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Woolworths Select Disinfectant Aerosol

Woolworths Select Disinfectant Aerosol

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Strong smell.

I found this product really pungent and the smell quite strong. It’s not a nice smell either. I use it to spray on the bins. That’s it. It does last and it’s good value.

Purchased in November 2018 at Woolworths Physical store.

As good as the Big Name Brand

Being on a limited income I'm always looking for an item within my budget to use around the house. This product is as good as the name brand. It eliminates odours ( cat litter tray) and it gets rid of other nasty little germs as well.

Good buy

I have recently discovered this product when searching for an alternative to the more expensive and horrible smelling well known brand. This is just as good and the perfume is quite nice unlike the other brand. Priced better too.


Get the gas mask out your going to need it if you buy this.
Thought I'd try it out, maybe it may have a nice smell, NO IT DOESN'T.
It's cheap & nasty, will leave you coughing, i will use it in the dogs kennel & maybe the garbage bin.

Strong Chemical Odour that continues to reek

I bought this about six years ago I think and had to lodge a complaint with Woolies. I, unfortunately, used it on a cot mattress after airing it. The mattress hadn't had any "leaks" or issues, I just wanted to make sure it was clean. Saying this makes me feel like a clean freak or using the product in the wrong way - I am not sure - but I just wanted to give it a short spray to ensure hygiene.

That short spray resulted in an overwhelming smell that wouldn't leave despite using a mattress protector, sheets etc.

I never heard from the complaint line again and had to dispose of the mattress as it wouldn't air out and was not going to let my daughter sleep on something that reeked so badly.

Generic house brand crap

Typical rubbish product in the no name range. Where have the good products gone. It is like sticking no name milk and screwing the dairy industry. Where is Nilodour? That is a real product that works brilliantly.

Smells awful- will never buy this again.

I usually use Glen20 but thought I'd give this a try because it was cheaper. I really wish I had read the reviews before buying it- the smell was horrible. I got the green one and it was just nasty. It was really strong, like cheap cologne and made me nauseous. I had to open the windows to air out the house to get rid of the smell. I'm sticking to Glen20 from now on.

very strong smell

Woolworths Select Disinfectant Aerosol - Marine Fresh

This product's odour is worse than those it is supposed to eliminate
The can is marked Not for Resale - it should be marked NOT FOR SALE

The product has a smell that is offensive to the nose and is really industrial
My humble opinion do not waste your money on this product

Zest Burst Smells Like Sickly Cheap Aftershave

Imagine a cheap seedy club from the movies and what it might smell like. Or the air freshener in a cheap hotel. This smells like that. I wish I'd purchased Glen20 instead. It does a good job of misting well, it seems to make surfaces wetter than Glen20, which is faster to evaporate. The smell made me gag though, so whatever is good about it is irrelevant.
Slightly Cheaper, Mists Well
Smells Awful

Questions & Answers

I cannot get woolies select brand spray disinfectant "zest burst" at any of my local stores----why?
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I suggest you contact woolies direct. They may not stock it any more at your storeZest Burst is available at my local woolies. I noticed today that there re branding them as Strike Spray Disinfectant. Zest Burst is the only one still the old can. Maybe contact Woolies.

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