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Yates Baythroid

Yates Baythroid

3.6 from 10 reviews

Effective and easy to use.... sort of.

Black beetles surfaced within hours and met their maker. If I met Yates' maker I'd suggest making the bottle easier to pour from. The design causes spillage which was not ideal for such a potent liquid.

Purchased in April 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $37.50.

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Hello, Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience, we love hearing from our customers and understanding how we can make this product better. Based on your feedback and others we are reviewing the packaging and how to make it much easier to dispense. We should have the new product and packaging available in the next 4-6 weeks. Please feel free to share any feedback direct with us so we can respond much quicker. Have a wonderful day, From the Yates Garden Care Team

Paropsides Calypso on Lillypilly hedge

This product is Highly effective in eradicating Paropsides Calypso, both Adult and Larvae with virtually immediate results. Within 1 hour of spraying, clear evidence of the effectiveness of this product is undeniable.
30m of 2m hedge saved

Purchased in March 2019 at Bunnings .

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Hello Peter, Thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback. We hope your lilly pilly's are doing well. We have new version of this product coming out soon, the packaging will look a little different, but its the same formulation and you will get the same great results. Thanks The Yates Garden Care Team.

Not effective on laen grubs

My lawn was invaded with lawn grubs. I followed instructions religously once with a sprayer and once with a can. 24 hours after last nights treatment I put some old carpet over the lawn, about one square metre. I looked under it an hour later and found 22 healthy grubs which I removed by hand. I have found it totally ineffective against lawn grubs.

Purchased in February 2019 for $20.00.

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Hello Leon, Thank you for your message. Our team of Horticulturists are online Mon - Saturday to help with advice on how to successfully remove of Lawn Grubs from your lawn. Please reach out to us via www.yates.com.au for a same day response. We'd love to help you with your lawn. From Yates Garden Care Team

Great all rounder

Every spring and summer i use this product, and i love it. I have 3 acres of all types of trees and gardens and use it to rid of everything from sawflies to aphids and even keeps the spiders down, and pretty much spray it on everything except my fruit trees..
Thanks again yates. Love it

Date PurchasedSep 2018
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Hi Josh, Thank you for your review! We appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback. It is great to hear that you have had such a good result with our product.  If you would ever like to contact our team directly, you can find out how here: https://www.yates.com.au/about/contact Kind regards Yates

Mole crickets

I agree with 'Shattered', - Baythroid is useless for getting rid of mole crickets.
I followed the instructions to the letter and overlapped the previously watered area with each pass of my watering can, which has fine holes.
Now in April, they are as bad as they are in summer but they shut down earlier.
A waste of $37.73.
So very disappointed.

Date PurchasedApr 2017
Hello Roy, We are sorry to hear that you have had such a disappointing result. While the claims on the label are based on extensive product testing, they don't sound to be consistent with your experience in this case (although it is unclear as to the time period over which the effects of the product are being assessed). We would like to work toward a solution with you as soon as possible. If you could please get in touch with our team directly we can certainly investigate further. Find out how here: https://www.yates.com.au/about/contact We look forward to hearing from you soon. YatesHello Yates, thank you for your reply and offer of help. I will contact you directly as you suggest.

Hinterland Gold Lillypillys Melbourne

Virtually every leaf of our Hinterland Gold Lillypilly hedge (approx 3.5M high) had been chewed and it was in a seriously sick state. We identified that some small light green beetles (Paropsides Calypso - I think) were the culprits. I sprayed with 2/3 the recommended dosage of Baythroid and it wiped them out almost overnight. Within 2 weeks new growth appeared with full recovery within 5 weeks. A few beetles have returned (12 months later) causing very minor damage and are just about to get another dose. It works!

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Hello Jack, Thank you for your review. We appreciate the time you have taken to share your experience. It is important we acknowledge that, unfortunately, this product is not currently approved for use in this way. There aren’t any approved pesticides for use by home gardeners in Australia against this native beetle. Sorry we can’t suggest an alternative at this stage, although professional gardeners may have commercial options available to them (this could vary from state to state). It is really important that registered pesticides are only used strictly as directed in the applicable label directions. For any questions on product suitability for a particular application, or for help with a particular pest issue, please do get in touch with our team. Find out how here: https://www.yates.com.au/about/contact We look forward to hearing from you again soon. Yates

Apparently useless against mole crickets

Due to a large infestation of mole crickets I purchased a 500mm can of Baythroid from Bunnings. After dutifully following the directions I actually tripled the recommended rate and applied two x 8Lt compressed spay applicator bottles to an area of 77 square meters. This was then washed in by bore water for a period of 20 minutes. During the evening I was very disappointed to hear the usual cacophony of noise coming from these creatures so took care to note which area they were located. The following afternoon I mixed the remaining 30mm in two batches in a watering can and applied to the areas I had noted the noise & washed in with the garden hose. Low and behold come 7.40 pm the noise was worse than ever & one location I had noted noise from one cricket & retreated now had five going off in less than one square meter. Does anyone have another solution? VERY disappointed.

