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Woolworths Select Dry

Woolworths Select Dry

Beef & Vegetable and Chicken & Rice
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Woolworths & Baxter’s Dog Biscuits made our dogs very sick

We have been using woolworths brand fig biscuits for a few years but recently our dogs had vomiting and diarrhea for a week.. we tried everything thinking it was another good product but after just putting them on a biscuit only diet they got worse..so we cut out the biscuits.. diarrhea stopped.. not really thinking we went to woolworths to buy more biscuits and saw their brand was empty .. bought Baxter’s instead and bang our younger dog was up all night vomiting and diarrhea.. googled same and shocked to see we weren’t the only victims

I've never seen my dogs so violently ill

All I can say is Woolworths need to remove this from their shelves, my dogs who were happy to eat I made the mistake to mix a bag of your dry food in with their regular to have a lil different taste, first day, thought it was just them adjusting even thou I mix brands for flavour all the time I shrugged it off as a tummy upset, then refusing to eat, I chuck out your food, my dogs are still poorly refusing to eat as of yet, yes vet trip, how disappointing that this could be even sold still considering all the complaints. Poor form woollies.

Never seen an animal whimper over food lol.

It didn't make him sick or anything but he wouldn't touch it for at least half the day which is odd cause he eats nearly anything. After a few days I changed the brand.


Thought I'd give a cheaper alternative a try. My 6.5 yr old red cattle dog has also had diarrhoea and also not wanted to eat it anymore.

Stay away

I purchased this for my dog about 5 months ago thinking it was be a cheaper alternative. But with in a few days his toilet habits were off colour and texture and his breath was terrible. I have now gone back to the more expensive brand and I will be sticking to it. There is a reason it is cheap. He is back to his normal happy self.
Makes Dog sick

You get what you pay for

Found this product to be terrible for my dog. I have a 10 year old Golden Retriever. He was given this stuff and had the 'runs' for almost a week afterwards. This product appears to be largely made from offal, not real meat. It is made overseas and probably doesn't comply with the Australian standards. My advice, don't buy it, you get what you pay for with this low quality junk.
Low price
Gave my dog lots of diarrhoea

Terrible. Changed formula now made in Thailand

This used to be a reasonable dog food. Now they have totally changed the ingredients and it is mostly starch and fillers. And it is now made in Thailand, not Australia as the previous version was. Will be returning to Woolworths. Also gave our dog diarrhea after he had been happily eating the old version for months.
Cheap ingredients, no longer Australian made

Not good!

Gave to our 10 year old Labrador for a change, who has never been sick a day in his life. Was not a pleasant clean up in the morning - 50kg dog with diarrhoea! We gave him a day off food the next day - all ok and tried again on day 3 with the Woolworths dry dog food and it happened again. Will never buy another pack. Upset tummy obviously caused by the food.
Make our dog sick.

Horrible Stuff

The Woolworth select dog food packaging has been changed to look like optimum. I bought it by mistake and fed it to my 2 dogs..

Both have been very sick with diarreah. Vet said its due to low quality ingredients used as filler.. Very dissappointed

Would not recommend anyone use this product

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my dogs have gone of there food and got diarrhea bad has any one else recent issues too?
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