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Village Cinemas Gift Cards

Village Cinemas Gift Cards

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AndreGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

  • Verified customer

Gold class rip off,


Gift cards only last 12 months,
Even when date of issue is not written on card, is this a NO GRACE RIP OFF scenario?
Or can someone from village help?
By reading these reviews,
It's unfortunate to think,
That I won't be hearing from village.

Customer Service

Darren Gabbe

Darren GabbeGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 10 reviews

Theft. Plain and simple


According to an act passed in 2009 these cards shouldn't expire. Why then when trying to book a movie at gold class does it say that a card I received last xmas is expired? All I can say is 2 things. Never purchase one of these as a gift for anyone and thank the hackers of the world for torrent sites. Village are the worst type of thieves!!! I found this online. Obviously VILLAGE think it doesn't apply to them. Thanks to the federal Credit CARD Act of 2009, gift certificates and store gift cards can't expire for five years. However, issuers can still charge an "inactivity fee" if the card has not been used within twelve months

Customer Service

Gold Class Experience


Same as all the others, I’m totally frustrated by the difficulty in redeeming these gift cards online.
How can a company that does everything else really well do this so badly- maybe it is a scam.

Terrible I have a few gift cards that have not been used and they refuse to extend it. Money grabbing scheme


terrible I have a few gift cards that have not been used yet can’t use because village won’t extend it. The money was paid. The policy needs to be reviewed and changed.




  • 2 reviews

Horrendous company


I’ve tried to resolve an issue with an expired voucher, that I sincerely feel was misrepresented when sold. This company has shown zero care.

I will never step foot in a Village cinema again. Ever.

Avoid if you can and definitely never buy any type of voucher from this greedy company.

Sick Vic

Sick VicGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 3 reviews

expired village gold class


got two gold class gift tickets and $30 food voucher they have now expired due to ill health of my dad and his final days in January i requested extention how ever village it was not possible. It was possible they just dont want to,full stop. I am going to the ACCC and if that dose not help i will go to social media and then i will stand outside a village cinema with a plackard till i get noticed and compensated they have more to lose than i have who is going to join me???



pepdebolloxGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

  • 3 reviews

Village cinemas: another complaint same as the rest


Gift cards wont work online, complaint e mail doesn't go through says there is a glitch, have to go to the actual cinema who proceed to tell us there is nothing wrong. Then when we book tickets (not the ones we wanted they had gone) we cant order our drinks and popcorn at the same time as online we have to queu up the day of the movie. Its school holidays Village you are dropping the ball in a major way. It seems the gift cards are a scam and they do this as a business decision hoping people wont redeem them after multiple attempts so get customers money for free. scam scam scam. Village cinemas never again.


StimpyGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 10 reviews

Gold Class Gift Card did not work


The Village Cinemas website would not accept the Gold Class Indulgence package gift card I had purchased. This was frustrating as the session I wanted only had 2 seats remaining in the location I wanted. Frustrated, I bought regular seats at the VMAX instead. I'll be contacting Village tomorrow to give them an earful.


AnnietomdavGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 5 reviews

SCAM ALERT selling pre-paid discounted tickets with FINE PRINT - no time to use them!!


What a scam - why be so money hungry to RIP OFF people saying tickets will save money - I just lost $100 for what - a company I WILL NEVER GO TO AGAIN!!!!


NetskiGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

  • 11 reviews

Believe it when you read the bad reviews. Disappointing gift - waste of money.


You can't check the balance or the expiry date online as it tells you it's an error. Card didn't even have an expiry/purchase date on it and when an attempt to use it was made apparently it had already expired.
I guess that's what they are counting on, money for nothing.



Adrian65Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Can’t contact anyone


I had a problem with my gift vouchers not working. Can only contact via email, no other way. Was told everything was fine and they were working on their website. After threatening consumer affairs submission, they looked into the issue, two vouchers now work. In the end the problem was from my end, but it took several emails over a couple of weeks to get to the problem.

