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Zodiac VX65 iQ

Zodiac VX65 iQ

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The VX65IQ works amazingly well

Zodiac VX65IQ is great, I’m happy with its performance. A bit expensive for our budget but decided to purchase it. We use a robotic vacuum cleaner for our tiled floors inside the house and it’s a lifesaver so I wanted the same for our pool. We had trouble installing the app connecting it to wifi at first, but a staff from the store we bought it from assisted us with troubleshooting, it works great. We installed a wifi extender closer to the pool and this seemed to have fixed the wifi issues. I hope it will last for years.

Date PurchasedNov 2018
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Hi Anna. Thank you so much for your 5 star review, Happy Swimming!

Should have bought one year's ago

Hi we have a concrete pool about 120k Lt, The pool has never looked so good and the fine dust particles it picks up with the standard filter is amazing, We do have a sitting area on one side with a step and only ounce it rolled over onto its back not a big deal, We do the floor twice a week and the walls ounce a week, Even the wife who was against buying it is impressed. Would recommend the VX65 cheers.

Date PurchasedNov 2018
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Hi Fred, Thank you for the review. Happy swimming!

Do Not Buy a Zodiac Robotic Pool Cleaner!

I have a fibreglass pool with steps in all four corners and a ledge for kids to stand on all the way around the pool about 400mm below the waterline. The unit will not clean the steps and does not get to the waterline as the unit thinks it is just above the ledge (400mm below the waterline). I have a fair bit of dirt in the pool after recent wind and the unit does not pick that up, I am not interested in spending more $ for the 100 micron cartridge as the other faults above mean I have to bring out the old manual vacuum anyway!. Zodiac referred me back to the place of purchase to return, to re-explain all the issues over again, rather than just except that the unit has not even remotely met my expectations and I am extremely disappointed with this expensive unit! I feel Zodiac have an obligation to advertise these short comings.....Do Not Buy! A Kreepy Krauly is 1/10 of the cost and does a way better job.

Date PurchasedNov 2018
Hi JB, Sorry to hear of these issues. We would like to be able to relook at this for you. May I ask that you DM your email/contact details? Thanks.You are joking, it took two days to reply and give me the same answer: "Take it back to where you bought it, the contract of sale is with them". Great Support Zodiac. Not even a phone call.If you would like to send your details to us via Private Message, we will arrange a phone call and to try and help you with what you need, Thanks.


Thank god ive found a product to replace my Jetvac pool cleaner. That thing gave me the craps. Having the Jetvac in the pool constantly made the pool look cluttered. It would get stuck around the pool steps, it needed far too much expensive maintenance and used 4hrs a day of the dedicated pump. Must have cost me a fortune in electricity over the last 15 yrs.
By comparison the Zodiac V55 does a far, far better clean, the pool is spotless after 90 minutes and uses very little power. I easily pull it out with the remote button for “lift assist”, put a vinyl cover over it and park it nearby the pool outside or put it in my shed. Cleaning the leaf collector is simple.
Even better, now my wife can easily plug it in and drop it in the pool to get the pool clean. It’s very easy to use, remove and store. Cost a couple of grand but it’s a worthwhile investment for us. I reckon after a couple of years I will have saved the cost of it in my power bills.

Date PurchasedJul 2018
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Hi Ian, Thank you so much for your 5 star review. Happy Swimming!

Does a great job and very efficient

Our pool is all the cleaner for having had it running for the past four months. It also picks up a some of the finer flowering plant matter from the next door neighbours trees. The only down side that we have experienced so far is opening the lid to take the basket out, the lid catches on the cord, which we are very happy to live with. Using the App to direct it towards us to lift it out is also very helpful.

Date PurchasedOct 2017
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Thanks for the great review! Happy Swimming.

Excellent job

The zodiac vx65 iq does a great job and the water is clearer than ever. The cleaner (nickname Paula Pool cleaner) and app is easy to use and maintain. Easily picks up leaves, debris and sand. a finer filter may come in handy for smaller particles. Would recommend for others to buy.

Date PurchasedJan 2018
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Hi Brad, fantastic to hear that you fine the cleaner and the app easy to use! If your pool is prone to finer particles, a 100 micron filter canister is available as a spare part accessory. Zodiac part number is: R0636600. This can be purchased from your nearest Zodiac dealer.

If we only had no steps and lips

The pool cleaner does a great job around the middle and centre areas of the pool, but not steps or lips. WE unfortunately have sand near the pool (thanks previous owner) and it the Zodiac does not do sand well at all. Once we have got rid of the sand then it will sparkle.

Date PurchasedJan 2018
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Hi Melinda, thanks for the review :) Have you tried adjusting the cleaner settings within the app? You can customise the cleaner for either rectangular or freeform shaped pools. With regards to the sand, if the sand is very fine it may need to be manually vacuumed from the pool. Once the sand is removed, the VX65 iQ will help to maintain a clean and sparkling pool. Hope this helps!

Does an efficient cleaning job.

The stand-out feature of this model has to be the swivel on the cord and the stronger, more stable nature of the cord itself. (The cord on another make of cleaner I have is a nightmare to work with and tangles up with a mind of its own.)
The sturdy debris collection bin is particularly easy to access and replace, and is easy to clean.
The Zodiac Vx65iQ is easier to operate than other models I have owned.

Date PurchasedSep 2017
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Hi Josie, thanks for the review! :)

Questions & Answers

Hi zodiac, I’m interested in getting one of these cleaners but my pool has a ledge about 100-150mm wide right around the out side of the pool. It is about 400mm below the waters edge. Will this machine be able to get over this ledge and clean right to the waters edge or will this be a problem for this cleaner?
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Hi I don't think it will because the machine is more than 400mil in length and it will climb up to the ledge, and probably fall to the bottom other wise can't fault this machine cheers hope this helpsThanks Fred J... might just have to give the kids some pocket money to clean above the ledge No it wont, I am reluctantly keeping the machine as Zodiac gave me a 100 micron filter that now picks up fine dirt.

Hi all! What is the difference between vx55 to the vx65?
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Hi Horrie. Thank you for the interest in our Robotic Cleaner - here is the link to our Website which shows the products - https://www.zodiac.com.au/robotic-cleaner. Thanks!

Is there a cover for the stand so that that i can leave out in the weather?
2 answers
Hi, no ours didn't come with a cover. My husband seems to think there was one available for an additional cost.Hi Melinda, Unfortunately, we do not have a Cover in our Range. I have passed your idea/feedback onto our Marketing Team. thanks.

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