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Westinghouse WFG617SA / WFG617WA

Westinghouse WFG617SA / WFG617WA

WFG617SA and WFG617WA
4.2 from 11 reviews

Happy as Larry with it

Did a oven test set it to 180 I put a thermometer into the oven the temp read 180 so it was spot on
oven fan very quite
oven light is bright
The only small problem I have is the wok burner don't light using the Electronic Ignition but lights ok with gas torch
Just cooked my first roast with it turned out perfect
I got a great deal on it as it was a factory second had a minor dent on side it can not bee seen when installed

Wok burner is now Lighting using Electronic Ignition.

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Good stove

After more than a year, this stove has been very good for us. With a natural gas connection the burners work well, only occasionally needing a gas gun when the igniter switch won't work. One thing to note: the fan in the oven is quite loud. It's not problem for us since we don't use it often but it may be an issue for others.
Overall, highly recommended.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

A good small stove

This stove was bought after many years with an all electric cooker. The top burners are easy to light as is the grill and oven. The oven however has no temperature gauge so you don't know how hot it is. So one star less for that. The separate grill is a real plus if you're also cooking food in the oven. Many gas stoves on the market today have the grill in the oven and they're not truly gas stoves. The hob is gas but the grill (in the oven) and the oven itself are electric. The timer bell is a little quiet on this model.
Over the past few years the local electricity supplier has been switching off the mains power in the day. But as a night worker I couldn't cook anything whilst the power was out. But with this cooker that no longer a problem. Although the in built electric gas igniters won't work one can still light the gas hob, grill or oven with an independent flame source and it's ok to do so for the users manual recommends it if the mains power goes out.
This stove cooks food quickly and easily but if the oven had a temperature gauge it would be perfect.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Great gas oven

We bought this gas oven for our kitchen . . And it is a great gas oven . . The oven itself cooks foods cakes breads meat very nicely.. easy to adjust the temperature and the burners are very easy to light with push button ignition . Lots of space on the cooktop and easy to clean

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Gas cooking with lots of space

This is a great gas oven. The cast iron burners are very durable. Lots of space on the cooktop and can use all burners at once easily. Food cooks evenly and quickly.

My only changes in design would be: make the grill tray easier to remove/ more space and have a temperature gauge on the oven so you know when it has preheated. I would also prefer a different style of oven timer.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Exactly what I wanted

I bought this stove for a small holiday cabin, and particularly wanted all gas because of a limited power supply. The cooktop burners are easy to light with push button ignition, and were adjusted for low simmer from the factory. The trivets are very sturdy and easy to remove for cleaning. Christmas turkey, as well as cakes, are perfectly cooked in the fan forced oven. I have two older but similar Westinghouse stoves with electric grill in rental properties. The only problems have been a failed switch for a grill, and damaged knobs probably caused by improper use. I certainly would recommend this stove based on my experience so far.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Good experienc

I bought the stove from Appliances Online - very easy, prompt delivery and install. The installer removed the old unit and installed the new one effortlessly up the back stairs of our elevated Queenslander. I had organised the electrical GPO prior. He checked for gas leaks, checked each burners operation and starting, and gave me a run down on the safety features - the main being flame fail safety shut-off on each burner. He gave me the certificate of compliance with Aust Gas Reg. It took a few goes to get used to holding in the knob for a few seconds after ignition - I guess that's the thermocouple heating up (linked to safety device). We used the oven today - all good - no handles heating. Overall the design seems good to me - excellent really. The mech timer is probably more durable than an electronic - they've been around forever. I did notice the bottom and top of the seal does not fit tightly in the recess, I expect it should. It appears to get pushed in when the door gets closed. I tried pushing it in gently with a smooth object but it won't stay in - I'll see how it goes.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Update on review dated 6th Nov 2016

Well, big revelation for me and heads up to everyone else that has reviewed gas stoves in general and complained of lack of simmer options.
Make sure your installer regulates/sets the burners/jets on installation!
After speaking to my local Westinghouse dealer about how disappointed I was with the lack of simmer option, I was told that all the burners should have an easily discernable high and low flame, so we asked the installer to come back and check the burners. He made some adjustments to the screws inside the front panel above the burners and now I can simmer on all burners - woohoo!
Love my stove - it cooks beautifully and the hob is so easy to clean :)
Now if Westinghouse could just design an oven door that could be easily removed (and retrofitted...lol) so that the oven would be much easier to clean, that would be a huge plus. I would be happy to pay for any "special tool" needed to accomplish this.
Also, if the manual could be reviewed and some of the instructions re-written in plain, clear English, that would enhance their reputation no end!

