We all love our twin stroller

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 24, 2018

Its easy to puy together and manoeuvre I have no worries folding and unfolding also it fits perfect in the booy of the car, it fits through all doors with lots of space. I couldn't be mote pleased and
Im very happy infact we got lucky with this purchase i do recommend it to anyone who has two babies or twins.

Purchased at: Toys R Us / Babies R Us

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Best twin pram

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 14, 2018

We got Valco baby snap duo tailor-made pram for our twin boys.Have been using from 4 months and did not find any major issues so far.

- Very easy to maneuver, light and easy to fold and put it in a car.
- it folds to the inside, so does not collect the dust and mud when folded
- fits almost all the doorways so far
- I tried other prams but all those were very heavy for me as I had a CSec and didn't have much
- pram liner material is very good
- no need for newborn bassinet
- very decent price
- foot lock is amazing
- yet to find one.

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Absolutely recommend this pram

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 07, 2018

This pram is excellent to maneuver- even with heavy children. It is also extremely simple to fold and unfold- which is very helpful when trying to keep an eye on two little kiddies. I’ve had mine for almost two years and it looks as good as new (highly recommend the tailor made- so easy to clean) I loved having the option to insert a bassinet or use as is for a newborn. Love love love this pram. A++

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Victoria, Australia

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Great pram!

4 out of 5, reviewed on May 02, 2018

Best pram ever. It's so light, easily folds and fully reclines. Unfortunately after 12 months of use the stitching has started to come apart between the seats. My oldest is only 14 kgs and the pram is suppose to take up to 20kgs each seat. As is common I bought the pram a month or two before my second was born which now puts me out of my 12 month warranty (even though my baby is only 12 months old and the pram has only been used since she was born).

Purchased at: Baby Bunting

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Light weight and easy to handle

4 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 01, 2018

It's Light weight, easy to fold and open, and load in the boot. Wheels also pop out if needed.
Also i found it easy to pass through door and even on buses. Sturdy enough for normal use.
Would have given 5star if the wheel were better. Foam wheel is easy pierced by seeds and other tiny things on pavement.

Purchased at: Baby Bunting

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Soooo easy and light!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 04, 2018

-It’s incredibly easy to maneuver
- light weight to lift into boot
- cool and airy for kids to have day naps in the hot sun
- fabulous accessories it comes with
- great that it has adjustable seats
- and my favorite part of all: SO MUCH STORAGE !!

Purchased at: Baby Savings

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This is perfect

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 03, 2018

I have a brother and sister who are both in years.
I used to design another stroller, but I haven't had any complaints about it since I changed it to this model three years ago.
I like the sheets to be apart when I take a nap, they are easy to wash, and quick to dry.
Also, the legs part sheet was adjusted, so it was convenient to use it horizontally when the child was young.

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Small, light, easy to use

4 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 09, 2018

Narrow for a side by side double pram, and light in weight too. Easy enough to lift in and out of car.
Ok size underneath storage although you have to take everything out to fold it up. I am happy with my value for money, for us it works well.

Purchased at: Baby Bunting

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Great pram!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 08, 2018

one of the lightest of all double prams. easy to operate and fold and plenty of grocery space below. Used it on overseas trips. No issues at all. Baby and toddler could sleep comfortably in the pram with no issues. No longer in use now and sold it on to another family.

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North Sydney

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So easy to push around & light weight.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 06, 2018

After comparing so many twin prams on the market, we are so glad to choose this Valco Snap Duo. Very good price and light weight & so easy to push around. Esp with 3 kids around, making everything so easy is too important. The price is not too expensive as well.

Purchased at: Baby Bunting

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Epping nsw

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Verified Purchase

Best pram!!!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 19, 2018

This pram is light, Easy, practical and everything you want in a double pram. It's easy to move around, fold (with 1 hand) and clean. The quality and the price for this double stroller has exceeded my expectations. If you want to buy a double stroller which is easy sturdy good quality lightweight and practical this is the one! The air pumped wheels are also available and I wanted to buy them but the one that it comes with is more than good enough when going for walks out doors and getting around. Very happy mummy getting around with 2 bubs.

Purchased at: Baby Bunting

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Good pram

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 11, 2018

Bought snap duo in the grey marle for my boys who are 1 yr apart.. love how new born can lay completely flat while 1 yr old can sit up and look around. Very light, easy to maneuver, the only downfall is the basket, although quite big, it’s hard to access especially when putting your baby bag or shopping under it (Ive ripped many bags trying to pull them out).
It’s smooth pushing, light pushing, and a good height.. folds in one single movement, and fits good in boot.. I’d recommend highly if your not too bothered about accessing the basket too much

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Valco Baby Official

Hi CCAR thanks so much for your review :)

Love Love Love the Snap Duo

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 20, 2017

This pram is so easy to push, I often did it with just a forearm! Comfortable for the kids, light-weight. Decent sized for the kids to fit. The basket is a good size, accessories are good quality - even when 20kg child uses the snack tray as a climbing apparatus!.
Could not be happier with this. Brilliant for Mums post ceasar too, as it is so light. Fitted perfectly in my car, even squashed it behind the passenger seat a few times (had to take the wheels off to do this given the size of my car)
Could not recommend it more.

