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Windy Hill Fitness Centre

Windy Hill Fitness Centre

2.4 from 14 reviews

Disgraceful, community deserves better

For about the 5th time in as many months I have tried to use the swim/sauna/spa at this facility. Every time I The spa area is dirty, and barely lukewarm, also the jets not working hardly at all. Staff are always polite but disinterested. Make excuses, no one seems to care. They should be ashamed as this facility used to be great.

Value for Money

Love the group training sessions

The Coaching Zone at Windy Hill has helped me achieve some amazing results. The Coaches provide all the support you could ever ask for and the workouts are great. Love it.

Value for Money


All facilities within this so called 'fitness centre' are AWFUL. Gym equipment is old, rarely works and the space is extremely tight. I guess it doesn't matter all that much because they clearly don't have many members due to how terrible this place truly is. Sauna is a disgrace and the pool hasn't been re-tiled or had any form of upkeep since I was in primary school... over 20 years ago

Trying to cancel a membership is a chore in its own right. Promised call backs, time and time again. No wonder there are plentiful negative reviews around, people really hate this place..

Pool is small, but gets the job done.

I attend WHFC for the aqua aerobics classes. The pool is quite small but adequate enough for what I require. However the cost is becoming an issue. As a student I have $0 spare cash but in an effort to get healthy have made a commitment to doing the classes. So far I’m at $40 for 2 classes. For your average person that’s fine, but I rely on my concession for most things and WHFC doesn’t seem to do concession prices :/ still, I find the instructors pleasant, front of house staff a bit useless (but they’re young). 3/5 rubber chickens.

Best Fitness Centre in Essendon!

Great facilities, friendly service and community atmosphere. Wouldn't go anywhere else for my health and fitness! Coaching Zone @ Windy Hill has changed my life!

Great children's swimming classes

The swimming instructors are friendly and great with children. The reception staff are helpful and the facilities are good. My child really enjoys attending.

Watch your bank accounts!! WINDY HILL are THIEVES!

Disgusted that Windyhill have been taking payments from our account 6 MONTHS after cancelling our membership. We are $1200 out of pocket due to lack of communication within staff. Highly disappointed that I need to fight to win back hard-earned money that has literally been STOLEN.
It also took Windy hill 11 weeks to organise for a PT to finally contact us after signing up to a PT program and this was due to prompting from us.
I think management definitely needs reshuffling as it seems lack of communication is an issue in all areas.

Rip you off!

OK gym, but when you want to cancel your membership they direct you to the contract which says you must give 30 days notice and depends on the billing date so can end up being more than this. Rude when you point out the unfairness of this.

Staff are RUDE!!!!

Signed up for the gym and everything seemed good but a week into it I get more paperwork trying from them trying to make me pay more. The staff at the reception are very rude and they have a bad attitude. Not happy!!

Old change rooms

Windy hiĺl was badly maintained with terribly dirty change rooms and showers with chewing gum stuck all over them! and for the same price as a city gym. The staff could be a bit rude sometimes and the people who went never wiped down the equipment! Gross!, Now I pay 40 cents more per week to go to an awesome gym in the city which is clean, has hairdryers and irons, provides tissues, coffee, tea, towels and irons and has friendly staff and brilliant facilities!

Great Facility!

I have been a member of Windy Hill Fitness Centre for the past 6 months and have thoroughly enjoyed my experience there. The staff and team are always so friendly and always willing to help you out if needed. If you are looking for a great gym, I suggest Windy Hill.

Bullied, intimidated, humiliated publicly, threatened, abused, insulted by swim coach for the squad

If you want to feel that your physical safety is a risk by staff then come to windy hill fitness centre. You will be shaken, crying and needing help from either the police or someone who can prevent you from being physically harmed.
If you want to be publicly humiliated and ignored by staff join this club. If you want to be treated like a criminal come to this centre and i promise you will not be disappointed.
Went home crying and had a panic attack. Was exiting the pool via the ramp area and was told to "get out" because i couldn't "swim" there. Very rude and aggressive staff. Not a safe place for any woman especially on your own to attend. The swimming squad male coach came in close to me when i got out and insulted me "again" and the lorded himself over me and followed closely behind me in a threatening and intimidating manner while i went to get my towel. A male staff barked questions at me while i stood dripping wet in my bathers with everyone in the pool pointing and staring. I was sandwiched between two men with no help. I did not have a phone on me and asked for someone to call the police and was ignored. I left shaking and visibly upset and distraught. Very scary experience would not wish this upon anyone ever. Have lived in the area my whole life never have i been treated so badly. Asking for police involvement did not stop or prevent these people from continuing to have me in a cornered position.


Have been to Windy Hill for a number of years and the place has just gone from bad to worse

Do not bother!

Equipment always broken / never gets fixed

Customer feedback ignored

Too busy and too money hungry to care about members at all

PT's are useless

Place is a joke

Please look elsewhere people!


I've decided not to continue going to this club because they have been unable to so much as return my phone call let alone live up to their own service motto (plastered on the walls of the club). If you enjoy being treated like members are at Fitness First, join this club. If you like approachable professionalism, go to the (much cheaper) FitAfex down the street from this dollar hungry franchise.
Up-to-date facilities and numerous group classes.
My personal experience has discoloured my opinion of this club.
1. When asked for help with a particular piece of equipment and how to use it correctly, a club employee failed to assist me. All she did was point at it from a distance and tell me verbally what to do even though I told her I had never used it before. She was not busy nor had any other member to attend to at the time.
2. At sign-up, I was offered a 'free' 3 week extension to my membership, which is really the club's 3 week pass (now only 7 days) for non-members to test the club facilities out before signing up for a membership. Clearly I should have been offered a trial BEFORE being offered full membership.
3. I called the club to cancel my membership. When told the 'person in charge' was unavailable, I left my contact details with them and was told I'd be in touch the next day. That didn't happen. When I called again and queried this situation, the lady I spoke to had no idea what the procedure for membership cancellation was and could not name the person who was in charge of this.I advised her of my intention to cancel and reminded her that I had given the club my 30 days' notice as of the day before. She once again told me I would be contacted in the next day or so. It has been 10 days and not one phone call has been made.

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