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Woolworths Rewards

Woolworths Rewards

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Never had a problem

I don’t really understand all the bad reviews for Woolworths Rewards. I’ve never had a problem redeeming the points I’ve earned, and with all the bonus points I get by email it really doesn’t take that long to accumulate 2000 points. Also, it’s great getting the regular bonus “$10 off at the liquor store” emails. Really comes in handy!

Customer Service


You have to spend $2000 to get $10, thats ridiculous.. I spend about $100 a week on groceries, thats every 20 weeks i get $10 ...how generous..... very stingey rewards and offers. An app to track my points and progress would be nice though.


Can't access password, can't reset password

Tried linking rewards card to my Woolworths online account, but need the rewards card password to do so. Tried resetting it, but am told my account details are invalid. Useless.

Good value for money

Great value for money
Great rewards vale
I’m not working many hours at the present time so the points come in handy when I’m a bit short on cash
The ten dollars I occasionally get comes in handy

Loyalty Swinger

I'm not working so I use a lot of loyalty programs to earn rewards and discounts. I did swear off Woolies Rewards back when they cut ties with Qantas but I've returned since then as I saw a program on TV that recommended using both Flybuys and Woolies Rewards at the same time to get the best of both. What I have found is that both Coles/Flybuys and Woolies offer challenges like earn X thousand points by spending Y dollars each week for 4 weeks. When you complete that challenge, say the target amount was $50, they'll send a new 4 week challenge with the target being $90 and then $110 and then $140 and so on. If you stay with the one loyalty program the amount will just keep getting higher and higher. If you use say flybuys until the target amount is beyond your budget and then switch to Woolies Rewards and use them for a while Flybuys will eventually send you a new challenge reset back to a low amount like $50. The same happens in reverse. This way you keep earning points spending what you would spend anyway without going above your budget. The points you earn can be redeemed as money towards your shopping. The one advantage the Woolies Rewards program has over Flybuys is that with these challenges you can reach the target amount in as many shops as you like whereas Coles/Flybuys needs you to do it in one shop. I've also had to ring Woolies Rewards a few times when I've forgotten to bring my Rewards card shopping and they've added the points without any issues, you just need to have your receipt. The only thing that could improve the Woolies Rewards program is an app that you can use to activate offers and check specials, at the moment you can only do this on the website.


Useless Rewards Scheme and Useless Website

Can't log in, can't make any changes to personal details, can't do anything without any online assistance.
Tied to check fuel vouchers available on my card but you can't in your not logged in and the website never works properly. What a waste of my time today and the reward scheme is useless compared to the competitors.

A great way to record points

I love the fact that I can record points simply by holding my iPhone up to the card reader - way better then Coles. However my local Woollies is a smaller supermarket and the Coles nearby is a very large supermarket so, sadly for Woollies, Coles gets most of my purchasing activity

Spend, spend , spend.

This rewards scheme is now totally useless for small shoppers. A once in a blue moon reward. Constant emails saying spend more over so many weeks to get more rewards, Thanks for nothing Woolworths!


Give out bouns pionts for shopping

I alway get bouns piont offers for both woolworths and big w but the piont never ever seem to be added to my activity and they give u an email to send proof of said email or offer but they go roynd and eoynd and nothing ever gets sorted after everyrhing all the money spent the reward piont i would be intiled to over 140 dollars in points that were never added shame on u suck people in and never for fill


Waste of Time

Look I get discounts, some, and cheaper fuel. BUT i can get that cheaper elsewhere. Used this for 10 years and never go online. Then when i went on i tried a few times it locked me out. Ring monday? waste of time. Even banks dont do that. This is for points not millions.


Very useful shopping "tool"

The Woolworths rewards program has been a rather good experience in that at shopping time sometimes the surprise at the checkout is amazing.
Sure as hell is worth more to me than the competitors programs .


Not worth the effort

It takes so long to accumulate points with Woolworths rewards but recently I had another issue arise.

I was sent an email with an offer to spend $210 each week for 4 weeks at ANY Woolworths store and get 21000 points awarded to my card. This offer was worth over $100.

I spent above this each week. At the end of the 4 week period the points were not added onto my card. I waited a couple of weeks before ringing. I was told that I would not get the 21000 points because I did not spend the required amount at my local store even though the email did not state any specific store.

After numerous phone calls and emails I finally got the 21000 points. This was the first time Woolworths had emailed me an offer that was decent. It took too much effort on my part to get the points I was entitled to. Plus the call centre staff do not seem to be concerned when issues arise.


