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Woolworths Rewards

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Can't link my rewards card with my Woolworths online shopping account

I have not been able to link my Rewards card with my online shopping profile for Woolworths. I have contacted customer support 3 times, each time i've been given a new card number and told to activate that card on my Rewards account and then link to online profile for Woolworths shopping. Three times this has not worked. I get the same message every time, "Your card number is incorrect" - yet i can use that exact same card number and password to log in to my Rewards profile. I have tried dozens of time and still getting the same error. So frustrating and means i am unable to take advantage of bonus points for online shopping.

Phone won’t scan at checkout to long to Aquire points

Let’s be real $2000 spending for $10, not much incentive. Petrol without a discount cheaper elsewhere than a woolies one with discount. Shop online give up because main products not in stock go into the store and they have the stock which annoyed the hell out of me. Same day an hour later from online to walking into the store, then to top it off as much as I try move my phone around it just will not scan the barcode at checkout. I have been loyal shoped nowhere else but for $4000 spent $20 is my reward that’s a joke

$130 transferred to qantas NOT arrived

I received an email on 23 march stating
XXXX you're now 11,310 Qantas Points better off!

Your savings of $130 Woolworths Dollars* have converted into 11,310 Qantas Points and will land in your Qantas Frequent Flyer account by Saturday 23 March.

That's 11,310 Qantas Points you could put towards your ultimate getaway. Enjoy!
Im not enjoying them yet when I email them im told to go to qantas when i go to qantas I am told to check with WW.
no one is taking any responsibility I believe WW rewards should aver liaison person who checks this type of complaint I can to be the only one this has happened to. my family all got they points ok.

Can never scan barcode at checkout

Not like coles, Woolworths machine is extremely hard to scan barcode app at checkout. Always take 5 minutes to rotate the phone for machines recognise the barcode or must call staffs to enter digits manually. So usually leave to scan woth small amounts that wastes a lot of points. Therefore, prefer go to coles instead Woolworths when think to scan barcode at checkout and lose many points.


I was a woolworths customer for decades until I finally had enough of the relentless spam the marketing people spewed out. The unsubscribe link never worked and in the end I binned the rewards card and ordered their staff to delete my details.

These rewards people are ignorant !

My mother-in-law has been trying for years to get a response from this area of woolworths and they are the most ignorant mob of people i have ever come across.
They ignored her for five years and in the last couple of months have given her the run-a-round and told her so many lies.
The woolworths rewards department is full of ignorant, lying idiots that deserve no stars at all.

Terrible - you won't be rewarded for your loyalty with Woolworths

I received promo: spend $50 or more in one shop each week for the next weeks in-store. I did all as per request and spend over $50 each week. System didn't recorded my last shop even tho I handed my reward card to shop assistant and see scanned it. I called Rewards Contact Centre and explained my situation and was not offered reward that I have earned.
Stay away and don't even bother. You won't be rewarded for your loyalty with Woolworths. Go elsewhere.

They mislead me

I called them to know if I am and they confirm that I will get my 11000 points as I spend the correct money over 4 weeks and they misled me and gave me nothing

Woolworths CALTEX rewards does not work as promised

Woolworths Rewards sent me an email adverising CALTEX Starmart petrol savings - that says "save 4 cents per litre on fuel" and I had 4 vouchers available on my Rewards card. on 28 Feb 2019, date of petrol purchase... Although the STARMART Doncaster East shop accepted my rewards card, they said they don't issue the 4cent/litre discount ??!!?? Why advertise something which is not true ? I have emails plus images to prove this, including a copy of the petrol receipt attached here.

I also activated the offer of 500 points if you spend over $30 on fuel in CALTEX Starmart... again after several emails of complaint, they finally said I didn't activate the offer... I have no way of proving this..
But I am very sure I won't believe whatever they send me on CALTEX rewards from hereon, and I won't be buying their petrol either. Not that they are the cheapest.

It's nothing special for students.

I am a student who is trying to use the Woolworths Rewards system to get great deals where I can and save on fuel. It seems that I don't get a lot of rewards because my temporary card is valid- but expired as I sent off for a permanent card to use.

Use it properly and it pays off!!

So far I have earned $160 in rewards, I check my email regularly and activate any offers. We spend about$150 a week on shopping so that's one free week of groceries.. can't complain about that

No card

I got a temporary card. The number her said it's not valid online. Signed up for another card. Told it would be sent in 10 days, it's past 2 weeks and I still don't have it to use. Tried to contact them. No one will talk to you.

Ring me or card goes in the bin.

