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Yamaha MT-03

Yamaha MT-03

4.8 from 5 reviews

Arguably the best learner bike

I got a great price on a new mt03 $5300 ride away
Excellent value for money
I don't have much of a backside so Ido get uncomfortable after about 50 kms but it is OK
I've done 1800km now. Had it serviced at 1000 km no problems the rear mirrors could extend out a bit more so am not seeing my arms when riding
Seems Tj have enough power although 1st gear could be a bit higher
It loves cruising at 110 kms and it handles well
The gears are sometimes a little clunky especially from 2 to 3rd but that could be me or running in
The Yamaha dealer replaced the oil with mineral oil and said they will not put semi synthetic in until 10000 kms which did surprise
I commute and the bike is very agile and easy to control

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Excellent value for money bike

I needed a bike for commuting to a new job. I haven't ridden a bike in years and was looking for a secondhand bike. When I saw the MT-03 at just under $5k (2017 stock clearance), it wasn't much more than I was considering for secondhand bikes. Another great attraction was ABS which the secondhand bikes didn't have. I've had the bike for a couple of weeks now and am very happy with it. It has more than enough power for my needs and holds well on the freeway. I have also been surprised by the fuel economy. I had seen a few comments about it being a bit heavy on fuel and read somewhere about a typical fuel consumption of 4.7 liters/100km, however, after having done about 500km, I'm getting about 3.3 liters/100km. I travel close to 100km/day and most of that is on the freeway at 100km/hr, so that probably accounts for much of the good figure. I am using 98 RON, so that probably factors in as well.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018


This bike is best in class - look no further for a powerhouse 321 CC bike! I compared as many other bikes as I could in it's class from the Honda CBR 500R and 300R, to the Ninja and everything in between. The Yamaha outperformed every one of the competitor bikes on both city and country riding. I couldn't believe just how good the mileage was, and how fast I could up and down shift. The price was just right for me at the time ($6000) and will make getting out camping easy on the odd weekends away.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Fun flexible bike for the road

My bollini speed had done five year job so bought this as a longer termer great bike break in was no real struggle as happy at low revs just had first service great even in heavy winds powerband is perfect for sensible riders still enough torque for great overtaking good all round safe bike that is Lotta fun in twisties and good commuter even though can be bit thirsty. I love the mirrors on it good viewing of all I being quite tall can sit bold up all Lean forward leg room fine but been a good different years since had big bike last three being 250 250 200 and last two same length as this tyres loving wider back ones the weight of bike is quite light for the engine so feather weights might think of a screen for it but Yamaha have made a good bike for all even though I here from elsewhere learner / commuter I nearly 41 been riding since 17 and don't understand why everyone wants more than really need remember can't get out fines on a motorcycle. Highly recommend testing one.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

2016 Yamaha MT-03 (with a 320cc twin cylinder engine not the 660cc single cylinder engine in the 201

Have just traded my 2015 Yamaha YZF-R15 v2.0 with a 150cc single cylinder engine for a 2016 Yamaha MT-03 with a 320cc twin cylinder engine. It has about twice the capacity, power and torque of the R15 and weighs an extra 30kg. Although the MT-03 twin engine will rev the same as the R15 engine it has a lot more low down torque. I've previously had bigger bikes and found the 320cc twin cylinder fuel injected liquid cooled Yamaha engine feels as least as strong as a 450cc twin carburetted oil cooled Suzuki engine I had. Feels a relaxed ride compared to R15. Only just got it so I'll be running it in and will update my review with how it runs once I've run it in for the open road.

See this YouTube vlogger's review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOsYMjkG4M4 I am finding running in easier on my 2016 MT-03 than on my 2015 YZF-R15. First 500 km running in on YZF-R15 was at 5,000 rpm then second 500 km running in was at 7,500 rpm. Second 500 km running in allowed for highway 100 kph riding. First 500 km running in was 50 kph in town only. On my MT-03 the first 1,000 km running in at 7,000 rpm rides at 100 kph. I find I'm generally riding around town under 5,000 rpm for a very relaxed ride in town. Very similar feel to my GS450E Suzuki in terms of pickup and the MT-03 is 15 kgs lighter. The engine is excellent to get the same performance as a bike with 50% more capacity. The MT-03 is an easier bike to ride for a new larger rider than a YZF-R15. More stable. Less peaky. More planted. Less affected by cross-winds too.I find the handlebar mounted mirrors on my MT-03 show what's to the side and behind better than the fairing mounted mirrors on my R15, but I still fitted bar end mirrors. See these in NZ: http://www.storminbikes.co.nz/gallery/Mirrors - fitted a $60 wide view set. Very useful to see the motorist behind you at the lights. After driving a car for 20+ years of not riding bikes I got used to rear view mirrors in cars and found bar end mirrors on bikes help. Good to assess motorists awareness to see if they're texting or doing their makeup. I like to look motorists in the eyes to see whether they see me. However, when you can't see a motorist, check their wheel position and don't rely on them indicating for their next move. I also wear a viz vest over textiles and over leathers. MT-03 has always on low beam lights.Correction on engine speed and road speed. 7,000 rpm 6th gear is 110kph. 6,500 rpm 6,500 rpm 6th gear is 100kph. 6,000 rpm 6th gear is 90kph. Going on 10kpm per 500rpm 6th gear I'd estimate with peak torque at 9,000rpm and peak power at 10,500rpm that this is geared for 175kph at peak power and should hold 150kph at peak torque comfortably. Enough in NZ with suspension 40kph over the 100kph limit: http://www.nzta.govt.nz/driver-licences/driving-offences-and-penalties/driving-offences/speeding/

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Yamaha MT-03
Engine Capacity321cc

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