Model: CMX186 Date Purchased: Mar 2016

I cant believe how this thing climbs

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 20, 2018

This machine is even better than i expected we have a hilly 4 acres that we had to cut with a brushcutter but since getting this it has made life so much easier it just cuts really thick grass lantana small trees sags and stuff like with ease that the brushcutter wont cut as it just tangles up on them the only negative thing i have got is be careful with big sticks in long grass as they can get caught in the tyre tread and come around with the tyre and jam up in between the tyre and body and fuel tank . But the panels are really good in the way they can get a big stick jammed in there and bend it right in and pop straight back into place when stick is removed and the price very expensive but they are worth every cent very happy with mine cant recommend enough but check your air filter very regularly and blow grass away from on top of deck and the fans

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Model: CM1401 Date Purchased: Sep 2013

It's been great ...but !!

4 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 13, 2018

It's been very safe and has been able to mow just about anywhere. I have had it for about 5 years and have used two sets of blades. It cuts the lawn around the house very well despite not having a floating deck. Recently a few problems have reared their ugly head . The chassis has cracked in two places, the blade belt idler pully bracket snapped. It is cutting too low even on the highest setting and is struggling to go up hills at any sort of pace. It has been serviced regularly by the local dealer. Various plastic parts are cracking and showing signs of fatigue.

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Razorback Official

Hello Terry, Thank you for sharing your experience, the Razorbacks are a great machine and having only used two sets of blades in 5 years says it all! We are concerned about the few problems you ha... read more »

Gold Coast, Queensland

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Model: CMX1402 Date Purchased: Mar 2018

A fantastic AWD mower

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 23, 2018

We’ve just purchased this mower as we own a rural property that has steep and unstable terrain. It mows the lawn like a dream! First day we got it, we were able to mow in the rain and had no issues sliding on the wet grass or mud. It is pretty good on fuel, and very comfortable to ride. It is easy enough to operate, particularly the reverse gear which was always a struggle on our old ride on. The mower has made maintenance of our land safe and easy.

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Priestdale, Queensland

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Model: CMX1402 Date Purchased: Dec 2017

Great Little Mower for the hills but not he best for manicured lawns

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 06, 2018

I spent 12 months doing my research as I have a split block half flat and half a mountain goat would like to live on.

The Good
This little mower goes up hills and angles you might be scared to walk on
It will cut through anything and you do have to worry about collecting fallen branches it just chews them up.
It doesn't matter if the grass is 3 inch or 3ft it just keeps going.
It feels really safe and really easy to control on hills
The hill and back paddock look amazing what used to take me 5 hours now I can do in two.
The Trailer option is a godsend for lugging gear around the acerage highly recommended.

The Not So Good
If you want a finishing mower with manicured lawns this is not your machine, I still have to finish off with my Honda Bushmaster if I want a fine finish on the front lawns.
If the ground is soft the rugged tyres will rip up the grass be careful as this can be a little beast on the soft ground.

If you're after an all-terrain mower this will not let you down, it will climb just about anything in dry conditions.
If the ground is boggy beware it will rip up the turf for fun.
I bought my Mower from and the service has been excellent to date

I did read about another review saying they had difficulty climbing hills, this is an easy remedy.move the seat closer as you have to apply quite a lot of pressure on the accelerator as I was experiencing the same until I moved the seat to the optimal position.

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Razorback Official

Hello Swarzebear, Thank you for taking the time to write your review, it’s great to hear customer’s experiences. To help clean up your manicured lawn areas, a ‘Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper/Grass Catche... read more »


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Model: CMX227 Date Purchased: Dec 2017

Perfect for hilly country

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 21, 2017

The build quality and service received has been exceptional. So far, the machine has delivered on the expectations with the ability to mow all areas I previously only considered with a brush cutter and even on steep slopes, feels solid enough to take on the task. For those with steep country and arm pit undergrowth, I think you will be pleased with the outcome with one of these machines.

