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Expensive but good quality

Despite my personal reservations regarding safety concerns with trampolines and potential for injury, I discovered Vuly. It meets AS standards, and my 6 year old loves it.
It was a bit of a challenge to assemble particularly connecting the last few springs but having some understanding of the design I was able to assemble in 2 hours by myself.
I like the design and have confidence that my child is safe while enjoying playing on the trampoline.
Not sure what benefit the skirt provides except giving the dog something to destroy!

Purchased in April 2019.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Assembly
Main User(s)Child (5 - 11)

Good trampoline, but leaf springs are now popping out

Used by our 2 boys (both less than 10 years old). Has been a really great and safe trampoline for close to 3 years until the leaf springs began popping out due to the fraying of the connection point between the spring and the base of the mat.
I'm not sure what to do now.. Can replacement mats be sourced for the Thunder 1.0 M? For such an expensive trampoline I was hoping it would last at least 5 years.

Purchased in May 2016 at Harvey Norman Big Buys for $1,000.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Assembly
Main User(s)Child (5 - 11)
Hello Simon, Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback and sorry to see the damage occurred to your trampoline. If you could please send us an email to reviews@vulyplay.com, I will organise for a representative to look into this further. Apologies again for any inconvenience caused! If you have any questions in the meantime or wish to discuss further, please don’t hesitate to contact our team directly on 1300 667 514. Kind Regards, Denaya @VulyPlayHi Simon, I'm glad we were able to get this sorted for you today! Hope to see the kids bouncing again soon. Please let me know if you have any further questions. :) Cheers, Denaya @VulyPlayThank you Vuly for your support. The trampoline was a gift from my mum to her 2 grandchildren. When they couldn't jump on it anymore she was quite distressed. She will be so happy now!

Poor quality relative to cost. Significant deterioration before 4 years old

Our Thunder 1.0 trampoline medium size fell apart (one spring came out and the netting separated from the mat) after less than 4 years. Used by small children, aged 2 to 7. It's now not safe. VULY warranty only 12mths which is not sufficient for such an expensive outlay. Slow customer service only to fobbed off to spare parts. Not good enough for a so-called "high-end" trampoline.

Purchased in June 2015 at Harvey Norman for $1,227.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
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Hello Jacinta, Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback and sorry to see the damage occurred to your trampoline. If you could please send us an email to service@vulyplay.com, I will organise for a representative to look into this further. Apologies again for any inconvenience caused! If you have any questions in the meantime or wish to discuss further, please don’t hesitate to contact our team directly on 1300 667 514. Kind Regards, Denaya @VulyPlay

Very good trampoline

Finally caved in and got the Thunder Large for my kids since they asked for one for months. The box was partly crushed on the side, but the parts themselves weren't damaged at all (for what I've seen). Assembly was a bit of a pain (length wise), but luckily got it put together in a couple of hours. The trampoline itself is very sturdy and of good quality. The nets are strong and don't appear to be of cheap material which is the most important part to me. Don't want to have my boys fly away on the grass. Bottom line is that they love it and they're safe when they jump around, despite some of the problems I've had to go through.

Purchased in October 2018.

Build Quality

entertainment plus!

Bought as a Christmas present for 2.5 year old, and he loves it! Took a bit to get use to getting on and off it but he has no mastered it! Money well spent. A must is getting the shade cover!

Purchased in October 2018.

Main User(s)Child (Under 5)

Quality and Warranty

Purchased a year ago and have had issues with mat being loose and not bouncing well. Had to replace springs once after 3 months of owning, then issue started again a few months later. After several emails to warranty, I was only given option to replace springs again which will cost us for postage. Now the trampoline is out of warranty and still not fixed.

Purchased in February 2018 at Vuly Play for $999.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Assembly
Main User(s)Child (5 - 11)
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Hello Elke, Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback about your Vuly trampoline. Being a toy company, we do value all customer feedback and would like to help you out in getting the trampoline fixed so the kids can get back to bouncing. I've sent you a PM regarding this, so it would be greatly appreciated if you could please take the time to reply back with your details so we can get in contact with you. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. We look forward to hearing from you! :) Kind Regards, Denaya

The kids love it! I love it!

