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Velocity Frequent Flyer

Velocity Frequent Flyer

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Status rewards policy is a joke and you will eventually go backwards.

The status rewards policy is that accrued points drop off after 12 months. So if you’re a regular flyer like myself, you lose points as fast as you earn them. Where’s the loyalty on Virgins behalf in that policy? What’s the reward for frequent flying? None after the first 12 months. They suggested I take some international flights to get more points. Then I would lose big next year. It’s a complete joke and not worth the effort in the first place. Other airlines offer much fairer system.


Extreme tactics to avoid awarding points

I bought from a partner through the Velocity website. Points were not awarded so I had to submit a claim for missing points. Despite the fact that I filled in all the data and forwarded my invoice with my initial claim, I had to respond to a further four requests for the invoice to be sent through in different formats ... it had to be attached to the email... but not in that file type....The number and type of excuses for not awarding the points became funny. They did everything short of asking me to cross stitch the invoice onto a pillow for them. I got the points in the end through sheer bloody mindedness but wouldn’t bother again. Lesson learnt Virgin.


don't book a holiday with them

booked a package weeks ago never got my 4900 points been on phone for hours over the last few weeks they all blame everyone else finally was assured I would get it resolved and nothing .just ignored why send out emails promising points if you book then don't give them .would have booked elsewhere probably cheaper ..never again Velocity



Kept getting emails threatening me that my account would be closed due to “inactivity “ even though we have taken 5 international trips this year with virgin......
Hopeless overseas call centre wanted me to get my SIX year old to call and verify his account . Utter rubbish. Won’t bother with virgin again.

horrible and time waster

I have a velocity card with about 200,000 points to use. I used twice at BP stations, then always declined after. Velocity gave me another card to use, but then again declined with reason insufficient fund even I checked my account and see the points are still there. I ended up paying more for petrol as PB is the most expensive station.
Very frustrated and time wasting promotion.

They made it extremely difficult to gain status credits

I’m very frequent flyer with virgin domestic due to work. They have made it so difficult to gain status credits that it’s a losing battle to maintain gold status or even gain it in the first place. I vastly exceeded eligible sectors by a factor of ten but still need tons of more points to achieve gold , the status points only valid for a petty one year which means your always losing points every month it’s a losing battle. Not worth it


They promise lots and delivery agony!!

I have recently been downgraded from Platinum to Gold status. The first time I knew this was when a new Gold status pack arrived at my home. Now under both Platinum and Gold status, you have the hire car privilege, there is no difference for either status. When I received my new Gold pack, what I did not know util much later was that Virgin cancelled my hire car privilege with Europcar.
Well, it was only when I was trying to book a hire vehicle that problems occurred, I still had my Europcar membership card. I tried to log into my Europcar account and could not access it. Many, many phone calls to Europcar did not resolve the issue. So I had to book direct through the Virgin flights programme. When I reached the Europcar desk, I was told in no uncertain terms that I was not a privilege member and had to wait my turn.
This led to many hours on the telephone between Europcar and Virgin to try and establish what was going on.
Then I was informed that my Europcar membership had terminated when my Platinum Virgin had terminated.
Thanks Virgin for not informing me of any of this!!
So you see, after all of your commitment to support the airline and gain your points, they will dump upon you without a second thought no matter how much grief it causes you!!
Just be warned people, you are only a source of money for them!!!


The Customer Care Team SUSPENDS people's account

Don't join, it's a waste of time. The bonus points promises are empty promises.
The Customer Care Team based in the Philippines cares less about your loyalty and hard earned points.
Makes me want to fly with Virgin less from now on.

Do NOT trust this scam - they SUSPEND your account nilly willy ... to stop you earning points

This is a scam and should be banned in Australia.

They suspend your account and forfeit your hard earned points when they realised you earned too many points. I would not use them, stick with Qantas FF program instead.

Refused Xmas Bonus - Claimed Offer not Activated (but it was)

Thank you for contacting us about the Christmas bonus offer on behalf....

As per the Terms and Conditions, to be eligible for the promotion, members must successfully activate the bonus Points offer online and earn Velocity Points between 20 November 2018 and 08 January 2019 (Promotion Period) with three (3) or more Participating Partners.

I understand he was able to transact with more than 5 of the Participating Partners during the promo period however after further review, I found that the promotion was not activated on his account.

As much as Id like to, we cannot honor his activities for the bonus Velocity Points.

Virgin E-Store unreliable ...

I was excited when Virgin E-store were offering 10 points per dollar when purchasing a Lenovo laptop computer. I went through all procedures accurately only to be told weeks later by E-store that my purchase was not eligible. Correspondence ensued for about two months and everything seemed hopeful. Then, despite providing all the requested evidence, my claim was again rejected. The reasons given were not only inaccurate but also confused. My perseverance paid off however and eventually all eligible points were correctly credited. It's unlikely I will use the E-store again as a result of their unreliability.

