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Westinghouse WFEP915SB

Westinghouse WFEP915SB

MPN: 36431606
4.6 from 11 reviews

Love cooking

Im well satisfied with oven and I like the design of it and easy to Operate just few simple steps ..you can almost cook everything in it it has alarm system and time that's works wonderful.oven and grill both works well and they both cook the food evenly which is soo good it even has waste collection tray at the bottom it is so easy to clean.you can bake,grill and make pizza and its has fan heating, easy to control temperature.

Purchased in July 2019 at The Good Guys for $1,200.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
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Preheating Speed
Product is used: Daily

Been a long time coming

Always wanted one, never had the space til now. Cheapest pyroltic on the market. Soft close door is great. Love the gas stove top and electric oven. Soooo big. Cant wait to use it at xmas. Easy wipe over for cleaning. Love the fast heat up and the light on while cooking and that the door is cool to touch.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Awesome oven

What a oven, awesome with cooking all types of food, cooks evenly through out, the self cleaning pyro clean is a god send, no more scrubbing the oven for me, easy install as well to get the correct levels on the oven with the screw feet, very sturdy oven. Happy customer :)

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Great cooking,

Food cooks evenly and i LOVE the fast-heat-up function - great when you have a HANGRY toddler!
I also love the fact that the door is warm but not hot to the touch, also great safety feature with a toddler.
The secret storage tray underneath is really handy to stash all the odd size muffin pans and baking trays .
I also upgraded and bought the easy glide racks as a party pack from the Good Buys, not everywhere gets them in stock. Best. Thing. EVER. Basically makes this oven the equivalent of the Fisher & Paykel one at nearly half the price.

The only thing i would tweak the size of the burners on the gas top - i really only use the two smallest ones, even then they are sometimes too hot even if the dial is on its lowest setting. The big ones are really good for boiling, especially if you use a lot of large pots, but anything less than that and they burn/overcook whatever it is. I think the burners could have been made a little smaller - but im being picky.

Still really happy with the oven.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

What a fantastic stove!

I purchased this cooker in December 2017 in time for Christmas. I am absolutely thrilled with its performance, both with the burners and the oven. I cook most of our meals from scratch and bake for the family every week. This stove has far exceeded my expectations!
I haven’t used the pyrolytic cleaning yet but I am sure it will be every inch as good as all of the other features on this marvelous appliance.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Big oven, big features, no so big price

When it comes to pyrolytic free standing 900mm dual fuel cookers, surprisingly there's not actually that many market options (especially from the likes of your big brand retailers). The pyro clean feature definitely narrows the field. The top of the heap options from the likes of Falcon costs easily more than double what you can get the Westinghouse for, so you may ask yourself - what am I missing out on here? What’s wrong with this thing?

To be honest, I haven't found a great answer to that yet because feature wise, you have everything – and more. We purchased the big Westinghouse after seriously considering a couple of other more expensive brands. The things that stood out immediately for me were:
1) The oven has dual fans for even cooking (which you don't even get on some more expensive brands)
2) The internal oven dimensions are HUGE! .. huge, huge (apologies for the echo, but it’s a really big oven)
3) The door has a set of soft-close hinges
4) The door glass can be removed easily for cleaning
5) It's Australian made with a 2yr warranty.

I’m sure I could add to the list but let me not bore everyone to death with dot-points and lists.

When first unpacking the cooker, the only aspect which I didn't like was the fact that the stainless-steel splashback strip along the back of the oven needed to be bolted on. It's a fairly flimsy and thin sheet metal piece (hollow at the back). Fitment is via ordinary screws - the end result is that the strip just kind of sits on top of the cooker (which still allows for plenty of flex forward and back). Any liquids or fats will undoubtedly accumulate over time in the joint between the strip and the cooker surface. Visually it’s difficult to see the problem, so it may just be more a cosmetic rather than a functional issue; time will tell.