We decided the Thunder would be a great Christmas present for our two active boys last year. It has absolutely been one of the best purchases we have ever made! Assembly was easy, Hubby put it together by himself Christmas Eve without any troubles and the kids haven’t stopped playing on it since! The safety features of this trampoline are unbeatable, and the shade cover means they are out there all hours of the day bouncing, doing ‘cool tricks’ and wearing themselves out. Our kids are still young but the quality is fantastic and I already know they will get years and year of fun out of it. So happy with our Vuly!

Purchased in October 2018 for $1,454.43.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Assembly
Main User(s)Child (Under 5)

The best trampoline on the market

This tramp is seriously the best! We purchased it about 4 months ago and I can't fault it on safety, quality or functionality! My 3 year old son had an operation last year that affected not only his movement but also his confidence, and since getting the tramp both have improved significantly!

We have already gotten so much value from the Vuly Thunder, and the sturdy construction is such that I know we will for many more years to come. I love the shade cover (which inadvertently keeps the leaves and bugs out!), its great that the weight allowance means that adults can safely join in the fun, the flap-entry means that there are no zips that will rust and break, and the pictures on the mat are a great addition (my son has has created lots of different games around them). We couldn't be happier with the purchase - thanks Vuly!!

Purchased in October 2018 at Vuly Play Online store for $1,100.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Assembly
Main User(s)Adult and Child (Under 5)

Love this trampoline!!!!

I bought this for my 5 and 6 year old children.

The quality of the trampoline is excellent and the safety net and skirts ensure my kids are safe and can not get hurt, which I love. I also bought this trampoline due to the sunshade. My kids are extremely fair and unfortunately burn very easily so I limit their time outside. Unlike previous trampolines we've had, they are able to play on this trampoline for hours on end without getting burnt, or me needing to constantly reapply sunscreen and worry about how long they've been outside. We have the new design sunshade and we've had absolutely no issues with it and wouldnt be without it.

Overall my kids LOVE this trampoline and we are thrilled with it. I highly recommend it!

Purchased in November 2018 at Vuly Play Online store.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Assembly
Main User(s)Adult, Child (5 - 11) and Child (Under 5)

Awesome Tramp, the whole family LOVES it!

Ordered Tramp for a Christmas present in Oct and was delivered within a couple of weeks.
Our daughter absolutely loves her new tramp and is outside on it daily. It is the first thing she shows visitors she has. Its the most stable and well built trampoline we have ever purchased.

Purchased in October 2018 for $1,600.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Assembly
Main User(s)Adult, Child (5 - 11), Child (12 - 18) and Child (Under 5)

Thankyou Vuly x

Amazing tramp. Well worth every cent. Great quality. Would definitely recommend to family and friends. Endless fun for my children. Great service. Instructions are easy to read and available online to see.

Purchased in September 2018 for $1,100.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Assembly
Main User(s)Child (Under 5)

Amazing service and quick delivery.

We purchased this trampoline on Friday and it was delivered on Monday! On checkout I had forgotten to put the order number in the details so rang the office and they were extremely helpful. We had bought the installation and rang the installer to let him know it had arrived and he arrived within 2hrs and was done in 1hr! My twin 2 year olds are loving this trampoline and I can highly recommend this trampoline and the staff at Vuly.

Decent Trampoline, terrible experience.