Among the worst customer services experiences you will find

Call centres are notoriously unpleasant to deal with, but Woolworths rewards call centre is among the worst I've ever suffered through. Today I was transferred 3 times because nobody had the vaguest clue how to help me. They didn't listen to what I was saying; they parroted back prepackaged information that had nothing to do with my problem; they kept saying it was a different department and transferring me. During my fourth hold, after 40 minutes, the phone cut out. All that time wasted and no one even close to being helpful. No resolution, and not even anyone who understood the problem. A total disgrace on their part, and not the first time it's happened.

not working at all, not helpful

can't log in, can't make any changes to personal details, can't do anything without any online assistance.
tried to register a new card and website never work properly. tried to reset password as I think I might put the wrong password, the website always said it has technical issues.


Temporary card registered and linked to Qantas card sooo easy

Well I just got my temporary card at the desk in Roma tonight, spent $104.98..got home and logged into. The site and linked my card.... easy as... checked the account and low and behold there are my 104 points from my shopping I did 2 hrs ago. Linked it to my Qantas card and changed where the points where going (now to my frequent flyer) and hopefully should all be good.. I was dreading it as I'm crap at this stuff but it was easy...and no I do not work for woolies!! And yes it was really really easy..and I'm old lol


Disgusting and a con

Received an email from Woolies saying if you spend over $215 in store or online you will receive a $40 voucher. I checked all the terms and conditions and then spent $228 (not including delivery fee, packaging etc etc)...
2 weeks later and nothing so I use the Live Chat facility on Woolworths Rewards website. Surprise surprise no record of the offer, then ask me to send the email I received as proof.
Honestly - does the customer have to hang on to every email received just in case Woolworths try to get out of paying the reward?
This happens with them again and again, it is pure dishonesty along with them being totally incompetent.
Although I shouldn't have been surprised to see other peoples reviews on here were so bad, it did at least give me some comfort.
Woolworths you are a DISGRACE.


Woolworths Rewards Card

I love shopping at Woolworths as they always have great weekly specials and lots of bargains instore. My Woolworths Rewards card is an added bonus allowing me to earn points just for doing my shopping as i do every week. Always sending me special offers for extra rewards points that are relevant to me. I have redeemed points many times with no problems.


Can't link my rewards card with my Woolworths online shopping account

I have not been able to link my Rewards card with my online shopping profile for Woolworths. I have contacted customer support 3 times, each time i've been given a new card number and told to activate that card on my Rewards account and then link to online profile for Woolworths shopping. Three times this has not worked. I get the same message every time, "Your card number is incorrect" - yet i can use that exact same card number and password to log in to my Rewards profile. I have tried dozens of time and still getting the same error. So frustrating and means i am unable to take advantage of bonus points for online shopping.

Phone won’t scan at checkout to long to Aquire points

Let’s be real $2000 spending for $10, not much incentive. Petrol without a discount cheaper elsewhere than a woolies one with discount. Shop online give up because main products not in stock go into the store and they have the stock which annoyed the hell out of me. Same day an hour later from online to walking into the store, then to top it off as much as I try move my phone around it just will not scan the barcode at checkout. I have been loyal shoped nowhere else but for $4000 spent $20 is my reward that’s a joke

$130 transferred to qantas NOT arrived

I received an email on 23 march stating
XXXX you're now 11,310 Qantas Points better off!

Your savings of $130 Woolworths Dollars* have converted into 11,310 Qantas Points and will land in your Qantas Frequent Flyer account by Saturday 23 March.

That's 11,310 Qantas Points you could put towards your ultimate getaway. Enjoy!
Im not enjoying them yet when I email them im told to go to qantas when i go to qantas I am told to check with WW.
no one is taking any responsibility I believe WW rewards should aver liaison person who checks this type of complaint I can to be the only one this has happened to. my family all got they points ok.

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Questions & Answers

I accidentaly unsubscribed to receiving specials via email. how can i resubscribe please ?
1 answer
contact woolworths rewards & ask them or ask at a store asking here wont give you the correct answer

I want to get a second card so my husband has one. Please send requirements Jenny
1 answer
You can order a card through your account just log in & order an additional card i have just done it or enquire at the service desk in store

how do I activate my new rewards card I cant seem to find the log on page it is a replacement as I misplaced my 25year card
1 answer
log on to the web site sign in & activate it i just did mine took under 5 minutes its really quite simple


Woolworths Rewards
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