dismayed to read about the requirement to wash it every three months. It will only be used in our household and so I will not worry too much about the washing. Thank you again for your assistance. JillI wash mine every year after winter use. Have had no problems. If you think your machine is too small take it to a laundry-mat they have much larger machines.

My Vellux blankets have a "chemical smell" is this a health hazard? Also they produce alot of dust? check this out when they are dry on the line, after a shake. My blankets also have what looks like moth holes. I use them on the beds for my guests at my bed and breakfast.
3 answers
No I do not notice a chemical smell & I do not notice partials of dust after washing Maybe it is the type of washing powder I use a liquid &bit is fine as for the holes in the product I think that is the weave of the product $ when you hold it up to light it is more noticeable I have used one of these blankets since 2005 & I think I would have noticed before if these concerns were a worry. My daughter has purchased a blanket for use in her caravan & used the blanket 3 or 4 times in late winter & she would have certainly noticed if there were a broblem. Good luck Bernadettewhen they are wet on the line I can take fingertips full lint from them. I also use liquid wash. Thank-you for your response. They are made in Australia.Hi Marilyn, I have the same problem with ours with the lint. Each time I wash them they look like they've washed with a facial tissue. Small bits all over them. I have used both liquid and granule washing powders, both with the same result. I usually put mine over something large to dry (or on the clothes line) and then have to brush-o-matic the bits away. It's a slow process and takes ages :-( When the blankets were first purchased they did have a funny smell to them, but it disappeared after a while. Because the blanket fabric is veryyy stretchy and thin, it's quite easy to put a hole in them just with fingers, by making the bed. We have to be very careful of that,

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