After the Vuly delivery service delivered our trampoline to the wrong address (and by delivered i mean chucked the boxes on their lawn with such disregard that two of them broke apart), my wife and I spent three days trying to put the circular frame together, but it just wasn't circular enough to connect to itself. We put in a warranty claim with Vuly for new parts; they refused while belittling my wife for being too stupid to put it together and pushing their partner trampoline assembly company on her (at an insane $250). I was getting ready to throw the ombudsman at them and/or take them to small claims court when my wife caved and hired a local handyman with Vuly trampoline experience (for much less than $250). He did manage to get the frame together, but only after hammering all the steel tubes into shape so that they could be connected. He also almost killed himself putting the rest of the trampoline together (particularly the leaf springs) - my wife felt so sorry for him by the time he was done. Now that it's assembled, it's a decent trampoline and my two young kids love it. It's just too bad that the whole experience up to that point leave such a bad impression on the product.

tldr; The Vuly Thunder experience comes complete with misleading advertising, atrocious delivery service, arrogant and demeaning customer service reps, and obviously poor overall manufacturing quality control. Once that's all over, the Trampoline is decent.

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Hello Limowreck11, Thank you for reaching out to us and providing feedback from your recent experience with us! We take on board with all customer feedback. From the feedback provided, we will definitely work on improving our installation process to make it easier for customers to install. I've sent you a PM regarding this, so if you could please take the time to respond with you details so we can get in touch with you, that would be greatly appreciated. We look forward to hearing from you! :) Kind Regards, Denaya @VulyPlay

Terrible Customer Service - deceptive and more

So where do I start with this company....

They make a good product in some ways, and terrible in others, but the Customer Service Team at Vuly should hang their heads in shame.... Why? Because they are either ignorant to their legal obligations to their customers or simply chose to ignore them. I'm going with the latter given my experinece - you can read below and judge for yourself.

For my mind Vuly are deceptive and dishonest with their customers and repeatedly tried to get me to pay for what my legal rights already covered (and was paid as part of my trampoline purchase).

Issue 1:
Purchase medium Thunder. 13 months after purchase all of the orange stitching is freyed or completely broken down by the sun. My wife calls Vuly for warranty support, get the line that it's over 12 months old, not covered by warranty, you have to pay. I call them, same line, over 12 months old, out of warranty, you have to pay.

At the same time the Vuly representatives continue to push their marketing line of '1/2 price parts for life'. This was completely irrellivent to my warranty claim, but gives a perception of offering good customer service. For me good customer service is honoring your legal obligations and then going above that for customers, instead of parroting the same line over and over again (cause we're just so good to you).

In both instances (my wife's call and my own) Vuly ignores the part of the ACL (Australian Consumer Law) relating to goods lasting a 'reasonable expected time'. I don't believe that for $1300 my Vuly should have lasted equally as long as my $90 BigW trampoline.

Next I push up the Vuly support chain to get a supervisor, and pursue my legal rights again, that it should last a reasonable expected time and it hasn't. Eventually Vuly agree, and offer the replacment free, but.... they want me to pay postage. Another Vuly fail under the ACL, as freight costs are not to be borne by the customer for warranty items. Few more phone calls explaining this and Vuly agree, we'll send the mat and pay freight. I'm unsure why this took me literally hours of my time in phone calls to get, it's the law, not some magical whimsical want by a customer.

Issue 2:
Spring snaps, few years later admittedly, contact Vuly, it's out of warranty and you have to pay. I pursue the reasonable expteced time line again, and after what felt like way too many emails/calls Vuly decide that as an act of good faith they will replace the spring (by way of a pack of 7 springs, not the lot, but I pay freight). At no time did Vuly admit a fault with the springs (it literally rusted due to the spring design holding moisture and snapped), nor admit the springs were to be replaced under warranty.

I further request Vuly replace all springs (assuming they're all similar), to which I'm asked to take them out, photo and see what happens (I demonstrated multiple rusted springs in my first claim). So I dismantle the entire trampoline, and sure enough all of the springs have major rust on them. I find it difficult to believe Vuly were not aware of this issue (am I the only customer this has happened to, I doubt it).

Vuly now agree to replace them all, but I pay freight. Somewhere along the line Vuly did write the replacement springs would be covered by warranty, so I argued freight should be included. More and more emails etc to this effect, and eventually Vuly agreed to the freight costs also.

So now happy the trampoline is back together again but the time lost to get a good outcome was significant (hours).