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Model: CMX1402 Date Purchased: May 2017

Awesome all-terrain mower

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 05, 2017

I bought the Razorback 1402 as I tried a friend's ride-on and rolled it as the slope is too steep, thankfully I switched the blades off after reading another horror story. Bruised ego was the only damage done. My Razorback is an awesome mower with the AWD and the diff lock - I need and use both. I have a block that is mostly 20 degree slopes and some areas closer to a 30 degree slope. The Razorback feels safe secure and does a brilliant job. The shaft drive AWD and Subaru engine sold me over the 2wd competitor which my neighbour has. you always feel in complete control and it's like a smaller version of my Nissan Patrol :) Have only had it since May, so still need to go through summer and will then update any new comments. Mine has the added chequer plate steps which helps with comfort of your feet when you are 6'3" like me. It mows anything and destroys blackberry and anything else in it's way. It's was rather dear, but there is no price on personal safety. Shane at Dandenong Mower Power provided great service!

Having used the mower for a whole season including slashing padddocks for two sets of friends I’m still amazed by its capability and no-fuss attitude. Can’t recommend it enough for steep and rough bush blocks.

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Razorback Official

Thank you for taking the time to write a review and provide us with some feedback.
We love hearing about our customers experiences and are very pleased to hear that the machine is performing as expected!

Regards the Team at Razorback Australia.

Being able to tow a small cart behind the Razorback has been as useful on acreage as the slash and go anywhere ability. We love it after a year and a bit of use!!

Model: CMX1402 Date Purchased: Dec 2016

It's good but..

4 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 21, 2017

Hi I also find access to the motor to do simple things like check and change oil difficult. Going up hills and cutting can be a struggle, and also have issues with lack of reverse / bent pedal and reduced drive power generally after only 45 hours.

I also had the seat upgrade and winch fitted, but placing the winch on the back makes it even harder to do repairs and checks.

No follow up support from local dealer despite a spend of $15,000 which is pretty poor, help with loss of mobility from local dealer mechanic hopeless .

But it does handle bracken , blackberry etc and when working has helped me clear a lot of ground in very hilly country.

Not a lot of ground clearance so places with rocks can be tricky . Turning with awd and diff locks engaged is hard.

It is a lot of money but it will go where nothing else can.

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Razorback Official

Hello Hunter, We appreciate your contact with us and we have now contacted your dealer and are working together to resolve any issues you have had with the machine, and ensure you receive all assi... read more »


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Model: CMX1402 Date Purchased: Nov 2016

Good and powerful

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 07, 2017

I bought the 14 horsepower razorback end of last year for a two and a half acre steep block in Brookfield. I had Toro zero turn before but the hydrostatic drive kept on playing up - they just can't handle the steep terrain. The Razorbacks are well engineered , maybe slightly awkward for taller people like myself. Even with the seat all the way back it still feels like my legs are in an uncomfortable position. Well constructed machine and seems to me made to last - apart from some cladding at the engine already coming off. Seems to me to be more difficult to service - yet to find where to change the oil and no idea where is the battery. Takes a lot longer to mow but seems to get up the hills ok. I would have preferred the bigger machine as when the terrain is boggy the mower does struggle somewhat ( even with dif lock)
Cuts the broad leaf buffalo really well and looks neat once mowed . i recommend this machine for steep blocks . but if you are slightly big in posture or paunchy, I would get the bigger machine.

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Ocean View, Qld

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Model: CMX186 Date Purchased: Aug 2016

Great But

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 16, 2017

The Razorback is the only mower that could do my fairly hilly 5.5 acre block.Anything else would/could kill you.4WD is vital and unstoppable

However there are many considerations that need mention, If you are not a bit handy they would be an issue. The seat was useless on slopes.backache! Air cleaner needs cleaning OFTEN (AIR COMPRESSOR VITAL) Poor design a dust trap and the starter motor can get blocked severely and engage.Reverse pedal bends? Fibreglass covers can be damaged easily. Battery is hidden(could not find it) and takes some getting at. Mowers are heavy and getting mower to the agent is not easy,need trailer and ramps. If mower is not starting you have no hope of loading it,so you have to fix it yourself.Fuel starvation as fuel lines got blocked with swarf!!! Local agent is not fantastic,received no usefull instructions on purchase.Probably because of the slopes the mower is heavy on fuel and was often hard to start (I fixed it) pre delivery checks did not happen.

