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Woolworths Select Cat Litter Crystals

Woolworths Select Cat Litter Crystals

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Poisonous to Humans and Animals

Woolworths select crystals cat litter : letter to esther han smh: interesting article you wrote on unsafe products at woolies recently. I had my own conversation with a woolworths pet product representative today, regarding a nasty incident on the 20th august 2014 involving my young and healthy dog who had somehow ingested some woolworth's select crystals cat litter. First time i had this particular product in the house. If we had not had been at home, and able to rush to the local vet, my dog would have been dead as this all happened with a few minutes. He displayed all symptoms of a chemical poisoning, frothed at the mouth & went into seizures. Our vet induced the dog to vomit containing some of these kitty litter crystals, white froth & a bit of grass - this cat litter is produced in china, with no ingredients listed and no warnings except 'keep out of reach of children' - this is difficult for a product that would intentionally sit on the floor. While our dog was in hospital overnight having another seizure, i called woolworths to alert them to a hazardous product. A baby or small child could ingest the same product. I suggested they take the product off the shelves. Over a month later after many phone calls, a vet report, and posting of kitty litter samples to woolworths, and much waiting- i have a hefty vet bill ($684.0) on my credit card to pay still: yakob called today to say that the product has been analysed by the vendor / owner of the product, and they believe my dog was poisoned as it had possibly eaten cat faeces, and not to do with the kitty litter which is mostly silicon and a 'natural product' like sand. So why does it say 'keep away from children' on the packet ? My vet confirmed on the phone today, that dogs do sometimes eat faeces and although unpleasant & can infect them with parasites, they do not present with chemical poisoning symptoms. It's generally harmless unless the faeces contains cat litter, or chemicals. We do not have any chemicals around the house and garden at home & the dog was with me all day. I cannot afford another $600 to have the product privately analysed, or to take legal action against woolworths. The product remains on woolworths shelves as far as i know. So far i feel like i have been given the brush off by woolworths, and they do not care about my dog being poisoned by their product or the stress, and upset this has caused our family. I was refunded $20 by woolworths public liability department for postage of sample & inconvenience. I am happy my dog is alive, but not impressed with woolworths refusing to take responsibility for their product.

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Anyone out there with experience of using the Woolworth (Select) brand of crystal cat litter. The only review I see here was written in 2014. My concern is that my dogs' often raid the litter tray before I can get to it Up until now I have always used the Purfit Crystal litter. The bag clearly states it is silicon and is biodegradable and I throw the wet litter out on to the garden where it just gradually disappears with no affect on the trees/plants. I now see that the Select brand does not state "biodegradable" nor does it say what it is made from. It also says to dispose of used litter in the rubbish bag ?? I am very concerned after reading the 2014 review and think I should take the box back to the store. Any advice would be welcome.
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Hi Biggles, The Woolworths Select Cat Litter Crystals is made from dried Silica Gel, This is the same desiccant in those little paper sachets included with medications and other products which need protection from moisture. It is now being used as cat litter in a larger crystal size because of its ability to absorb copious amounts of fluid. Any other brand you see marketed as "Crystal" cat litter is made from the same substance and all brands of "Crystal" cat litter are biodegradable regardless of the information about disposing of the product. However please don't forget to thoroughly stir the cat litter after your cat urinates in it, this helps with the liquid absorption and avoids urine collecting on the base of the cat tray. If you have access to a "The Reject Shop" store in your vicinity be aware they have big 10 Litre sized bags of Cat Litter Crystals for just $9.00c this amount of cat litter will last you a long time indeedThanks for that. However, I submitted my query in August and did not want to take the risk considering what that one review said. Consequently, I took the bag back to my Supermarket and exchanged it for the Purfitt brand. I live in NZ so unfortunately I am unable to go to the Reject Shop (don't have them over here) Lucky you. I usually wait until it is on special and get a couple of large bags at a time. Don't save much though..only a couple of dollars.

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