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Yamaha Scorpio

Yamaha Scorpio

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What were they thinking?

OK I haven't owned one of these but I've hired one on several occasions. It felt like an SR 250 from the 1970's - but that's an insult to the SR. It should have felt like an SRX 250 (35hp) instead - .How can you screw up simplicity 50 years later - with better technology? Marketing that's how!

I'll be blunt - this bike over steers - even for its weight - like you're riding it home after a front ender. Even my RMX 90 handled better. A ''postie'' handles better.

''Look Ma no hands'' - forget it. Front needs better suspension. Back needs a bigger wheel - not that it'd make a difference - the frame's too short. Got blown around like a flag on Australia Day on the Morphett Vale vineyard roads. By the way - auto lane changing into oncoming traffic doesn't leave you time to pray. These bikes are obviously built for racing through a car park.

The day before I'd hired the Honda CBF 250. In comparison the Yamaha felt like a kid's Christmas gift. At high speed it bobbled until you cornered - wheel wobble set in - it craps itself then you crap yourself. I thought - maybe ''it was just that particular bike I'd hired - maybe it'd seen a hard knock life'' - but the others felt similar..

The clutch cable and set up were cheap and archaic for 2006. No doubting it's a great motor - economical with good torque down low but the brakes felt wooden and the handle bars are like a mountain bike. I felt cramped and I'm only 5 foot six.

It's appearance is a travesty to the word ''design''. Yamaha probably killed the majority of its sales this way. It's like ''circus meets surf and turf''. I cringed at the lights and wondered why it wasn't monochrome to lessen the humiliation. It's low as well - suspension is pedestrian - if you're more than 90 kgs - it will probably warp you into another reality.

I love Yamaha instruments - I had a Yamaha violin and guitar - and I love Yamaha and Honda bikes but this is clearly a case of ''What were they thinking?''. I can only see this model being some past iconic discontinued thorn in Yamaha's side. Like Honda's 3 cylinder 2 strokes. Sorry if I've offended anyone who owns one. I've owned Yamaha XT's, RZ's, an FZR and a few IT's - but this is just downright disappointing.

Date PurchasedJan 2006

Great little bike

I bought a Scorpio after being off bikes for 20 years. I rode it to work as well as toured on it several times. 1600 km rides over 4 days. Top speed 130 kms and I easily doubled my wife at 110 kms on the highway. Very quick up windy roads and great on dirt roads. I ride an SV 1000 these days but have fond memories of the little "whippet". Very reliable and easy to ride.

Date PurchasedAug 2008

Fantastic lams bike

I bought my 2007 model last year after having my midlife crisis and getting my RE license. i'm 100KGs and this little bike has been great. i commute 20kms into the city and back again for work on it and it's never let me down. i often find myself going the long way home via samford village and clear mountain just for the hell of it so i've racked up a lot of extra km's. that never happened in the car. it can handle the highway too although once i hit a hill it can struggle with my weight and 100 is it's max, an extra few HP could make all the difference (or someone 20kg lighter). very economical on fuel and everything is easy to service yourself as it's such a basic bike. i will get around to getting something more suited to my girth eventually by there's no hurry, it's just been a great fun bike, it's never failed to start on the battery but i guess if it did it's still got the kick start. if i had the time (and the know how) i probably wouldn't get rid of it ever. instead i would turn it into one of those great cafe racer mods i keep seeing online and keep it for my "nipping through traffic" bike even when i have something bigger.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Great value.

Purchased one in 2008,for $3,800,had 66,000km trouble free riding, a lot on gravel roads, and in all states of Aust. Traded it in 2011, for a Suzuki TU250X, as the clutch return spring broke, and none available here. Can only give it the highest recommendation, great product at a good price, unfortunately not sold here any more due i believe to lack of demand.

Date PurchasedAug 2008

Bought one for my son.