However on slopes and heavy mowing it is great. If you just want to mow large flat areas a waste of money.

Note I have fitted a race style seat ,I spend some hours at a time on the mower and was unable to walk!!!!

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Razorback Official

Hello Acerace, Thank you for taking the time to write a Razorback product review, we appreciate your feedback and are happy to hear that your Razorback is performing well in your extreme terrain... read more »

I appreciate your reply.Note Tasmania was our home but actually for the last year Brisbane This is where we bought the mower. Another point I have ordered 3 times service items ??? to no avail.

Razorback Official

We apologise for the confusion with your location, can you please call our head office at your earliest convenience on 1800 180 567, our Razorback specialist based in Brisbane will work on resolvin... read more »

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Model: CMX227 Date Purchased: Jul 2016

Fantastic piece of equipment but it can get bogged and has some soft metal

4 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 24, 2017

I bought my top of the range Razorback with a winch kit after many months of consideration and a thorough test drive.
Our property is in South Gippsland in Victoria, 'hilly' terrain would be an understatement. The land we purchased had been unkept for 15 years. It is was complete with bracken, fire weed and of course acres and acres of blackberry up to 3m high.
I've reclaimed more than 5 acres of infested land using this piece of wonderfully engeineered equipment. Mostly with ease.
We all know this is a fantastic machine, however after just 20 hours of use I did have to have it repaired under warranty for a freyed winch cable, bent deck lever, loose bumper, bent side (oh crap this is a steep hill) handle and a bent accelerator pedal.
All was repaired under warranty and the only thing not back to perfect is the 'oh crap' bar which requires a little more adjustment. I could not speak higher of the warranty service at Wonthaggi Motorcycles.
Obviously I have used the machine to its limits and have had it stuck on slopes no less than 6 times. I would recommend the winch if you have super big slopes - I'm even considering the rollover bar.
If you buy this machine, it will be more than work. It will be enjoyment!

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Model: CMX1402 Date Purchased: Jan 2017

Incredible machine

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 14, 2017

Absolutely unstoppable . Spent 1 hr on this beast mowing stuff I thought impossible. I mowed 2.5 metre high lantana 70mm thick and it just ate it up . I've spent hours brushcutting the steepest of terrains that this thing effortlessly mows on any angle . On flat stuff in 2wd high it's very quick and mows beautifully . I've got my life back

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Model: CMX1402 Date Purchased: Jan 2017

Great, but some floors

4 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 24, 2017

Its mechanical engineering is bullet proof, but same can't be said for its cosmetics/panels some of which have broken after 4 weeks.
It goes places I find difficult to walk up and has allowed me to reclaim land I never imagined possible. Definitely not a finishing mower.
It's a big investment, but have not regretted it.

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Model: CMX186 Date Purchased: Aug 2016

Was concerned about cost initially, but now do not regret the purchase at all.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 05, 2017

I have slopes and heavy clay soil and needed a 4wd tank to do the job. The CMX186 does this beautifully. I can do about 2 acres of 35 degree slopes with grass over 1m high and this machine smashes through it in much less time than you think it would. It is very stable on the slopes and surprisingly fuel efficient. I also use this machine as a ride on mulcher. As we bought a derelict property and need to cut a lot of tree limbs we ended up with piles of branches which the razorback destroys in minutes. I do not regret the purchase of this machine for one moment. It is a labour saving device that gives you back your time and it is fun smashing mother nature back to the boundary of your property.

