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Woodstock Bourbon and Cola

Woodstock Bourbon and Cola

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Two days ago you would of gotten 5 stars

We have been drinking Woodstock 6% and 8% for a very, very long time now (after a long term lover of your product was converted from Jim Beam). The last two days we have purchased both of these products and have been unable to drink them??? They have a strange, undrinkable flavour and it needs to be addressed. We don't mind spending the extra money on the high alcohol content on your product because we enjoy it so much. Our favourite is the 10% and we are both distressed that the flavour of them will change too. Please help us. Is it the bottleshop, a bad batch or has the recipe changed? Please reply as soon as possible because if you lose us as customers your profit margin will plummet considerably.
Kind Regards
Mark and Belle
[address removed]
We USED to love everything about it, but with the flavour change - now NOTHING
Change in taste - do not want to be forced to find alternative drink.

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