Vuly are aware of the ACL (according to my call with them), but still try and get you to pay. They even told me that 'Vuly work closely with the ACCC in regards to warranties'. How can this be true when at almost every oppurtunity (and always in the first instance) they try to get you to pay for the part and freight. This comment would seem to contradict working within the ACL and with the ACCC, or the outcome I had to fight to get would have been privded without the hours of my time, stress and invoncenience.

Shame on you Vuly for the above, not good enough for a $1300 trampoline, and I would percieve to be a case of 'let's see what we can get away with and who'll pay before we honour our legal obligations'.

Final word - make sure you are aware of your legal rights, and pursue them. Over the spread of a few years Vuly were not able to provide me these rights without repeated requests, work and endeavour from my side, demonstrating from the first to second incident that nothing within their company had changed based on my experience. Depective, dishonest and far from what I expect for a purchase of this magnitude.

Buyer beware.

Thanks to those who marked this as helpful. Not surprisingly Vuly representatives have made no contact nor have showed their faces on this post. Draw your own conclusions people...Hello SavvyConsumer, Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback from your experience with Vuly! We do greatly apologise that this issue was ongoing and took so long to be rectified. We do value all customer feedback and would like to get in touch with you to discuss further. I've sent you a PM regarding this, so it would be greatly appreciated if you could please take the time to reply with your details so we can get in touch with you. We look forward to hearing from you! :) Kind Regards, Denaya @VulyPlayAn update for anyone who got confused by the Vuly representative coming on this forum attempting to demonstrate concern for my issues or something remotely representative of good customer service. Goes like this, received an email from Vuly asking for my details so they could look into this further. Since then (14 days ago) I've had no reply since providing my details (11 days ago), Have sent a follow up email(s), no reply. Vuly - why bother contacting the customer under the guise of being helpful (and eliciting information from them), yet then drop communications or fail to follow up? Sadly consumers this has been the norm when I've engaged Vuly for support. Marketing on their website looks amazing, pity the customer service doesn't get anywhere near close. Hope people read this before contemplating a Vuly purchase, the sceptic in me would think all the money you spend goes to management/marketing and not R&D (or surely the trampoline would have outlasted my $90 BigW trampoline) or customer service. Happy to update this thread should Vuly show some leadership and demonstrate genuine customer service.

Awesome - 12 months on

My boys received a Vuly Thunder Christmas 2017 and 12 months on it looks as good as it did when we put it up. 3 boys and their friends jumping on a trampoline, wrestling, flipping, using the Vuly Deck and Vuly Basketball ring on a daily basis and it has stood the test of time. Worth every cent!

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Hello, Thank you for the kind feedback and support! We're so glad to hear both you and the kids are loving their trampoline :) :) Kind Regards, Denaya @VulyPlay

Dear Vuly: address how leaf-springs connect to the mat, or risk more people being hurt.

To kick things off, I’ll start by saying the finished product truly looks the biz, and seems to perform really well. My daughter loves it, and I feel we’ll get to enjoy loads of use out it.


Vuly should address how Mum-and-Dad purchasers assemble the trampoline, and in particular how to safely attach the leaf-springs. In my case, there was absolutely no way I could attach the bulk of the leaf-springs by following Vuly’s assembly instructions. What’s more, after reading reviews on this site it’s obvious that some people are being injured – and in some cases, seriously injured – as they assemble their Thunders. Based on my experience, I can concur with that: I copped two (albeit minor) injuries trying to connect the leaf-springs. So I can’t help but wonder - given the history of injuries that look to have been sustained by some folks’ while they were assembling their Thunder - what Vuly is doing to help address that.

I posted an earlier revision of this review onto this site that was rejected, and was then asked to ‘Please describe only my experience with the Vuly Thunder’. So… here it is.

We purchased our Thunder in late 2017. Our initial plans to assemble it in time for Christmas day 2017, for our daughter, got scuttled after she broke her leg a few days beforehand. So, we rolled the 2017 plans over to 2018, hauling in the (yet-to-be-assembled) Thunder as a ‘from the family, to the family’ Xmas 2018 gift. Perhaps that kinda’ cheap, I guess, but you do what you need to...