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Model: CMX227 Date Purchased: Nov 2015

Fantastic engineering and build quality

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 20, 2017

When I made the decision to start a steep slope mowing business I did a lot of research re one v's the other. Based on the advise given from a few people who own Razorbacks I took the plunge and forked out for the 227.
When you start using one of these machines you quickly learn that you will chicken out long before the machine does. I've had this one now for 14 months and have done 640 mostly very hard hours. The poor thing looks somewhat battered, I have welded a few things (mostly hair-line cracks in the cutting deck to stop them from growing), gone through only 4 sets of blades, and have serviced the thing at every single interval.

Overall impressions are as a contractor working in very steep terrain regularly cutting through lantana and black wattle but also with one customer who has a property which is like a bowling green. This machine is a brilliant all rounder. Is is extremely well made and very capable (my customers are constantly amaized and what it will do). Servicing is easy (even all the major bolts are 12mm metric). Keep the air filter clean with filter oil because it cops a lot of dust. If you are looking at private mowing jobs it will last you a lifetime (in fact you'll hand it down to your grand kids). As a contractor I am about to buy a new one while this one is still worth something to the next owner. Highly recommended.

March 8th 2018 Update: Let's talk about service

We are now on our second Razorback. The first one I sold with 700 hrs on it and the "new" one now has over 500. Over the three years we've been dealing with our local dealer in Dayboro QLD and the staff from SME mowers, the service has been fantastic. In that time we've had a few parts replaced under warranty and considering the hammering our machine gets we've never had a hint of trouble with the back-up provided by head office. Parts have been sent overnight when possible and I was even able to contact one of their staff over the Christmas break (a big thanks to Brad in Queensland).

I wrote a review on our first Razorback some time ago and my opinion has only been confirmed with the new machine. Very capable, very safe and very solid. A word of advice to those considering purchasing the Grammer suspension seat. If you are likely to spend several hours on the mower without a break, fork out the extra and buy the seat. What a great thing!

The old expression "You get what you pay for" doesn't always ring true these days. This mower will restore your faith in that expression.

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Model: CMX186 Date Purchased: Dec 2016

Best & Safest mower. Worth every cent

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 07, 2017

I have steep uneven block. previous mower, John Deere X300 struggled on slopes.
This machine makes very light work of job. Used to spend at least 4 to 5 hours with brush cutter on steep banks etc. but now spend less than an hour, mainly around trees, garden edges and other objects
Feel very safe on this machine with low seating position and comfortable seat even on the steepest hills, across, up & down. Previous mower unstable plus was easy to loose control of down hills as brakes not up to the same standard as the Razorback.
Long Grass, small trees, rocks, dirt mounds all no problem, just keeps going. Rear Diff lock a huge advantage on steepest hills or if one wheel drops into a hole. Engage diff lock and drive out no problems.
Cut is actually very good.
If I had known about these when I bought the John Deere would have bought it then.
Because of this mower we will be able to stay in our property for may more years as this makes maintaining the aproximately 3 acres of grass and bush very easy

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Model: CMX1402 Date Purchased: Jan 2017

Have to be seen to believe

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 24, 2017

I have a very hilly bush block that was covered in lantana. I cleared 4 acers of this thick scrub in a couple of weekends and now I just maintain after poisoning the regrowth. I also took it to a friends house with the same and he was astounded how much we cleared in two days. The blades have hit unseen rocks so many times and hardly show any wear at all. You never see these machines second hand, I think that speaks volumes. "Buy your last mower the first time"

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Dum Dum, NSW

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Model: CM1401 Date Purchased: Aug 2016


5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 05, 2016

I saw these and the Grillo's when i was first looking for a ride on when i saw the price tag it scared me off looking as my budget was only $5k.
Purchased a John Deere instead and due to steep hills could never cut everything, all the while i was watching my neighbor on his Razorback cutting everything on hills i would struggle to walk up. Even small branches were chewed up and spat out, stuff that would destroy my John Deere.
I lasted 6months with the John Deere and managed to pick up a well looked after 5yr old 2nd hand 1401 with only 90hrs for $5.5k, still with original blades although well worn after 5years.
Amazing machine, very surprised at its hill climbing ability with only the 14hp engine, goes everywhere and cuts well. Can scalp easily so be aware when going over rises as it will carve a new road into the ground.
Cut isn't as polished as my John Deere managed but i didn't buy it to make stripes, it cuts and it cuts well.
Very safe to use on hills due to the low center of gravity, easy to maintain and reasonably economical.
Expensive yes but worth every cent.