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The problem has since been resolved, but only after considerable correspondence and determination on my behalf. Nevertheless, the staff at Virgin Velocity were very helpful and I appreciated their concern and assistance. The moral to the story is not to ever give-in or give-up!

Velocity and virgin are very deceptive

During the Christmas period velocity offered a Christmas points promotion where users had the opportunity to earn up to 10,000 bonus points for 5 different merchants. It meant that you had to shop or use certain services within the time frame. Some of these places I had not heard of but gave them a try. I purchased on the velocity e-store (eBay) multiple times, transferred flybuys points, Sendle parcels, onsport and autobahn. This meant that I would have the required 5 shops for the 10,000 bonus point. I received my individual shop points for the e-store, flybuys and Sendle. I did not receive my individual points for autobahn or onsport. At the time on sport had an extra promotion of 15 points per dollar also. I have not received my bonus points at all. In total velocity owe me near 10,500 points from this promotion. My partner was with me when I made the online purchase and we were certain to enter the velocity number when using each service. Three of the retailers we were using for the first time. I contact velocity customer care who said to email my receipts to retro claims. I did as requested and provided the evidence of tax invoices to velocity who stated that they do not do retrospective claims for Autobahn and that I will not get the points. They stated I did not provide the velocity number despite myself and my partner witnessing it and it still displaying in my Autobahn account. They state that with the onsport points I have to contact onsport directly.

I will now be lodging a complaint to the department of commerce due to the conduct.

I was a very loyal Velocity flyer and Virgin customer and advocate for their services and was going to fly our big family to Europe in the middle of next year. Once the department of commerce finish with my claim I will be cancelling all 8 of our family memberships and take our business to Qantas.

Point redemption

Point redemption is a joke. i could not find any flight to USA for over 6 months. You can book any seat but the rate of remediation on those is a total joke. It cost almost over a million points for one way in Business class which is equivalent to 10K. It used to be great few years back but now the only thing you can do is accumulate points

Poor customer service

After making two phone calls and the issue not be resolved about my missing points, I called a third time and spoke to a Velocity call centre member who was extremely unprofessional, abrupt, would cut me off mid-sentence and refused to answer questions about my account. I hope I will never have to deal with this member again but more importantly, I hope I will never have to call about this issue again.

Waste of time

Manilla call centre refuses to assist me with my account unless I send her a copy of my passport. I will not send such things unsecure over the net to someone in the Philippines. This is how you have your details stolen. Is there an Australian complaint centre.

Terrible service!

Ordered gift cards, wrong ones came. Still waiting 2 months later for replacements. It seems they are nothing short of incompetent and thieves.

Guaranteed economy reward Sears - what a joke!

Am a platinum member and tried to use points using Virgin's guaranteed seat availability. After first being told this offer wasn't available for partner airlines, then found out the offer is basically at Virgin's discretion. Wanted return flights Sydney to Honolulu on one date 8 moo this on advance, was told I could only get flights 3 days later via Brisbane which added 5 hours to the trip. What a joke!

Virgin velocity - collinson group and cow dung

What the hell is going in on ? I order $1000 david jones gift card - oct/2018. Bloody hell 4 months later - no card received ! is there or are there thieves in your department ?

Empty promise offer

Never get my point as per offer email. Poor customer service, hopeless media team. Doesn't know how to handle customer complaint properly. Poorly trained staff! Boycott!!!

point expiry as per their convenience

Unfortunately I have nothing good to say, my carefully collected points over many years expired when after a death of a family member I did not pay any attention to any of this stuff for a couple of years. I also had a valid credit card collecting altitude points, but didn't realise, that I would have to do an active points transfer! I have done this (my points expired 4 months ago) and transferred 130.000 (!) points over, still, the customer "service" did not see any good reason to reinstate my previous collected points.
I guess will switch over to Qantas...

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Questions & Answers

On the 12th June I was informed by Flybuys I had transferred 2000 points to my Velocity Account and according to the email it had been transferred immediately. It is now the 20th June and continued enquiries have left me believing it is either parties problem. Are there others who are experiencing this problem? If so what have you or do you intend to do about it? Michael
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I did a similar transfer recently and it appeared immediately on my Velocity statement... The value of the Velocity rewards was a lot less that the value of the Flybuys, so I personally won't be doing that again.

When is the technical issue with the velocity login expected to be fixed? I haven’t been able to login with my details, the website is saying there is a technical issue but surely this needs t be prioritised to asap
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All reply emails associated with VIRGIN VELOCITY are dead ends. There is a phone number they prompt to call but ive wasted enough time. No respect is what you get from VIRGIN.We have not had issues in the login on Velocity Rewards. All I can suggest is A) phone them or B) you may have issues with your computer or device C) change your password with them that may be also a problem...............Sorry I cannot be of more assistance

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