Assembly Day 1: My wife and daughter tackled the initial set-up. They successfully worked their way through steps 1 through 5, without any obvious drama. They paid particular attention to Vuly’s hard-copy instructions, and supplemented those with heaps of eyeball time watching and learning from the on-line video clips, to make sure they were doing things correctly. They didn’t ask me for help until step 6: attaching the leaf-springs to the mat. And even then, there wasn’t too much drama connecting the first dozen or so leaf-springs using Vuly’s tool, and making sure we were connecting diametrically opposed springs. At the end of that day – I’m guessing they worked together for about two hours – they’d managed to complete everything up to the end of step 6.

Assembly Day 2: Wife and daughter successfully worked through step 7, then started on step 8. Wife had to leave for work at the start of the afternoon, so my daughter and I tackled things from then on. “Don’t worry Dad”, she said, “Mum and me have done the difficult stuff. The rest should be really easy”. How wrong that turned out to be…

We began at 2.30pm, by connecting the net to the mat clips, then reconnecting the leaf-springs. Things went OK, but I was noting that re-connecting the springs was not as easy as the instruction would have you believe. Anyway, we got the 14 connections completed. That represented every spring residing immediately alongside the Thunder’s seven legs. Next, it was onto Part A of Step 9. (Or, as my daughter now calls it (and use your deepest, most guttural voice here) “Bloody Step Nine”).

I immediately struck issues with trying to connect the leaf-springs. There was no-way the connecting tool was helping. In my case – backed up, it seems, like plenty of similar experiences from plenty of other folks - using the tool as intended meant the connecting (‘live’) end of the leaf-spring would end up about an inch or so beneath the mat connector clip, with no practicable means of bringing those two components together using all the muscle and man-power I could muster. We tried, and sweated, and heaved, and pulled, and tried to squeeze the gap between them together using the tool and whatever strength we could. But, no success. Whatever it was, there was something completely out-of-whack with either my assembly method, or the components just didn’t want to play nice that day. I quadruple-checked that the other components – all the hardware, etc – had been put together correctly by my wife. They had. I then loosened things off and gently ‘shuffled’ the tramp a bit, thinking that doing that might give its components a chance to settle into what I thought must have been their natural positioning. Nothing seemed to help. There was no way I was able to connect the leaf-springs to the mat, using the instructions and tool that Vuly had provided.

So, I had to develop a work-around. I went back to the video-clips. I googled for advice. I phoned and left a message for Vuly, seeking assistance. (Still yet to receive a call-back, BTW. It’s been a week. Vuly, your assembly instructions proudly trumpet “7 Days A Week Customer Service” – but I’m yet to see any evidence of that). As part of my online research, I posted a question onto the Q&A section of this site. Nothing really worked – though I admit that reading the workarounds others’ had developed to get over this leaf-spring connection drama gave me an idea.

In the end, I came up with a method that was a Franken-combination of the assembly methods others’ had come up with. In my case:

1. I connected a ratchet-strap to the mat-connectors located immediately adjacent to my ‘target’ connector (so, I was using two ratchet-straps).

2. I tied both straps back to a weight (as it turned out, a 100kg lawn-roller), then SLOWLY tensioned both straps (which pulled the connector lugs towards where I needed them to be).

3. I used the Vuly tool, in conjunction with a small length of wood positioned under the tool’s cross-brace (which had the effect of ‘pushing’ the leaf-spring towards the center of the mat, without its live end dipping beneath the mat too much) to maneuver the spring to where it needed to be.

4. (Following Vuly’s online recommendation) with my left hand on the tool, and bearing all my weight onto the tool, I squeezed the index and middle fingers of my right hand behind the mat-connector and pulled, heaved, swore, sweated (etc) until the leaf-spring’s live end was within a millimeter or so (seriously. There was no tolerances in this system for me to play with) of the connector, then through sheer act of will made the connection between the leaf-spring and the mat.