Date PurchasedOct 2016
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Another update for my reviews of this stove dated Nov '16 and Mar '17 I've now had this stove almost 2 years and have gotten used to the burner inconsistencies on the back left hand side. No-one came to fix it before the warranty ran out despite several phone calls to the seller, so I've learned to live with it . Pros : Electric oven is a delight; the griller works well and 3 burners are working well. The cast iron trivets are well designed and saucepans can be easily slid across them from one burner to another. Cons: Enamel finish is not of high quality and mine is already beginning to wear off around the neck of the burner mouldings. I was horriifed to notice tiny white flakes in my nylon scourer after I'd run it around under the burners. Although I swapped the scourer for a microfibre cloth, there are now 2 areas where the enamel has flaked right back to the bare metal - looks like someone has been scribbling around the burner mouldings with a black texta. I'm so disappointed as I've taken such care to clean the stove gently. The griller space can't be accessed for easy cleaning.

This is an excellent oven

Design great, solid cast iron trivets are good burner layout well thought out, lighting of all burners faultless, grill cooks very well, oven cooks perfectly, cooks evenly as well. Removable inner oven door glass is a great idea for cleaning. I've repaired ovens for 30 years so I know a little about them, this is the first new oven we have purchased in that time & we're very happy with it.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Lots of design faults

The brand new stove has a lot of problems with gas jet ignition and often I have to use a gas gun. This was one of the reasons we got rid of our old Chef expecting a new Westinghouse would not give any problems. I also can't understand why the very front gas jet on the RHS is the smallest as most cooking needs a large jet at the front. So I have to lean over this small jet to stir the contents of saucepans at the back. The Chef had larger jets at the front and smaller at the rear - this is definitely a backward step. Not happy!

Not user friendly

Unfortunately there isn't much choice in 60cm upright stoves. I settled for this all-gas Westinghouse model which has just recently come onto the market. I had hoped that some problems noted in reviews of earlier models would have been rectified but it seems not. All the control knobs get uncomfortably hot when the oven is in use and the burners are more difficult to light than my old Chef that it replaced. In fact I often use a gas gun instead of the ignition button because it's easier. Not right for a brand new stove. The installer couldn't get the wok burner to stay lit so we've had a service call already - not a promising start. At least they came out promptly. Hopefully I'll get used to it and warm to it a bit more but the hot knob issue is a design fault that should have been rectified. Who tests these things?

Hi Agatha. Ben from Electrolux here. We are sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with your Electrolux appliance. If you wish to discuss this further please feel free to contact Ben at customercare@electrolux.com.au Thanks BenUpdate from Agatha: Twice this week the oven has turned itself off after about 45 minutes. This problem has been mentioned in reviews of earlier models. Why has this not been addressed on the new model? I think when this stove is out of warranty it will be going to the tip. Not good enough!

Questions & Answers

is this stove fan forced?
3 answers
Yes, there is a button to turn the fan on and off. There is no indicator light, but you can tell it is on by the button depressed detant, and the sound of the fan. May not be good for older people who may not be able to discern these factors.Yes, it is. It works very well to help the food cook evenly. My oven light stays on during operation no matter how low I've set the temperature. This is handy as I can see whether I've left the oven on after I've finished baking.Yes, it is fan forced. I have since got used to every so often having to use the gas gun to light a jet. I also have got used to the stove top layout. Maybe I was a little harsh in my original judgement and probably should have given it another star or 2.

Can someone please tell me the internal measurements of the WFG 617SA? thanks Pam
1 answer
Do you mean oven measurements? 420cm deep by 80cm wide

the griller will not stay ignited. How can I troubleshoot this?
5 answers
You need to press the control for at least 20 sec or else it will go out.We've had this problem with some of the burners. My husband pulled the knobs out a little which seems to alter the connection. If it's under warranty and won't stay on even if you hold the knob for a few seconds I would get them out to modify it. We had to have a serviceman out shortly after installation because the wok burner wouldn't stay lit and he made some simple alteration. It's very annoying and a poor reflection on Westinghouse that such a crap design made it onto the market.Sorry - mine has an electric grill but sometimes the gas burners on top have to be lit with either a match or a gas gun. I recommend contacting your installer to re-adjust the griller jets.


Westinghouse WFG617SAWestinghouse WFG617WA
CategoryFreestanding OvensFreestanding Ovens
Price (RRP) $1,739$1,739
Oven FuelElectricityElectricity
FeaturesSeparate GrillSeparate Grill
Colour / Finish Stainless SteelWhite
Dimensions 916 x 596 x 632 mm916 x 596 x 632 mm
Cooktop TypeGasGas
Number of Burners/Zones 44
Wok Burner YesYes
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)2 year(s)

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