Anyway, let’s zoom around to the front. Gas cooktop is fairly standard as you would expect. You have one high heat, two mid size burners, one low heat, plus the big central Kahuna (i.e. wok burner) to give you five overall cooking zones. It's debatable whether the big wok burner in the middle versus having it on the side is any real issue for users (salespeople spruiking more expensive alternatives seem to think so). The only aspect which you may find lacking is perhaps a wok burner offering a twin control outlet (i.e. the ability to switch on a very small simmering flame in the centre). All burners have electric ignition and flame out protection. The trivets (three of them) all join uniformly to give a nice even overall work area and there's no issues supporting both large or small pots & pans.

If you want to find any criticism with the gas cooktop, it's perhaps the quality of the steel. It's touted as being fingerprint friendly (i.e. just wipe down with damp cloth; no harsh chemicals). I'm not sure if due to the coating, but the adhesive tape used to secure the burners during shipment left a visible mark whenever the steel is damp. It may have already attacked the coating perhaps - only a minor thing. No other issues otherwise.

Now to the oven, and that is where the Westinghouse shines in my opinion. It's a very sizable unit - making the most out of the available 900mm unit width. I would suspect it's one of, if not, the largest in its class. Very tall and very wide with enough capacity to cater for any domestic need. You need to cook a roast AND a spare transit van you say? Sure – this is the oven to handle that (cough) .. well you get the point. Open the door and hey look, the oven light comes on automatically. Nice! You know what’s even better (rhetorical question here), .. it’s the fact that the heat / fan switches off temporarily whilst you have the door open as well (saves all your precious hot air from being blown out when you have the barn sized door open). Who thinks of stuff like that – just brilliant.

There's a plethora of cooking functions (11 all up!) consisting of Rapid Heat, Fan Bake, Bake/Pizza, Base Heat, Fan Assist, Pizza, Eco Cooking, Defrost, <takes breath> and Fan Grill, Grill, or Maxi Grill. Just when you thought you could ask no more from your oven, the Westinghouse steps up to say “hang on buddy; I can also offer you two more modes of pyrolytic cleaning, plus I have a FHU mode” (Arrgh - sorry, the acronyms... Fast Heat Up mode of course). I personally love the Eco mode - it turns off the oven light after 30 seconds and turns it back on only when you need to open the door. I know, I know .. small things, but they just seemed to think of everything here to keep the cook amused.

The oven comes with a giant split twin rack tray for grilling, plus two full sized (i.e. full width) wire racks. There’s also a storage cubby underneath the kick panel (which folds down) to hold all the bits you don’t need. I would highly recommend buying the additional runner kit, which basically gives a set of 3 ball bearing slide out rails to place the racks onto. Unfortunately, ours had some issues getting one of the racks to clip into the rails (a small manufacturing error). Credit where due, Westinghouse couriered out a replacement rack without delay or question. Kudos guys - top service!

Let's not forget the oven door. Soft close ladies and gents - no more of this slap-bang! with those giant 900mm oven doors that make you think you’ve just unlatched a cargo hatch on a commercial aircraft. Fantastic, why are not more manufacturers doing this? There are four layers of glass in the door to keep the heat inside and the front safe to touch. The best part however is not that there is adequate insulation, it's the fact you can push down on the top of the door strip and unlatch the retaining rail for the glass with one finger (spring loaded). This means you can take the glass out and clean it after that spluttering roast bonanza you cooked up the night before. Show me one other brand who's thought of that!

Controls for the oven are all touch screen based. Looks kind of flash, but perhaps not as easy to use as a standard dial. The main gripe is that it's difficult to clean without triggering some kind of function. You could enable the child lock but that obscures the clock display instead of just reverting to an icon. Small price to pay for what is otherwise a good controller. Oven temp defaults to a cooking level (e.g. 170 deg) which means you don't have to hold a button for minutes on end to get to your desired temp. The other nice thing is that is shows you current temperature (alternating between the target temp and the inside temp), so you know exactly what the oven is at before you open the door - or for that matter the time you may have to wait until you reach temperature. You receive a short alarm (3 beeps) when the oven has reached temperature. I should add, that the oven overall is extremely quiet. You can barely hear it and it's the quietest I've ever owned.