I worked one spring at a time, needing to disassemble my connection contraption, cross to opposite sides of the tramp and slowly, and safely (well, as safely as I could) set the contraption up again as I worked my way around the mat. Remember I was working with my daughter throughout this (she’s 8), so I was making 100% certain she was never in the line-of-fire at any stage, in case my assembly method decided to pack a sad and throw the towel in.

We eventually called it a day at 8.00pm. I still had 12 springs to attach, so for our toil of close to six hours I’d managed to connect 30 springs. Not a reasonable ROI by any stretch of the imagination.

Assembly Day 3. Pretty much a repeat of what I’d done the previous day, ‘cept now my wife was able to help. She positioned herself under the mat, and used all her strength to help make the final connection of the leaf-springs into the mat-connectors. In every case, she was placing herself in the line of fire of the tensioned connection method I’d come up with (though truth be told, through necessity where I was positioned also placed me immediately in that same line of fire. I shudder to think what could have gone wrong had the straps failed, under tension). Anyway, we worked for probably another hour, maybe 90 minutes to get the remaining 12 springs attached, then easily managed to finish the rest of the trampoline assembly.

Throughout all of this, I could not help but think that (A) the tool Vuly provides does not appear fit for purpose, for many of the springs. I’m no tradesman, but I understand that a tool should make work EASIER. However, in my case, the exact opposite turned out to be the case. Using the tool as intended simply did not provide the intended end-result, no matter how much I tried to manipulate how the tool interfaced with each leaf-spring.And (B), the (hard-copy) instructions Vuly provide are lacking in enough detail to allow you successfully negotiate what you need to. And (C) there is something – and I don’t have anywhere near enough nous to claim the technical high-ground here – seriously amiss with the process when so many people seem to find themselves struggling with the exact same phase of the Thunder’s assembly. To Vuly – there is something amiss with how the leaf-springs are meant to connect to the mat. I cannot profess any technical knowledge about what that ‘something’ is, but having had to develop my own backyard work around that no reasonable person would conclude was a reasonable outcome – and I am patently not the only one who’s struck these issues – then perhaps return to the drawing board and have a think about this. Finally, (D): having blundered my way through the assembly, and reading about how many other times people have been injured as they work their way through their Thunder’s assembly, that, if nothing else, needs to be addressed. In my case, I sustained only two (very) minor injuries – jammed a finger when using the Connector Tool, and ended up whacking myself on the nose during the assembly. However, given the tension that must necessarily be applied on the leaf-springs as they’re connected, that single element of the assembly process looks like it’s an injury waiting to happen. I reckon you could do very well to review how you expect the leaf-springs to be connected, given the expectation your own publicity generates is that the garden-variety, Mum-and-Dad team can very easily connect them. While that may be true for most cases, equally there seems to be enough evidence around that suggests the complete opposite exists in many, many circumstances. I believe Vuly would do well to address those.

Your promotional material establishes a certain level of ease with how the Thunder can come together. But, the reality – if my experience is anything to go on – is very, very much different.

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Hello Tony M, Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback from your experience with Vuly! We do greatly apologise that this issue was ongoing and that the installation process took as long as it did. We do take all customer feedback on board and we will work towards improving our installation process. I've sent you a PM regarding this, so it would be greatly appreciated if you could please take the time to reply with your details so we can get in touch with you. We look forward to hearing from you! :) Kind Regards, Denaya @VulyPlay

Great trampoline

ordered Trampoline mid year for Christmas present wanted to minimise any issues. Boxes arrived damaged with holes and the delivery driver not very helpful I did all the lifting. Sent photos to Vuly of all the damage boxes lady on the phone was nice wanted a record if anything was damaged in side. Lucky for my family it was all there and all Ok. Its was a tricky thing to put the mat on. But once all assembled very happy with the product very well made. Kids have been jumping ever since.

