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Yamaha WR250R

Yamaha WR250R

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Japanese Quality, tough and quick. Value for money.

Although it's only a 250cc, this engine packs a punch and will work its hardest to satisfy your desires.

On the highway, it does vibrate and the wind can push you around, because its high off the ground and lightweight but I used to manage it, however, i did not have fun doing it. It does keep up with the traffic and can comfortably do 110km/h but as I mentioned before the ride is not very comfortable on motorways doing high speeds.

The WR250R offers excellent suspension. Unfortunately, the price you pay for this means the seat is high and because of this shorter people might not like it. I am not tall but I coped.

There are plenty of aftermarket accessories available so you can customise your WR250R to your liking.

Service intervals are far apart making the ownership of the WR250R more cost-effective than dedicated dirt bikes.

The dirt riding of this bike is excellent. It satisfied all my needs. The acceleration and handling were great.
It's not going to win any motocross competitions but it will get you by for the occasional weekend ride in the bush and over some difficult terrain.

The Yamaha WR250R feels tough and durable. The suspension is excellent and the engine is a screamer.
Clutch and gearbox are adequate and the braking is typical dirt bike stuff, nothing fancy. Not the best for road conditions but that's what you get with most dual sport motorcycles.

Overall I'm satisfied with my purchase and recommend this motorcycle to anyone looking for a robust powerful dual sport, capable of road and off road riding, that's reliable and durable.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

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Yamaha WR250R
Engine Capacity250cc
Release dateJan 2012

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