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Woolworths Life Insurance

Woolworths Life Insurance

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Worst Experience

At the beginning of the month they happened to catch me take their call which I never take numbers I don’t know. I spoke to a lovely lady from choosi and I was then redirected to a representative for Woolworths which is fine so we spoke for a while about the cover and she seemed nice too but she told me several times that I can cancel the membership at anytime before the 31st and I even wrote down the date as so I wouldn’t forget because I had to compare against my other insurances that I have. I’ve been extremely busy being a single mother and thought ok today the 30th I better get onto looking at the insurances that I have and cancel what I don’t need and I figured I would stay with my old insurance company and cancel this insurance with Woolworths so I asked a Woolworths representative today who do I speak to to cancel? She told me to write a letter to the company stating that I’m cancelling the contract.... HUH? WTH I thought straight away, so I asked can I email to say I’m cancelling and she Said yes this is the email address, you have to sign it and send it back.... OMG Seriously wth?? I've got to go now to go print off the letter sign it then scan it then send it!! All because they spoke to me and got my card details.

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Pushy agent

I just received a call from an agent of this Woolworths life insurance and the guy was so pushy. I respectedly declined and tried to inform him that I'm not interested but kept on pushing. How could you trust a company like this when you don't even know when to respect people's decision that we are not interested. tsk. train your people appropriately on how to sell your product. disgusted. Respect begets respect

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Don't waste your time

Woolworths won't give you a quote for life insurance without signing you up for a "opt out later" policy first, when requesting a quote they put you through a health questionnaire and then ask for bank details (which they didn't get) with the big sales speal that "you will be covered while you review your quote" rubbish.
A complete waste of time, other insurance companies were more than happy to provide a quote straight up and they ended up with all of my policies.

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Straightforward, inexpensive life insurance

I recommend Woolworths Life Insurance for the following reasons:

To get a quote is simple. Just log onto their website, fill in some basic details, provide your contact phone number and within a few minutes a consultant will call you back with the quote and a reference number for follow-up. There’s no hard sell. If you decide to go ahead with the policy, you can call them back and the application process can be handled over the phone in about 15 minutes. There are no medicals, you will just be asked a series of health and personal questions. I found the process to be quite painless and easy, and pretty quickly, I had my coverage in place.

The price of the cover was cheaper than others I tried, and as a Woolworths Rewards member, I received a 10% discount. I’m a 60-year old male, non-smoker with no major health issues and I’m paying $36 a fortnight for $100,000 cover.

Customer service are a pleasure to deal with. If you have a query, you can call them, and you’ll pretty much be put through to a customer services rep straightaway. There’s no tedious queuing for ages, listening to irritating commercials and repetitive music. Customer service officers are friendly, helpful and polite. They’re well trained to deal with your problem (if you have one). I’ve only had to call up twice: Once to change my address and once to change my credit card details and both times, my request was handled promptly and efficiently.

You can make payments monthly or fortnightly and, best of all, you can pay by credit card at no extra cost. So I’m accumulating reward points on my card as well.

It wasn’t easy to get coverage due to my age. But with Woolworths Life Insurance, it was no problem. I think they will cover you at pretty much any reasonable age but best check with them first.

Life insurance is,by its nature (you hope!) a long-term proposition and the relationship between insured and insurer could go on for many years. That’s why I will only deal with companies that I have complete confidence in, based on their longevity and financial strength. Woolworths - a top 100 A.S.X. listed company - is clearly in this category.

If I have one complaint it’s the issue of funeral insurance. I was told by the consultant, that I would be covered for $15,000 funeral insurance with this policy. I assumed that this $15,000 was on top of the $100,000 of life cover. On closer examination of the policy, it appears that the $15,000 is an advance payment to cover the family for immediate death bed expenses such as hospital, funeral etc. So I guess it’s a payment that could be made quickly, and would require less paperwork than the full payout, which would only come later when all the documentation was completed. But of course that would leave only $85,000 as the final payout if your cover was for $100K. In other words the $15,000 is not an additional cover or “funeral insurance” as they described it, but simply an advance against the full sum insured. They should have made this clear at the outset.

Apart from that I can highly recommend Woolworths Life Insurance for simple, straightforward and inexpensive cover.

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How much is per month ?
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$78 per month. $36 per fortnight x 26. Gives yearly. Then divide by 12 months.

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