Possibly the best LAMS bike I have ridden. It is a real motorcycle that is fast enough to easily keep up with Sydney traffic, yet is small, easy to start, very frugal and yes, it can commute on freeways without being worried by speeding trucks. I was so worried about my son following his father's somewhat 'laid-back' footsteps when it comes to safety, I bought him one!

Surprisingly good bike, value for money and fun too!

Sure, the Scorpio doesn't look 'flash' or sexy, but it's not only a good little workhorse, it is fun and easy to handle too. Takes corners easily and comfortably, while cruises at 120kph on the motorway without effort. Slows down to about 90kph when going up a steep hill. I'm 6' 1" (185cm) tall and 110kgs and the Scorpio takes me around with surprising ease. As mentioned by others, the clutch is light and easy to change gears, so makes city riding nice. The suspension is a bit soft though, and the seat for my big butt is a little narrow so my rear gets a bit sore after an hour's ride. I plan to upholster the seat soon. Rust can be an issue as the materials are typical of this price range, so make sure to polish the chrome weekly or you'll soon see rust spots. The indicator switch could have a bit more feel to it, it's too easy to over-thumb the switch and end up indicating the other way when you just want to turn it off! Not a big issue though, just an annoyance.
Cheap, reliable, economical on fuel (12l full tank = 300kms or so), inspires confidence, feels safe
Drifts a little with strong winds, soft suspension, indicator switch lacks tactile feel, crhome can rust easily if not cared for

Hi, just to let you know I found the front suspension really soft too but a friend is a pro-racer and told me how to fix this- now shes a dream to ride. So take the little black caps on top of the folks off, (you may have to loosen the handle bars) unscrew (probably need a electric screw driver or drill with square screw driver bit the two screws. Get some folk oil in a suringe and put the same amount in each folk. We put 20ml in each folk for mine, but maybe do 5ml at a time until your comfy! Hope this helps, I love my scorpio!That's probably the best cheapest solution to firming up the front suspension. I did that in a different way by replacing the 10w fork oil with 15w and that sinilarly improved it a lot - less diving when braking hard and less hard bumps when going through a pothole or over a speed bump. The rear suspension is the major thing though, and could use an upgrade for those on the hefty side such as myself. Aftermarket replacement rear shocks are the only way to go if you find the rear hits bottom a lot. ~ Tigadee

Most fun for the least bucks I've ever had

At 57 years old I've ridden everything from a '66 Suzuki fifty, '49 BSA 350,'53 Norton, sundry trailbikes of the '70's, coupla CX500 Hondas (remember those?), R100s Beemer, 350 Jawa, last bike was a ZR750 Kwacka, but I really like this little bike. Commuting from Maryborough to Hervey was getting too dear on fuel, so did some research and decided on this bike. Tracked one down at a Brisbane dealer, $2995 ride away, 3225k's on the clock. Bargain!!
Drove down with the missus on Saturday and rode it 250k's home, had a ball!!
Cruised easily at 100-110k's with my 94 kilos on board with the odd blat to 120 no probs at all and averaged 26k's to the litre. I expect that will get even better as the motor settles in properly.
All my friends and family are amazed at the amount of bike you can get for the money. My 20 year old grand daughter wants one asap!!
This machine will suit me perfectly for the forseeable future, economy is great, and there's enough performance to keep this aging wreck happy.
Great value for money, FUN to ride, surprisingly good performance, simple, easy to maintain engine and cycle parts, build quality very good.
My aging butt was complaining loudly after 250k's, but a half sheepskin would fix that, and I'm mainly only travelling 30k's or so at a time anyway, so not a prob.