I haven't tried the pyro clean function as yet, but if it performs like all the other things then this will no doubt work as advertised as well. This is a really good unit - especially at the prices that you can pick them up for. I get the impression this unit has either been developed in consultation with cooks or has had a serious food addict at the helm of the design team. Things are logical, feature rich and just generally well thought out. If the quality of the internal parts go the distance, then this Westinghouse is one tough contender to beat. Highly recommended – well done Westinghouse.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Great oven

This oven is great for a large family, got ours just before Christmas and it has been fantastic, plenty of room for several dishes and easy to control.
The piro feature is brilliant and cleans the oven so all I have to do is wipe it down after it cools.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Great Product

When we got our house built we wanted a big gas stove that we would enjoy cooking on! We were upgraded to this brand by our builders and were very glad with this stove. Nothing like a proper stove to do your cooking on. No sure about price but it was worth it.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Love this oven/cooker

Great unit. Bought one to fit into our brand new kitchen. Looks great and the 5 burner is well spaced out which makes cooking multiple dishes easy. Oven works well too and is quote spacious. Highly recommended. I recommend reading through the manual as there a lot of features that are not that obvious.

Date PurchasedJan 2018


Stylish. I liked the way the door open and close gently. Cooks beautifully. I was so proud of the oven, and since it is an expensive item that I had treated myself with, I really just wanted to have it stay in condition for many more yearS. I noticed a sizeable chip in the enamel at the back of the oven wall lining where the shelves clip onto the oven. The shelves easily clip out and therefor this was not a mistake or damage caused by myself. It is a weakness (lemon) in this oven that happened during the manufacturing Process thereof. I feel that one pays enough (Retail price for this oven was $4100) for this product that it should arrive without such concerning defects that could and will affect the life of the oven. In the two months of my owning the apparently beautiful oven, the clips and screws on the back and inside of the oven appears to be corroding and rusting as well. Just wondering why stainless steel clips and screws aren't used on this quality oven. Hence my heading, "concerned". I'm waiting for a response from Electrolux.

Date PurchasedAug 2017
Hi Andrea, Rumana from Electrolux here. We are sorry to hear regarding your WFEP915SB. If you wish to discuss this further please feel free to contact me at customercare@electrolux.com.au attention Rumana. Thanks, RumanaThank you Rumana. Electrolux was very helpful and quick to replace the product. Still proud of my oven :). Beautiful product.

I love this oven

I am very happy with this oven. It is very quiet, it heats up very quickly for how big it is and it cooks food perfectly with lots of different functions to choose from. It is even easy to clean. This oven has pyrolitic cleaning and electronic controls for the oven. The cast iron trivets sit nice and snugly and do not rattle on the cooktop. The cooktop has five burners with a large wok burner in the middle, a large burner, two medium burners and a small burner. I would prefer a cooktop without the wok burner as I do not use it and but this was the only option. the interior space of the oven is very large and you can fit quite a bit of food in there. The only thing I find annoying is that sometimes when I am using the back left burner I accidently press on the oven controls when I lean against the oven. Not so bad if there is nothing in the oven but annoying if I end up accidently turning the oven off when I am cooking something in there. The oven has a Fast Heat Up mode and it is hot and ready to go in under 10 minutes.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Questions & Answers

An this gas cooktop be converted to lpg?
3 answers
I dont know sorryYes it can. It comes with the required parts in FNQ.Thank you

Can you buy a griddle plate for this model
1 answer
You can buy a Le Creuset cast iron double sided grill plate which fits perfectly in the centre of the cooktop, over the wok burner.


Westinghouse WFEP915SB
CategoryFreestanding Ovens
Price (RRP) $2,999
Oven FuelElectricity
FeaturesChild Safety Lock and Pyrolytic (Self-Cleaning)
Colour / Finish Stainless Steel
Dimensions 910 x 895 x 600 mm
Cooktop TypeGas
Number of Burners/Zones 5
Wok Burner Yes
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)

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  • MPN: 36431606
  • GTIN13: 9315538583446

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