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Basic No-frills Phone

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 07, 2012

* Pros:
1) Small, lightweight candybar design -- easily-portable in a pocket.

2) Budget pricing with acceptable technical performance -- eg. clear voice-calls, no performance lag.

3) Some useful PIM features (eg. converter, alarm, memo/reminder, calendar) -- no battery-guzzling "smart" (ie. fanciful) features that basic users seeking a simple phone for calls & messaging do not need or desire.

4) Impressive battery life -- on standby mode with minimal usage, a fully-charged cell can last for at least 1 week.

5) Reception for FM Radio (the only fanciful feature, besides games) is surprisingly good.

6) Bright nifty torch -- some might find this useful, as compared on relying on the light from the phone's screen to find one's way in the dark.

* Cons:
1) No external memory card slot for data storage -- fully-reliant on limited inbuilt phone memory (300 SMS, 500 contacts).

2) Absence of easy data-transfer mode (eg. mini-USB, Bluetooth) between phone/SIM card & PC.

3) Plasticky & slippery keypad that lacks inter-key grooves/delineations -- users with normal-sized/fat fingers probably need to use fingertips/nails to accurately select the desired key; eg. the CLEAR key is literally conjoined with the EXIT/DISCONNECT key, such that pressing CLEAR while composing a message often throws one out of the message totally.

4) Interface could have been more user-friendly (like LG's) -- eg. one can't seamlessly surf between messages in the same folder, or between folders (Inbox to Drafts to Send), w/o having to get out of the current message/folder.

5) Non-ideal build design & quality -- the back casing is a single, clip-on (not sliding) plastic piece that hides the base of the phone completely (except for the Nokia logo) -- the flimsy plastic flexes a little too much for comfort when one tries to pry it from the phone; not easy if one wishes to take out the SIM card or battery; such a design probably reduces the phone' structural lifespan as well.

6) A world-clock PIM would have been nice & useful.

* Overall: Rating: 3/5. Budget phone with technically-reliable performance. Ideal as a backup or if used occasionally, but can prove annoying under moderate to intensive daily usage due to the slippery texture-less keypad & multi-step user interface. These 2 disadvantages are tedious enough to make me consider looking for an alternative phone for day-to-day use.

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Questions & Answers

With my numbers in contacts how do u use line 1 and line 2?

Magic stick asked on Feb 22, 2013

Answer this

@ Magic stick -- What do you mean by <i>"use line 1 and line 2"</i> ?

If you are referring to switching between 2 different mobile phone accounts/ SIM cards on the same phone, Nokia 1800 supports only 1 SIM card at one time.

If you have an alternative SIM card tied to another phone number, you have to manually switch the SIM card before you can use that number.

Does the nokia 1800 have voice mail capabilities?

dee asked on Jun 17, 2011

Answer this

Hi dee,
Assuming that you have an activated voice mail subscription with your service provider, Nokia 1800 allows you to store your voice mail number as a speed-dial shortcut in the phone.

Make sure your SIM card is inside the phone, & then perform the following steps. (Note: Unlike higher-end models, Nokia 1800 does not allow users to start the phone normally unless the SIM card is inserted. In any case, voice mail is not accessible unless the SIM card is inserted.)

* Storing VM Number as a Speel-dial Shortcut:
Menu > Contacts > Settings > Voice mailbox number > [key in the no., maximum 30 digits] > OK

* Dialling VM:
Press & hold the speed-dial shortcut (ie. the '1' key). The phone will start dialling the VM number as previously assigned.

(Alternatively, if you don't wish to save the VM number as a shortcut, you can still access your VM by dialing the relevant number directly. Or if you have pre-saved the number in your Contacts, just select the relevant Contact entry & proceed accordingly.)

When connected to your VM, follow the steps given by your service provider to retrieve your voice messages.

Product Details

Price (RRP) $39
Battery 800mAh
Screen Size 1.8