Hi i just lost one long message to you so if you do not phone me my card goes in the bin i am 74 years old and do not wish to waste anymore time on here the checkout operator should have asked me for my card or waited for me to give it to her she has told me to ring you to add my points on my card this is the first time i have had to do this which is excuse me bloody annoying especially with the system we have so if i do not get a phone call to add my points to my card the card goes in the BIN phone number 0424042736.

Rewards? Not if they can get away with it.

Spend $100 for 4 weeks and get rewards points! Doesn't matter that I spent MORE than enough to be eligible, but the fact that just because I apparently clicked the link to the deal after I did my first shop (despite being sure I clicked it before it started, and then clicking it again and shopping within the promotion period) means that I missed out. It doesn't matter that I then also spent the same for the next 2 weeks for no reason!
There is no proper way to check that you are currently using a promotion, and how much you have qualified for. I had to find my old email and click the activation link again to see if it had worked, which it didn't look to have. I then had to get onto their Help online chat to confirm that I wasn't getting this deal. The chat assistant then proceeded to check with a 'supervisor', but advised me that I wasn't eligible.

Thanks Woolies, walking into Coles and earning Flybuys just became all that much more satisfying.

Beware, Woolworths is not adding points correctly.

I have spent $1176 in Woolworths since December 2018, however my points only total 114.
My accrued points weren’t showing on my dockets and then suddenly on my last shop they appeared again, but only totalled 114 as I mentioned above.
I logged in to my account and my spend amounts and dates were all listed as $1176, but still the points did not reflect that.
I called them, and spoke to a woman who said maybe my card was in negative.
I asked what she meant and she said maybe I had redeemed more points than I had. WHAT!
I told her I was pretty astute and kept a track of what I spend and what I redeem, anyway after a bit of backwards and forwards, blaming my card etc., she finally agreed with me and added the extra points to my card.
I was left wondering how many other unsuspecting people this happened to, and whether they realised it or were totally unaware.
Also, yes I agree with others, it takes too long to accrue the measly $10.00 and I rarely get offers.

What a Joke!!!

Despite the bad reviews I decided I would still sign up with Woolworths Credit Cards. After filling in all the necessary information I was supplied with a visa card with a credit limit of $2,500. I was attempting to replace an expensive c/c which charges $300 p/a which I no longer need (credit limit $30,000). Upon realising the very low credit limit I applied for a slightly larger limit as my credit rating for the past 45 years has been exemplary. I was politely refused.I rang to cancel my card (& supplementary) - apparently no-one cares what your credit rating is. Bye bye Woolworths - the reviews are all correct.

Easy use points add up quickly

The system is easy to use. You can download the app and put it in your virtual wallet on your phone. The system at Woolworths automatically recognizes your account by holding your phone next to the eftpos machines.

No offers and hard to redeem

Coles has Woolworths covered in the reward program . Don’t get any email offers and takes to long to build up reward. Prefer Woolworths stores but prefer the Coles Program and their offers.

Beware of marketing tactics....

Attention all Reward Card Holders.. Woolworth's might think it's clever marketing but as a customer I think it's just downright deceiving. Woolworth's sends you an offer say.. 5x rewards points starting xx/xx/xxxx finishing xx/xx/xxxx. Cleverly your email reads just that.. but make sure you scroll down further to "Activate" their offer or you won't get 5x points. But even if you do "Activate" the offer and proceed to purchase in less than 2 hours since activating, you still won't get 5x points. Please read the small print customers before you race out there believing good old Woolworth's is looking after you!

Takes AGES to obtain reward points

I've had this card for about a year and a half and shop at Woolworths regularly. I have spent thousands of dollars at Woolworths and their partner stores and so far have been given about $30 in reward points at the most. I had $10 in points in October and have done my weekly shops at Woolies since then (it is now January 2019). I still only have $10 worth of points. It would be good if Woolies replicated the system with Coles Flybuys by offering bonuses for particular items.

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Questions & Answers

how do I activate my new rewards card I cant seem to find the log on page it is a replacement as I misplaced my 25year card
1 answer
log on to the web site sign in & activate it i just did mine took under 5 minutes its really quite simple

Why didn’t I receive the correct amount of points earned to my overall current points available. It was just a measly 80 points that was to be added and wasn’t but that’s $80 of loyalty to Woolworths and its reward program and that’s the first time I have double checked my dockets, where I made 2 transactions in approximately 5 minutes apart?
1 answer
have you asked Woolworths

If my rewards card wasn't swiped can I still claim my points on those shops?
2 answers
You need to call the rewards line on 1300 101 234 and ask them to add the points for your shop.no


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