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Just a little P.S., went for a ride yesterday with the guys from Sunstate Motorcycles, Trimphs rule, but anyone's welcome. Cruised with the pack at 110-120, with the occasional blat to 140 when the right downhill and lack of headwind allowed. Drill holes around the circumference between the inner and outer tailpipes,making sure to go through the layer 3mm or so under the outer layer. A little increase in exhaust note and much better breathing towards the redline, use premium fuel as well. In the twisties the Scorpio ruled, good ground clearance, light weight and a new $89.00 Michelin back tyre beat the pack easily, and the guys on the CBR1000 and the 600 Suzuki were a little miffed that a now 58-year-old on a bog stock three thousand dollar 225cc thing made in Indonesia passed them on the down hills and sat glued to their backsides on the uphills. You have to use all the rev range, but these little bikes are brilliant in the twistie stuff. I had a good day, 500 k's, averaged 24k's to the litre, not too bad considering the riding style prevailing on the day. I really like this little bike Kombikid

Great bike... friendly price.... nice speed....

Imported from Indonesia... Great bike... powerful engine...
Some people have some problem with the rear suspension... change the arm relay with custom aftermarket one ($40-50, from Indonesia) then should be fine. want it higher? change the connection rod (same price).
It has sensitive carburetor coz it has vacuum type of carburetor, if the rubber inside the carburetor has a hole even very small, then u need to change with the new one (quite expensive for me). i suggest change it with the venturi type (more responsive, less maintenance, less price, but need a pro to get the best setting of it).
Ussually it always leak oil from "FOUR box" on the right side of engine, change the O-ring seal (cheap $2, exclude shipping), then it should be fine.
If u want more speed, change the CDI with custom unlimited one ($40-50, from Indonesia) then the RPM could reach 12000 instantly.
want more?? change the exhaust with custom one, my Indonesian friend made one for me, increase up to 2 HP.
still not enough?? change the carburetor with Keihin PE 28, port & polish, & you could do bore up the engine until 350cc. it will run like a jet!
have some questions or need something, don't hesitate to contact me...
email & Facebook : matchless.man.86@gmail.com
reliable, easy to handle, quite efficient, easy to do modification.
rear suspension not really good, not much accessories & after market parts... should contact friends from Indonesian Yamaha Scorpio forum to get it (cheap price but expensive shipping).

good commuter

great commuter, easy to handle and change gears. fuel consumtion fantastic. apporx 1 liter per 30km. 10 litre tank with 3 litre reserve. i'm 75 kg and the bike handles very well at 100km/hr. easy to get to 120km/hr when passing. good wear on tires and it is very realible. i like the upright seat postion.
great learner bike. good commuter. easy to handle
the headlight is not that bright have had to replace the bulb with on that is a brighter and throws a differant beam.


Won't get a better bike for the money. I use mine every day to work 20Kms each way and it does it easily. On average I sit 80 to 100kmh and the bike copes very easily. Fuel economy 30 to 40 kms to the litre.
Very reliable and easy to start (Electric + Kick)Can sit all day 100Km easy Top speed I have managed to get on flat road 130kmh not 3 bad for a single cylinder 225
Some times at revs over 6500 to 7000 the engine chugs slightly


Awesome bike for 60-80km/hr riding in town. Price is in a league of its own and you get a very competent bike for what your money. I sat my L test on one and was impressed enough to get one to last until I'm able to get a bigger bike.
Cheapest road bike around. Frugal economy. Did I mention its price?
So-so styling, spoked wheels. Rear drum brake. SOHC, 2 valve = less power than other 250s.


Great value. $3,800 for a brand new 225cc machine. I ride 60 km every day to work and back and have done so for 18 months. No mechanical trouble at all. Would I recommend it? Yes. Go for it, especially if you're a learner or commuter.
Low cost and remarkable fuel consumption (30 km per litre)
I had four punctures, one after the other. Bad luck? Maybe.

Questions & Answers

Any ideas where to get aftermarket rear suspension?
1 answer
Not sure, sorry. The Scorpio is a very standard bike, so its parts should have a lot of commonality with other bikes, even some from other brands. I have seen non-factory suspension fitted on some Scorpios but I don't know where they were sourced from or even what brands. Probably the usual like Ohlins, I guess.

what is the price of it?
2 answers
i paid $2500 NZD. 2 years old with 7000km. new i think they are $4100 nzd. hope that helpsPaid NZ$1,700 for 4 yr old Scorpio with about 17,000kms.

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