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Western Metropolitan Bin Hire

Western Metropolitan Bin Hire

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Same as the rest of the reviews

Just moved into a property. previous owner booked skip was supposed to be picked up a week prior to settlement. 3 weeks later we've moved in, forced to navigate moving our furniture in around a giant skip left in the driveway. notified previous owner who called a couple of times, no1 picked it up, my realestate agent called a couple of times, no1 picked it up, ive called 5 or 6 times now no1 picks it up. I have been hung up on, sworn at and once again this morning told they will pick it up today (ha). I have spoken to the local police who got in contact with this company, the police called me back and told me the company advised the police they had come to pick up the skip several times but a car was in the drive way everytime (lies).

This is not just the worse bin company, possibly the worst company I've ever dealt with. I'll sooner deal with Al Qaeda before ever going near this crap company ever again!

Worst company ever. Use them if you want to be abused and want the bin on your property for 4 weeks. Dodgy.

Worst company ever. Use them if you want to be abused and if you want the bin on your property for four weeks. Also known as dirty Harry’s bin hire. RUDE. not cheap as the website says. All lies. 30 phone calls (fact) and the response is “yep tomorrow” then they hang up. 4 weeks later. The bin is still here.

Blatentley refuse to pick up full bin

All good on phone and delivered bin quickly, as promised
Once bin was filled, in two days, they were notified.
Said they would collect in a couple of days
Numerous phone calls and 3 weeks later the bin was still in the middle of my driveway
Could not get into my driveway or garage and had to cancel other works being done as no access.
They just did not care and would not collect the bin. Even said to me "Yeah, everyone complains."
Also know as Dirty Harry Bin Hire
Would never ever use them again.
Horrible experience that set me back 4 weeks and cost me an extra thousand dollars in other costs that resulted from bin not being picked up

This is most terrible experience i have ever had with this company!

Absolutely terrible service. Very rude people to deal with. Only receive cash and after get the money, they disappeared. I have calling them everyday to ask them to take the bin away. They said they are coming everyday, but still nobody come. I ring them, they hang up your call. Please don't use this company, seriously! They are not professional and not capable to running the business properly!

Do not deal with this mob

The request for cash only payment left in a letter box should have rung alarm bells. But beyond that they delivered the bin late then refused to collect it. When contacted they were rude and abusive, then they lied about their driver's phones being stolen, then went back to being rude. Note that you can't actually find their business address and cannot get face to face contact. Do not use them!

Avoid at all cost

Deplorable customer service. I have never dealt with a company as poorly run as this one. Their prices may be a bit cheaper but I would rather pay extra and be treated with courtesy and respect. They are rude, unprofessional and treat their customers with utter disregard. I cannot stress how deplorable their behaviour was. Hire from anywhere but here.


Horrible customer service, answers the phone with a grunt, and if you expect to have your bin picked up promptly, make sure you allow up to 4 weeks to have it removed, because their minimum 5 days maximum 10 days should actually ’We don't give a damn when you want it picked up.’
If I could give a 0, I would! Horrible company to deal with!

Read the previous comments and don't expect anything more

If you are after great service, understandable communication, trust worthy bin hire...look elsewhere...I bet any other company would be better. I have never dealt with a company so unprofessional. If there was an option to choose less that 1 star that would still not be adequate. I have a theory that these guys . I called every day after the 2 week mark...yes the bin was sitting there for 2 weeks + to get this thing picked up. I was swore at, hung up on and worst of all told that the bin was going to be picked up that day but never was. The only point that might have earnt the 1 star was the sheer joy that was felt in the household when just under 4 weeks later the bin was picked up. I don't think I'm been that happy in my life...maybe marriage or my kids being born but it was right up there....what an experience!!!

Absolutely terrible avoid at all costs

Ordered a 4.5m³metre skip for household rubbish. The bin actually measures 3.24 m³.
Paid cash only, reasonable price. Signed a form that states if you don't put the correct type of rubbish in the bin they will empty the bin in your front lawn. I asked exactly what type of rubbish can go in, they were pretty vague. Tried to tell me an old chest of drawers isn't household rubbish it's classed as renovation rubbish and I'd need to pay more money. Hopefully they don't empty it on the lawn.
It was due for pick up Wednesday morning, it's currently Saturday morning 8am, I was assured that it would finally definitely be picked up by this morning 7am at the latest. Still waiting.
They also don't put bins on roads, must not be bothered to get permits for them, every other bin company it's no problem. They also say they take no responsibility for powerlines or damage to property. I'm sure work safe would beg to differ.

An unprofessional, disorganised and rude company who should not be in business.

#.5 Metre SKIP BIN

Booked Skip rubbish bin<< Cash on Delivery, OK> Paid, Bin dropped off, then was told it would be 5 to 10 days before pick Up. Did not tell you this when phoned them. Rude on phone, never deal with them???


I called in the morning i got the bin at nearly 6:00pm. When we filled the bin i called back so they can remove the bin they told me that they would come to pick it up 12 days later I'm still waiting. I called again the same story don't know what to do! Do not use this company for bin hire it is crap.

No Service whatsoever

Booked a skip never showed up, waited all day. Called in the morning and they hung up! Not even sure why they bother wasting peoples time quoting! Wish I had read reviews earlier.

Worst service

This is the worst bin hire we have ever had. My mum had the bin for 4 weeks, called everyday for at least 2 weeks and was told they would come and they didn't, took me calling. She got hung up on and the excuse was that the guy is senile and old and shouldn't work, well fix it! Worst customer service we have ever experienced, DO NOT RECOMMEND!!

Worst ever

Gave a delivery window of 'sometime today' never turned up. When I called to enquirer I was told it's coming. An hour later when I called again they swore at me and hung up. Still have the rubbish. Absolute waste of time.

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