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North Narrabeen, NSW

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Great value pram

4 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 11, 2017

I wanted a double pram for long walks with our newborn that my 3 year old could not do, since she’s yet to master a scooter or bike. Got the Snap Duo Tailormade because it was one of the cheaper double prams, and I wanted side by side so my toddler could see out. We use it quite a lot and it’s comfoetsble for both newborn and toddler. She’s 3.5 years and fits the seat still, although heading towards being too tall to have the sun shade down. Pram is relatively easy to use and does stand on its own to be stored away when not in use. Would recommend.

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Verified Purchase

I love this I couldn't be without it!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 08, 2017

Very easy to manoeuvre I have my newborn and toddler in this. One click fold and unfold the pram is very very light as well and folds down very compact. I'm so happy with this pram it's great for a stroll in the mall or a face pased walk in the park.

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Love this pram!!

4 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 04, 2017

I chose the Valco Snap Duo when due with my second child because at just under 10kg, it is the lightest double pram on the market. It flips open in one easy step, folds down easily, folds quite flat; it has an easy to use foot brake; moves really well (it can zip around in a tight little circle if you want it to!) and is quite narrow for a double pram, so most doorways are not an issue to get through. The hoods extend a long way for maximum sun protection, and the bars at the front are removeable for each child. The seats lie down all the way, and can be used with an adaptor to hold a compatible capsule. (I put my Britax in and just rest it against the front bar which also does the trick). The only downsides I’ve found are that the basket underneath is a bit hard to access due to low clearance of the seats, and my toddler sometimes hits her arms on the sides of the seat because it is a bit narrow and those side parts aren’t padded. Otherwise it has been fantastic for my baby (from newborn) and my now 3-year-old, 15kg, tall girl.

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Amazing stroller.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 01, 2017

This stroller is so easy to use. Quick and easy to fold away and open. Comfortably sits two children side by side.
The canopy is massive which helps keep my pale skinned daughter safe in summer.
Love how easy it is to recline seats and change level of foot rest and the little pockets behind the seats make it easy for me to store drink bottles, keys, wallets ect.
Only downside is the wheels are a bit soft which means gumnuts get stick in the wheel and make a permanent hole. However this does t change the functionality of the wheels. It’s just annoying.

Purchased at: Baby Kingdom

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Life saver!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 02, 2017

Just so loving this! My twins can really be a handful whenever we go out that's why as much as possible I'd rather stay home, much to my hubby's dismay :( But this is a great find! Early morning walks in the park has worked wonders for the boys and my butt, too!

Purchased at: Target Australia

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Perfect double pram

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 12, 2017

This stroller is super light weight for a double and it is easy to push and control. It folds down nice and easily and has a strap so that you can carry it over your shoulder. Its widely adjustable straps are great for having 2 young kids of different ages.

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Great Pram!

4 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 11, 2017

I have found this pram fantastic with two boys 2.5 years apart. have used since my youngest was a newborn! the only fault i can find in it, is occasionally too big for some shops. It is heavier than than i thought it was going to be pre purchase but I have grown with it. there are so many accessories to choose from too!

Purchased at: Baby Bunting

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Questions & Answers

Hi, I have an ultra snap duo with both A & B adaptors for a britax safe n sound capsule. Are either of these adaptators able to be used on the single snap ultra for a Britax capsule or do I need to purchase a different adaptor? Thank you.

Mel asked on May 14, 2018

Answer this

Hi Mel, thanks for your question. Unfortunately, these adaptors only suit the Snap Ultra Duo. You will need either the Britax Adaptors for the Snap Ultra or the Universal Snap Ultra adaptor.

Thank you for your help :)

I have the snap duo black beauty (seperate hood version) does it fit an external bassinet? If so is it one that fits inside the seat or one that you take the fabric off one side? I’m finding it hard to search any information about this? What is the bassinet called if there is one that attaches? Thanks

KarisW asked on Apr 26, 2018

Answer this

Hi KarisW, thanks for the question :) The Snap bassinet will fit on your Snap Duo. It will fit both inside the seat and with the fabrics off. Here is a link to it on the website https://valcobaby.com.au/accessories/products/bassinets/bassinet/

My Valco Snap Duo Ultra has suddenly become very hard to push and steer. Do I need to lube the wheels or something? Has anyone come across this problem before? My twins are only 5 months old and around 6.5 kgs.

Courtney asked on Apr 15, 2018

Answer this

Hi Courtney, thanks for your question :) The best thing you can do is take the wheels off and give the joints a really good clean. Once you have done that, give them a spray with some lubricant spray. We do recommend that you do this every 3 months or so just to keep your wheels in tip-top condition. If you have tried this and you are still having issues please call our customer service team on 03 9581 8000

I have the same issue- my pram is so hard to steer- I have had it 6 months. I will try the below!

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Product Details

Price (RRP) $579.99
Age 0+months
Product Weight 9.8kg
Folded Height 36cm
Folded Width 75cm
Folded Length 80cm
Weight Capacity Per Seat 20kg