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Zurich Life Cover

Zurich Life Cover

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11/2 hours 4 transfers to another team member, but still unable to answer a simple question

I have had Protection Plus Life Insurance for a number of years. Admittedly set and forget. The Annual Renewal arrived this week. The Premiums have become higher each year so this time decided to do a Market Comparison. Interestingly a rate came up for zurich with the same policy name and amounts but with the Monthly Premium $40 per month cheaper. I called zurich to enquire and was told it was a different product even though it had the same name and same features. i was twice put on hold and transferred to another team member including the person handling online products. Each time i was told about a different product with a different name and a different Premium. But They all provided the same cover and were all still more expensive than the online "comparison offer' I had to go a that point but organised for yet another person to call me another day. After relaying the whole story, much abbreviated here, I managed to get them to send their best quote by email. The best offered was a 5% discount on my premium, still $40 more than the comparison rated for the same policy name Protection Plus that was offered online. If it's this difficult to gain any sort of service when trying to obtain a quote for an existing long term customer, then it is difficult to have any confidence that when the time comes for a claim, that it would be an easy process. i'll be moving on.

Insurance claim madeNo

Cannot cancel the policy

I have had multiple contact with Zurich over the last month trying to cancel my policy. I have cancelled my payments through the bank (after contacting Zurich), have sent them a formal letter requesting cancellation with all information they required. I have since received a bill for this month's premium (as the direct debit didn't work) and cannot get confirmation from anyone that the policy has been cancelled. Not very impressed, I'm definitely not regretting moving to another insurer if this is how they handle cancellations.

Insurance claim madeNo

Online application with follow up phone call.

I applied online through CUA and was redirected to Zurich.

Online application was easy.
Had one follow up phone call to clarify on medications in the past 5 years.
Received a information review letter in the mail a few days later.

Insurance claim madeNo

Very bad customer service and such a snob

Me and husband applied for a life insurance. We initially asked to be called so we could ask further. After we were satisfied, we wanted to do it online, but the customer service said she could help. So we did it over the phone.

Long story short, later I found out she got my birth date wrong (when I called Zurich for giving more information). So I had to wait for Zurich's letter where they gave me a return envelope. Then I had to get a certified driver licence and posted it in the return envelope. I did that and then called Zurich back in about 2 days as I have not heard from them. Then the customer service who was not kind when I complained about this, defended it was Zurich policy but I pointed out it was their mistakes and I had to go through all that just because the customer service got the date wrong! Then she offered to put an investigation where someone will listen to it to find out who got it wrong, the customer service or me (which is ridiculous as I would not get it wrong). I said why did not they do this earlier, listen to it again then asked me for the certified copy of driver licence only if they could not get the right one. I also offered to send the certified copy of driver licence via e-mail but they refused because they wanted the physical one! This is DIGITAL ERA NOW!

So then I went out of town to come back my Zurich application is cancelled because they said I did not supply that certified copy of driver licence! Ridiculous!!!

I could not understand, Zurich refused a customer because incorrect birth date (YES only the bloody date!! the month and year are correct!!) and when they had not received the certified copy, instead of following up with the customer they cancelled! What a SNOB! We would not give our money to them!!!

We both are cancelling our applications (my husband's one has been approved). This is a bad indication of customer service in case our loved ones have to deal with them!

Insurance claim madeNo

What the ????????????

I receive a 6 monthly premium notice for $185,220 life insurance, they want a total of A$541.17.
I ring customer service and ask for quote to decrease to $150,000 - they unable to do over telephone so they post me a quote - $629.66 for 6 month premium for $150,000 life insurance?? I ask why it is so very overly priced and had they forgotten I am non smoker since January 2004, I remembered filling out form some time ago, the customer service lady's response was that claim was refused back in 2007 - who are Zurich and what do they stand for??????

To All Aussie Battlers - Please dont get caught up with zurich insurance

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Zurich Life Cover
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