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Waterpik Complete Care WP-900

Waterpik Complete Care WP-900

4.6 from 18 reviews

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quite good

I would recommend it to anyone, it will save you money in the long run. It is powerful, manageable, thorough and easy to keep clean. Love the 30 second pausing a useful feature
worth the price

Purchased in April 2018.


Great little continent product. Saves time with having to floss. Use about to get once a week and always feel freshly clean. Very easy to use and really no clean up needed. Very happy with purchase

Purchased in April 2018.

Very good experience

This is my second electric oral care product and I really love it! This product is like an extra thing for your teeth
It cleans my teeths very neatly that i no longer need any floss
Although this is really expensive but i got it for half price!

Purchased in January 2019.

Lasted quite well water pic

I like someone else recently mentioned, find my push button on the water pic kept getting stuck and now is permanently stuck so altho. it has been great other than this I now am in the situation of buying a whole new one as I don't have room for two implements on my bathroom sink. A quandary.

Just an update. The water pic button is definitely stuck and can't get it to work. Dentist says I don't need the water pic. I'm not so sure but thought I'd pass it on. I still think it's good for my gums.Ended up buying just a water pic from a chemist however it wasn’t the Waterpic brand and it’s useless as even on the highest level it doesn’t have any power to it. I guess I thought they’d all be the same but should have tried the Waterpic one - oh well, “we live and learn”

Outstanding Product for Oral Care but some Issues

Firstly, after using this product an electric toothbrush and gargle seem just extras in oral care. I highly recommend this product for everyday use. It has settings so my child can use it comfortably.

However, I have found it has parts that wore quickly like the push button which gets stuck and the water container plug that leaks when refilling. As expected, the device needs to be unplugged and washed usually weekly to prevent a build-up of mould etc which can feel tricky with parts and as it's electric. I have had this device for over 2 years and could not see myself without it.

I actually can't live without this.

I have been using this for years, and my dentist is always impressed with how clean my teeth are. The main problem is that it doesn't seem very durable, as twice I have had to take mine back to ShaverShop when it broke within the 2 year warranty. There were no hassles with receiving a new one. First problem was the power connection was broken somewhere inside, the second time the start button on the toothbrush stopped working. I will continue to purchase this product even though it is expensive as it is so easy to keep my teeth clean, I no longer need to use floss, and it is probably saving me money at the dentist.

This makes me feel so good on my teeth

I bought this as they were doing a promotion recently, although it’s a little bit expensive but i think it’s worth as you can now have cleaner teeth and this is easy to use as well
And there’s not any over charge problem as I usually charge this during my office hour


This is pretty cool. The pressure of it is unbelievable! It has about 6 different attachments that are all different design and its very easy to use. You can choose how high you want it and also its very easy to clean. My mouth really does feel so much cleaner after i use this.

Waterpik WP-900 is great.

Since buying the Waterpik WP-900 about a year ago, I have had an oral checkup twice. On both occasions the dental hygienist said something like, "Gee, your gums are in really good condition for someone of your age."" I was pleased with the "Your gums are in really good condition"but less pleased with the "...for someone of your age"! The toothbrush is the best I've used. It pulsates and vibrates very quickly to dislodge small particles of leftover food. I have found it better than several other well-known brands. The waterflosser is great and I use it at least once a day (But I use the toothbrush at least three times a day). If you use it correctly, and take a bit of time, it does a great job of karchering between your teeth. However, my wife's dentist advised her to also use a dental floss because her teeth a packed so tightly together. She now uses the Waterpik toothbrush, waterflosser and Listerine Reach long handled dental flosser which she finds so much better than normal dental floss or tape because she can easily reach her back molars with it. I highly recommend the WP-900 as a great toothbrush and a very effective flosser.

Not worth the money

I liked this device until it stopped working--less than 6 months after I bought it. The motor simply died. I owned one a decade ago and the same thing happened. I will never buy or recommend another Water Pik product.

My firts waterpik after 10 years of the Oral-B Pro 8900 DLX OxyJet Center

I have had this waterpik combo for a year now and love it bought it online

I had 10 years of the oral B combo and while I was impressed by it ten years ago I always thought it needed more water pressure also the oral B tips for the irrigator/flosser seemed to wear out and they are expensive with the waterpik I am still on the first attachment after a year the oral B ones only lasted 6 months

I have read on the other pages the waterpik hose breaks some times well so does the oral B unit and getting it repaired is a hassle 2 weeks each time last time the pump went I decided to try a new waterpik and I love it

I have sensitive teeth and my gums used to bleed all the time thats why I bought the oral B the all those years ago and at that time they where the only ones offering something like that

My dentist even called his nurse in and said what do you do to your teeth they are in fantastic shape

That there and then convinced me of the use of electric tooth brush and water flossers are for me

I go to the dentist very irregularly last time was 3 years ago as a piece of my tooth broke off he fixed it and said I will do a polish with the machine there is no scale or plaque build up made me very happy

I am liking the ultrasonic toothbrush as well just don’t let the hard plastic hit your teeth while its on seems to be working well
I will go to the dentist next year to get a check up just because I have gone from the oral B to the waterpik and want his opinion see how it goes from there

My Wife And I Just Love It, As Does Our Dental Hygienist!

We love it! Six months ago after just using it for just two weeks our dental hygienist was markedly impressed with the condition of our gums. Last week I returned to the dental hygienist and this time she was even more impressed, two 5mm pockets in my gums had reduced to just 3mm (which is now normal). She said that never normally happens. She's now looking to purchase one. The jet fires out the stuck food, and the brush is SO good - both our teeth have became whiter and cleaner. I highly recommend to anyone, it will save you money in the long run. Gum recession is the biggest cause of tooth loss in adults. The gum recession can be halted by handling the bacteria. We would not be without this machine from here on out. PS: I never leave reviews, but this product is such an incredible stand out. Wish I started using it years ago.