Hello there, We are sorry to see you have had such a poor result! We are concerned to hear of this and would certainly like to investigate further with you and work toward a solution. I wonder if too much water was used to wash in the product after application? The label directions should specify a figure of approximately 12mm. If you could please get in touch with our team directly we can certainly look into this further. Find out how here: https://www.yates.com.au/about/contact We look forward to hearing from you soon. YatesHello Yates team, No, I was very specific with the water application. I had jars distributed around the lawn and the sprinklers were switched off when 12mm were in the jars. Since my post I have again used a full can on the lawn only (60.5 sqm) to no avail. After that failure I have purchased another four cans which I have been spot treating areas where the noise emanates from. I thought I was beginning to win the war until last night when they erupted again. Shattered again ! I will contact your team and see if something can be resolved when I have spare time. I just want rid of them!Thank you for clarifying; this is sounding like a very tough case! We look forward to hearing from you so we can assist further. Yates

Fast working and very efficient

Within an hour of spraying I was finding large numbers of dead grubs around the edge of the grassed area. As mentioned previously, it may be a little expensive but much cheaper than replacing the lawn. I’ve noticed huge variations in prices so spend some time looking around. I found the best way to apply was with a pressure sprayer as close as possible to the grass surface. I’m also going to do the re-application in a week and again in two weeks to ensure all I hatched eggs are also controlled. It’s not much point in only doing half the job. Thanks Yates for an excellent product.

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Hello AI, Thank you for your review. It is a great pleasure to see that our product has helped to eradicate your lawn pests and we appreciate you have taken the time to provide your detailed feedback. If you would ever like to contact our team directly, you can find out how here: https://www.yates.com.au/about/contact Thank you for supporting Yates products! We look forward to hearing from you again soon. Yates

One of the best non systemic insecticides still available

Like the other reviewer here, my only issue is the price. It's expensive but does go a long way. Fast acting and effectively non residual (withholding period is only a day for some crops). Broad spectrum of efficiency on most pests while still being safe for mammals.

Another idea would be to have an RTU container for those that dislike mixing it - the concentrate is very oily and rather malodorous. Still, by far it's my insecticide of choice for most arenas.

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Hello Albinus, Thank you for your review. We appreciate your time and effort in sharing your experience. Baythroid has been a popular product in our pesticide range for many years and is effective in controlling a wide range of pests. We certainly value your feedback, and welcome all feedback and ideas so we can continue to develop our range for the future. If you would ever like to contact our team directly, please find out how here: https://www.yates.com.au/about/contact We thank you for supporting Yates products and look forward to hearing from you again soon. Yates

Excellent product works very well

I have used this product a couple of times to control Black Field Crickets. We had an invasion about 4 years ago, I sprayed this, and within a few hours, the noise was gone. In the past few days the crickets had returned and were unbearably noisy. I picked up a can of Baythroid from Bunnings, filled up my sprayer and within 10 minutes, I havd sprayed all my garden beds, and lawn. And the noise was gone.

Baythroid works on a huge range of insects, including lawn grubs, thrips and whatever else has been ruining my lawn. Ants and spiders, moths, catepillars you name it. Baythroid solves it. Whilst the crickets were the driver for buying, the bonus is that this stuff takes care of almost everything. Im sure that might upset some people, but I hate insects and its my house!

It would be great if it were cheaper, and that's the reason for only 4 stars. If you have an insect problem, check out Baythroid.

Questions & Answers

Do I use an adjuvant with this product..?
No answers

Due to the controversy over the product Confidor, I'm looking for an alternative to treat the problem I have of Psyllids on my 'Bush Christmas' trees. Any suggestions please?
No answers

Hi i bought this product under advise to try and help get rid of either grasshoppers or earwigs eating my lemon and lime tree at night. How often can i spray the leaves with it? Only used it once so far
2 answers
Hello Cathy, Unfortunately Yates Baythroid is not registered for use on citrus trees. Please note the Baythroid product listed on Product Review is one that is no longer being manufactured. We have released a new version Yates Baythroid Advanced Insect Killer for Gardens - See link here - https://pilot.yates.com.au/product/garden-pest-control/yates-baythroid-advanced-insect-killer-for-gardens. We recommend Yates Natures Way Citrus and Ornamental can be used to treat earwigs on fruit and citrus trees. Please feel free to contact us at www.yates.com.au and our team are more than happy to assist with correct recommendations for your plants. Thank youthank you but i did end up getting the baythroid advanced it on the trees and so far it has worked. I think it was grasshoppers not earwigs. the trees are fine the product has not damaged the trees. I also used it on my veggie garden to get rid of aphids which has also worked. Is it safe to continue to use and how often should I respray.

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