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Model: CMX1402 Date Purchased: May 2016

Goes anywhere

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 28, 2016

This mowers brilliant where I had to push a hand mower with football boots now I just sit and mow should have bought one years ago goes everywhere mulching kit not as good as a normal ride on mower can dig up lawn if you turn sharp with 4wd but can be fixed by going back and forth

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Model: CMX1402

Should have bought one years ago.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 08, 2016

We've pretty much tried them all ( american,australian )and this CMX1402 is the safest and most effective so far if your block is challenging like ours. This thing mows up and down places I can hardly walk. My wife loves mowing but never felt confident and couldn't do the steep sections on any of our other mowers but she finishes the job now with ease. Maintainence isn't a big deal and well set out in the manual although i've only done the 20hr oil change so far. I bought an extra steering knob as I'm a lefty and I didn't want to move it across everytime we changed operators. We get around 2.5 hrs per tank depending on the growth and are ok to refuel and keep going after that. The blades have had some big hits (rocks,stumps) and hardly marked. Pricing is up there, but we decided that staying safe was more important than money. Well worth putting on your demo list.

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Model: CMX227

Have operated lots of machinery ,this one supprised me

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 19, 2016

Great product unstopable .Also operate 50 HP tractor & mulcher razorback 22 HP way ahead.Only been operating as a worker for 5 days on farm and had to look up then write a review Accidendently dropped down wombat burrows engage diff lock and go again. .Just watch the rollbar dosent catch you up.

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Questions & Answers


Have had mower many years, now very slow up hill. Have tried tensioning belts but didn't seem to work. Any suggestions? Many thanks

Mark asked on Nov 22, 2018

Answer this

Hello Mark,
Thank you for your question. It would be best if you could contact our customer support team on 02 6923 0000 so a technician can work through a troubleshooting procedure with you. Thank you.
Kind Regards,
The Razorback Team.


I am thinking of buying a cm1402 with 60 hours on the clock. My acreage is up and down and has been neglected for while. Looking to tidy up Long grass and Lantana on the sloping block. There is also flat land that gets a little wet. Do you think this model will suit?

Block asked on Oct 21, 2018

Answer this

Hi There it's amazing on hills I have parts of my block that are safe for mountain goats and it has no trouble as long as you keep revs up.
For wet though it will have no trouble but the tyres are like mini tractor tyres and they can chew up wet lawn if not careful.
Lantana ECT I don't even pick up small branches it just chews them up.

They are great on slopes and wet terrain . I have had mine in some unbelievable situations and it’s never let me down. I am starting to get a few little niggles but overall it’s the best mower I have ever owned . They will cut through just about anything .not the fastest in the world up hills but extremely reliable. I service mine regularly.

Good Morning and Thank you for your enquiry regarding the Razorback All Terrain Mower. These amazing machines are both lawn and vegetation mowers and their capabilities need to be seen to be believed.
If you would like to give us a call on 1800 088 567 we would be more than happy to organise an obligation free demonstration on your property so you can see the machine perform in your conditions.
Kind Regards, The Razorback Team.

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Is there a after market oil filter to replace the denso fc115010-5482 o.e.m. filter on the cmx227?

spud asked on Jun 27, 2018

Answer this

Yes there is. I’ll have a look in the morning and let you know. Regards T

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Maximum Cutting Height 150mm 150mm 130mm 150mm
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