Great combination of very good "Sonic" style toothbrush and famous Waterpik water-fuelled toothpick set up. START ON LOW SETTING WITH WATERPIK. I started with highest setting thinking it was a joke product and nearly took the roof of my mouth off. This is not a joke product, very powerful. So be careful. Other than that this product really delivers. Amazing.

Great little machine

We bought a Waterpik WP 900 about a year ago on recommendation from our dentist. My wife had gaps between gums and teeth that dental floss couldn't reach. It took an initial period of getting used to, but has done a great job leaving teeth and gums feeling really clean. Best evidence is that six monthly cleaning at the dentist has been minimal, and the dentist notes how strong and healthy the gums are. Neither of us have required any dental work since. The toothbrush has also been excellent, with 30 second pausing a useful feature. In terms of negatives, it takes up a fair amount of room on the bathroom counter (the hose is rather short so it needs to be next to the basin). Also, the overflow releases a pool of water every time the water reservoir is detached for filling, so the counter constantly needs to be wiped under the machine. So far no problems with reliability and no replacement parts have been required. Overall, we have been happy with our purchase.
Two years later, still happy with this machine and in fact wouldn't do without it. Only complaint seems to be an all too common one - the hose broke just below the handle. While it's not difficult to buy another handle and tube (about $20 from Shaver Shop, Harvey Norman or similar), it seems this is really a design fault that keeps on giving to Waterpik. Surely a longer and/or stronger tube would be a better option than to have many people pointing out this shortcoming on these pages. Over to you, Waterpik.

A further comment: after three years the toothbrush battery has died. Not a big deal given the age, except Waterpik can offer no replacement toothbrush in Australia. Neither is the battery replaceable (or not easily). If I was buying another Waterpik, I would buy a model without the toothbrush and buy an electric toothbrush separately.Great solution with the toothbrush battery per previous comment - replaced for $35. Thank you Battery World! Now the hose has broken for the second time in twelve months. I used to be able to buy handle and hose from the Shaver Shop for about $25, but not available any more. In fact there appears to be no support in Australia when it comes to parts, and US Waterpik won't respond. The remaining option is to buy on eBay (probably fake but certainly a lot cheaper than the genuine variety) or attempt a repair job. While I continue to applaud the functionality and benefits of using the product, if I was buying another I would be concerned about it being quite fragile (especially the hose), the apparent lack of product support in Australia, and the cost and difficulty in getting replacement parts.

Happy Dentist, Happy Orthodontist, Happy Me!!!

Bought the Waterpik WP 900 for my son when he got braces after watching him floss. What took him 10 minutes to do now takes a minute or so.

I use it as well and on last check up, the dentist told me that my teeth were great and whatever I am doing is working and I had minimal plaque (have to confess, I hadn't been to the dentist for a year or so).

Is expensive but save on dental treatments when it comes to check up time. Bit of a shock the first time I used it. The water jet can reach areas that you can't get to with a toothbrush or floss.

One of the things I would change if I could, make the hose for the water flosser longer, bit short but better than using floss. You can adjust the pressure of the water for the flosser so set to what you like.

After the water flosser, a good brush and you are good to go.

Well worth the money.

Value for money

Best value for money oral health care device ever owned. Toothbrush has 2 speeds & pauses in 30 seconds segments. Once fully charged the toothbrush can run 4 times a day for a week on 1 charge. It comes with a convenient storage case for traveling. You think your mouth & teeth are clean after brushing but the best part is the flosser which uses water gets all the food etc left behind between the teeth out & your mouth feels like you been to the dentist for a professional clean.

A Thousand Times Better than Oral B product

I am so happy with my WaterPik appliance that I would recommend it to anyone. It is more expensive than the Oral B equivalent but with good reason. It is more powerful, more manageable, more thorough and easier to keep clean. I really will not live without it ever again.

Pretty Good

First electric toothbrush - but we really got it for the pressure cleaner (PC). The PC is very effective and adjusts from almost nothing to hurty - does a much better than floss/tooth pick and gets stuff out of every nook and cranny - we haven’t had teeth this clean in years. Toothbrush does a much better job than a manual one, but that’s our only reference point - so who knows? Manufacture quality is high but the design could be better: (the storage thing on the side is a waste of space, I’d rather just have a bigger tank - it could be easier to get the tank on and off - the hose to the PC is too short, you need to bend right down to the sink to use it - it is pretty lame not being able to replace the battery [which I’m sure is just a standard Li]). Considering the cost though, it’s great value for money and a huge improvement to our toothy routine.
Cost, quality, function
Design is klunky in some aspects

Questions & Answers

I just want to confirm, is this device has similar action as dentists using fod plaque removal? Do v able to remove yellowish hard plaques?
2 answers
I wish it would but, no, I don't believe it would remove hard plaque. However, using it regularly (both the brush and the flosser) it should slow or prevent the build-up of plaque in the first place. So you'd need to have the plaque removed first, by a dentist, and then try to keep it off by using the wp-900.This is not equal to a dentist's device and does not make your teeth white.

I thought this was a water flosser only, or does it come with an electric toothbrush as well?
2 answers
Hi. The WP900 has en electic "ultrasonic-style" toothbrush AND the water flosser. I think the WP100 is just the flosser on its own. I like the Waterpik toothbrush much better than all the Oral B electric brushes I've had in the past. And the flosser is great.This has a good rechargeable toothbrush


Complete Care WP-900
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