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Hello Lee, Thank you for the kind comment and feedback! We're sorry to hear the boxes arrived in such poor condition. When the items leave our warehouse, we ensure that all the boxes are in the best quality for when they arrive to you. That's awesome to hear the kids are loving their new trampoline :) Kind Regards, Denaya @VulyPlay

Awesome Trampoline

Our kids LOVE their Vuly trampoline. We went with the XL size which is massive and perfect for both single and multi-person use. It is super safe and very sturdy. We also love the sunshade and the spray mister for the very hot days. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to buy a trampoline for kids of all ages.

Great addition to our home

The vuly thunder is A great trampoline

Service was great,delivery on time and it took my husband 3 hours to build on his own.

The kids live it and it’s safe and seems very well made

Christmas let down

I am writing to you in with enormous frustration, disappointment and regret that we purchased a Vuly thunder. It has without doubt been the most terrible customer experience I have ever had. I hate to alert you to this as I am typically a very positive person- but feel that you need to be aware of the experience we have had...

We ordered the thunder on the 6th November
We received it approx 10th November ( in terrible condition). My husband sent pics of the damaged boxes on the 19th november
We went to assemble it on Thursday 13th December and noticed we were missing one of the frame pieces
We called customer service and provided the item number and took a photo which we sent and were told it would be dispatched immediately
We called back on Monday 17th to ensure it was en route- I spoke with Patrick and was told it would we sent on Tuesday
I called on Tuesday 18th to ensure it had been sent- and was not given a definite answer but that I would receive it between 20th-24th December (in time for Xmas)
I then received an email on Thursday 20th saying it had just been dispatched with a new eta of 24th- 26th
I called and spoke to storm who told me to ignore the eta and promised me I would get it by the 24th.
At 9am on the 24th, I called and spoke to [name removed] who sounded sympathetic and said he would do his best to find solution and call me back within 2hrs
At 3pm when I had still not had a call back- I called back, was hung up on 3 times and finally spoke to [name removed], who didn’t seem to remember who I was and after I relayed the experience - he said “oh yeah and I did call a few places, but they can’t help you. Sorry”.
I then asked for a refund as we only had 2 hours before the shops closed - to go get another trampoline before Xmas morning and was told this would be impossible as we would need to pay for a courier to send the trampoline back to qld and a refund would not be granted until the goods were checked in.

We had made a significant investment of over $1300 to give a really special Xmas gift to our 3 kids- who woke up on Xmas morning thinking Santa had forgotten them or that they had not been good enough to get a gift... we told them he just needed an extra day or 2 as he was still making it- but we continue to wait, the missing piece has missed all promised etas and we have still not been able to give them their Xmas gift...

I cannot tell you how much you have impacted our Christmas and to still not have a solution is just so frustrating. I offered to drive anywhere to pick it up multiple times or do anything I could to help get this mistake sorted out- but told there is nowhere I can go.

I beg for someone to please get in touch with me and finally provide us with a solution. I have been in customer service for over 20 years and this is simply not good enough.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Hello Kim W, Thank you for the taking the time to provide feedback from your recent experience with Vuly. We do greatly apologise that this issue was ongoing and that the installation process took as long as it did. We do take all customer feedback on board and we will work towards improving our installation process. We're sorry to hear the boxes arrived in such poor condition. When the items leave our warehouse, we ensure that all the boxes are in the best quality for when they arrive to you. I've sent you a PM regarding this, so it would be greatly appreciated if you could please take the time to reply back with your details so we can get in contact with you. Once again, we do apologies greatly for the inconvenience this has caused. We look forward to hearing from you! :) Kind Regards, Denaya @VulyPlay

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Anyone having problems with springs deforming and snapping?
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no deforming but 3 springs snapped so far. Waiting for vuly to get back to me re solution.......cannont keep happeningI’ve gone through 12 springs snapping so far. I have 4 more that are bent out of shape. I’m at the point where I’m just going to junk it and buy another brand.i have gone through 14 springs over 5 mths, its a defective design as the weight is not transfered over entire spring but flexs on where spring bends over the circle frame. Always breaks on that spot.