Gift Voucher Scam


I have 2 valid gift vouchers however am unable to book online despite following exact instructions. Internal error messages popped up and when I thought I'd manoeuvred beyond that stage errors popped up regarding my voucher error. Add to this the frustration of not having the option to communicate with Customer Service on the phone and relying on email contact which I'm not confident in after spending half a day repeating the online process. The phone suggestion being I should visit the cinema and communicate directly. My ticket expires on Friday and the movie we want has it's last Gold Class session tomorrow. What a waste of a lot of money.


Kevin A.

Kevin A.Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Bloody Hopeless


No one answers their phone! Village used to be great but not anymore. If you are in a service business, you would think there would be some human communication possible. But not at Village!! Looks like it's back to the TV for movies yet again.



CathyGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

Village Cinemas Gold Class Gift Card Scam


Got a valid gift card worth $159 purchased Aug 2018 valid till Aug 2019. Tried to redeem it 14 Apr 2019. The website will not accept it keeps saying its incorrect try again. Tried through 2 different browsers and phone same issue. Tried calling Village same no one you can talk to. Try to submit inquiry through their website and it keeps telling me something went wrong and will not even accept my complain about the gift card. Absolutely ridiculous.
Then I say this with all these reviews. They are all correct. You trust that a big company like Village operating in Australia is legitimate and even if something goes wrong you have a recourse but dose not seem to be. It is all out scam and. DO NOT BUY VILLAGE GIFT CARDS!

Scammed No customer service re gold class tickets


No customer service
Rip off
Call the ombudsman
Call the ombudsman in australia
No customer service
Took my 200 dollars worth of gold class tickets
I will call the ombudsman re their terrible online site which basically made me lose $200 worth of tickets
Any one else with complaints go to the ombudsman
This company is just ripping off people



This has been the most frustrating and disappointing experience!! We were given a "Gold Class Experience" package and it has been far from that!!! Trying to book online is absolutely hopeless!! ZERO customer service, no one to call and you risk potentially missing out on seeing a movie of your choice as the booking is never completed! Get yourselves together Village management.... NOT GOOD ENOUGH! if there was an option for zero stars... that would be the rating



  • 19 reviews

avoid if you can, all is trouble


booked tickets and popocorn etc. online using vouchers, made the additional payment, after waiting about 1 minute, it shows internal error, however my paypal has shown the payment has been proccessed, waited a while, no tickets received or emails. tried to contact them, there is no contact number of any kind, just an email address, that is not respoding, the movie starts in less than 2 hours. really stressing and frustrating experience, can't belive this rubbish company still exists.


DavidIllawarra, NSW

Event scammers


tried to book online to to watch a movie with a $50 gift card it came up card expired. I found it really hard to find number for head office to lodge my complaint without success, I will never go to an event cinema again. If I could have given them zero stars I would have.

Frustrating Booking


Unfortunately we were given 2 lots of Gold Class tickets and both times trying to book online was a nightmare and with no-one to actually speak to was very annoying...no reply was forthcoming either when trying to contact someone for help by email....I will never buy Village vouchers for anyone ever and will be telling friends and family to go to Hoyts instead.

Expired Gold Class gift card scam!


My Gold Class $100 gift card has expired!!

Why does the company get to keep the $100 when I received nothing? How is this legal?

The company need to extend the time to 3 years like Hoyts.

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Questions & Answers

Debra B.

Debra B.asked

How do I know how much is on my gold class movie voucher

No answers

Yvonne K.

Yvonne K.asked

what is expirer date

1 answer
Darren Gabbe
Darren Gabbe

12 months from "purchase date". In the USA gift card laws are different allowing 5 years. I guess we in Australia are just easy targets for being ripped off. Avoid buying these. I threw away 2 x $100 ones because they were out of date. Village are scumbag thieves

Norberto M.

Norberto M.asked

I purchase gift card in Aldi but it is not accepted when we book a movie. What to do?

2 answers
Darren Gabbe
Darren Gabbe

Use it as a coaster. I had one unused and another with $19.50 left on them. The staff at village are no hope at all

ben dover
ben dover

throw it in the bin

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