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Coles Ultra Action Dishwashing Tablets

Coles Ultra Action Dishwashing Tablets

2.1 from 12 reviews

Worst dishwasher tablets ever!!!

In trying to reduce costs, I tried this product. They do not dissolve at all and leave a filmy residue on all dishes. Very disappointed and now wasted money I didn’t have.

Purchased in May 2019 at Coles Supermarkets.

Does not dissolve

I have a premium top of the line Bosch dishwasher but these tablets do not dissolve and do not clean. They used to be good (the ones in the plastic pouch) but the new pack (in a box) has a different formula and doesn’t do the job.

Purchased in January 2019 at Coles.


They used to be really good but unfortunately coles must of changed the ingredients in them.
Everytime I use one I open my dishwasher and sure enough theres half a tablet that has not been dissolved and is leaving residue on my dishes and cutlery ( leaves rust marks on my cutlery) not happy at all.

Purchased in March 2019.

Wast of money

Coles must have changed their formula , I used to buy the tablets in the soft resealable pack and they were great , but have not been able to buy them so bought the packet and they are shocking . May as well not use them at all and get the same results

Wonderful!! They work really well

Have found these dishwasher tablets to be very good! I have been pleasantly surprised at how well they work for a cheap product. Removing the tablets from the plastic wrapper can be a challenge at times but still worth the effort.

The coles dishwasher tablets 6 in 1 are great

You need to remove the wrapper as its not dissolvable like the finish or fairy tablets. Read the back of the box. The coles 6 in 1 tablets clean heaps better then the brand names and dont make your dishes smell like a wet dog and at a 1/4 of the price. I will never buy finish or fairy tablets again.

Not good leaves half the tablet undissoved

I have been recently been using Coles Ultra with Active Oxygen dishwashing tablets (28 tablets per box). Without fail after every completed cycle, I find half the tablet left behind in the dishwasher, undissolved and on the contents of my cutlery basket where I place it. These tablets have a completely dissolvable wrapper, and that is no problem but it is annoying to find the handles of your cutlery coated with dishwashing tablet and some of the tablet at the bottom of the basket at the end of the cycle and having to rinse the cutlery by hand after every wash. Will not recommend this product and will not buy it again.

Worst dish washing tablets I've ever used!!!

Trying to save a bit of money I purchased this for the first time (and the last!).
What I found:
1) Wrapper doesn't dissolve properly or at all
2) Lemon fragrance??? I didn't smell anything but my still dirty dishes!
3) Buy only reputable brand not this rubbish

Avoid Coles Ultra Action

I have recently moved into the first house with a dishwasher that I can pretty much ever remember and very excited I spoiled myself by buying the top of the line dishwashing tablet - the Finish All In One I am so good I will even clean the house and buy the groceries kind of tablet but that being said - it also cost me pretty much the same as having my own maid.

So on my last shop I thought "how different can they be?" this one is about 1/3 the cost - and boy did I learn my lesson - I wouldn't pay the third of the price for a good maid or I would end up with a hobo cleaning the house - likewise with the Coles Ultra Action - it is useless and cleans glasses only and still leaves residue over things - definitely avoid and be reminded of the old ethos - you get what you pay for
The cost
It fails to do its job


Wouldn't buy again as in order to make tablet dissolve had to use a more intense washing cycle designed for pans.
Reasonably priced
Tablets often didn't dissolve and had to re wash dishes

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