Hi Vuly. 'Meg', in May 2018 wrote of an incident involving her Vuly which was blown 150m into a neighbours property, apparently hitting and injuring a horse. She asked for options for tying the trampoline down, but your official response did not provide anything workable. My question is like Meg's: given the propensity for any trampoline to get airborne in strong wind, can you advise of recommendations for tying/securing the Thunder to the ground? I have a Vuly Thunder (L). I'm tipping the most obvious means for securing it is c/- the lower arm of the Joiner Poles. But, this leaves the Net Poles insecure in a strong wind. I concede the chance of them coming loose is minimal but, still, presume there's an official way for ensuring them. So, as the manufacturer of this product, what advice can you offer?
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Same q as Brad in Dec '16 - how to connect trampoline mat to the leaf springs. (Vuly Thunder, L). We're at that part of the construction process trying to connect the remaining leaf springs, after successfully connecting the 14 leaf springs alongside each joiner-pole. As with Brad, I've watched Vuly's videos; read instructions - all to zero effect. Nothing official appears to reside online to actually address this issue. Tried the wooden block solution from dragonlore - didn't solve it. The other solutions seems drastic: surely Vuly, the manufacturer, can speak up & provide advice. As Brad suggested - seems either the mat is too small (or leaf springs too short/small?). Either way, having nil success connecting the leaf springs. Help (especially from Vuly) would be appreciated?
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So, an update on yesterday's question. I came up with a frankenstein version of the various suggested means of connecting the leaf-springs to the mat, using a length of wood wedged under the connector's bar, in conjunction with two ratchet-straps tied back to a lawn-roller (probably weighs around the 100kg mark) at right-angles to the clip I was trying to connect the leaf-spring to. (Difficult to put what I ended up doing into words). I found the connector was next to zero use in most cases - like many others have said, what I seemed to be achieving most times was getting the active end of spring close, but still about an inch beneath the mat clip. It was only by using the wood-insert in conjunction with the (tensioned) ratchet-straps pulling on the neighbouring clips that I could gain any success. Even then, on about 25% of the clips I still needed to use every ounce of weight and man-power to get the springs connected. I am 100% certain that how I had to manage this is nothing that Vuly would envisage, and it was certainly not sensible nor, in many cases, safe. I lost count of the number of times I was working directly in the line-of-fire had my jimmied-up tensioning process failed. (And I've worked as a professional safety and health advisor for close to 20 years, so trying to get things done 'safely' is my bread and butter). All up, I guesstimate clipping all the leaf-springs in pace took in the vicinity of eight hours (with two people working the issue. So, 16 hours of actual time devoted to this one phase of the assembly process) which is, obviously, nowhere near the 'one hour assembly time' Vuly claim. So, either something was very, very wrong with how I attacked my issue, or there was/is something fundamentally wrong with the components Vuly provided for me to assemble. Given the number of similar complaints about this sole aspect of the Thunder's assembly process, I'm inclined to lean towards the latter - but, happy to take advice about this, from experts in this field. And on that, I'm also happy to offer my side of the story about what I found worked to get the springs connected, to anyone who's facing the same issue (took enough photos as I worked through this to help explain what I was doing). Get hold of me through facebook - search for Tony McAuliffe - originally from New Zealand, now living in Newfield, Victoria. Also, at this stage, waiting for Vuly to make contact with me but, given the time of year I reckon I'm in for a bit of a wait.The same has happened to me!!!!! There had to be a bad batch. We have 4 of us and we all think the mat is too small I have been trying for days to get the leaf springs to attach to the matJust put up the thunder XL today. Encountered similar issues with the leaf spring things very difficult to connect to the mat. Solution for us: We took off all the leaf springs except the ones on either side of the joiner poles. Then one by one we started putting the leaf springs back on paying careful attention to spreading the tension evenly, ie: put one on one side then one on the opposite side and so on. Made a huge difference and made it actually quite easy. Big difference from earlier - I was tempted to put everything back in the box and send it back! Hope this helps someone - it would have helped me earlier!


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