The Top Robot Vacuums of 2021

Avleen M.
Avleen M.Published on 7 Dec 2021

A good robot vacuum will clean your floors while you’re at work, or taking care of the kids, or relaxing on the couch with a cuppa. Robotic vacuums might make cleaning a dream, but the influx of new models every year can make it hard to know which one to pick. In this article, we share feedback from reviewers of the Top 5 Robot Vacuums in 2021 to help you learn what to prioritise and what to avoid in a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Out of the Top 5 robot vacuums in 2021, four belong to the Roborock family. Roborock has been around since 2014, and is part of the popular Xiaomi global consumer electronics chain.

Roborock S6 Pure - Award Winner 2022



The dual vacuuming and mopping functionality of most Roborocks means that this robovac can vacuum and mop floors simultaneously. This allows for double the clean and shine in the same amount of time.

7 built-in sensors are designed to require minimal human intervention when the robot vacuum is cleaning. Reviewers appreciated the laser sensor, which carries out precise room mapping. They were able to trust the S6 Pure to do the job even when they were out of the house. It was able to deftly manoeuvre around obstacles.

Overall, reviewers were impressed by the outstanding cleaning performance the Roborock S6 Pure provided. Messes that were left by pets, babies and kids were no match for this robovac. When considering its mid-tier price under $1, 000, this also makes the S6 Pure great value for money.

The S6 Pure usually costs $799, and is currently on sale for $679.15.

Roborock S5 Max - Award Winner 2021


Roborock S5 Max

Equipped with a large 280mL electric water tank, the Roborock S5 Max can mop a 200m² home in one go. Since the average Aussie home is about 186.4m², the S5 Max should have no trouble mopping most homes in one go.

Just like the Roborock Pure S6, the S5 Max can sweep and mop at the same time, making for efficient cleaning sessions. You can customise the mopping depending on how high-traffic an area is. For example, you can choose a high water flow for heavily soiled kitchens. (Although, reviewers noted that sometimes it was tricky removing heavier or thicker stains, like dog slobber).

Over the last year, reviewers found that the S5’s biggest plus points were its build quality and ease of use. This is thanks to the precisely weighted mop, no-go areas, easy-to-use app and accurate mapping capabilities.

The S5 Max usually costs $999, and is currently on sale for $849.15.

Roborock S6 MaxV - Award Winner 2021


Roborock S6 MaxV

Just like the S6 Pure and S5 Max, the S6 MaxV robot vacuum can also vacuum and mop simultaneously. For the higher price point than the previous two models, you’ll be paying for stronger suction (2, 500 Pa) and a more enduring battery (5, 200mAh).

The Robobock S6 MaxV keeps a close eye on obstacles in its path, for smooth and hassle-free cleaning sessions. Twin cameras detect obstacles as small as 5cm wide and 3cm tall, and navigate around them. Reviewers loved the fact the robot vacuum easily manoeuvred around small objects like cables and shoes without bumping into them or getting stuck.

In 2021, reviewers appreciated the S6 MaxV the most for its outstanding ease and use and solid build quality.

Other plus points were the S6 Max V’s accurate mapping/ navigation, excellent cleaning ability on both tiles and carpet, increased options like Remote Viewing and automated cleaning functions - like automatically increasing suction power on carpets and rugs.

The S6 MaxV usually costs $1, 199, but is currently on sale for $1, 019.15.

Roborock S7


Roborock S7

The Roborock S7 is Roborock's latest and great robovac offering to date.

The premium features include a large 300mL water tank (for mopping more surface area), the ability to eliminate dried-on stains by scrubbing floors up to 3, 000 times a minute, and a brush that sits more flush to the floor, for more thorough cleaning.

Reviewers awarded the Roborock S7 top scores for ease of use and build quality. The S7 gave a consistently quality clean that was highly prized by reviewers. They reported that it works wonderfully on timber, tiles, carpet, and rugs, thanks to impressive suction ability and mopping. The robovac was able to pick up tiny dirt and sand particles, as well as pet hair.

Excellent mapping and zoning abilities allowed for a hands-off experience. This allowed reviewers to get on with their busy days, in their freshly clean homes.

The Roborock S7 costs $1, 199, and unlike the above models, is currently not on sale. The S6 MaxV is cheaper than the S7 by about $180, and both models have the same impressive amount of suction power and battery life.

Hobot Legee


Hobot Legee

This new contender on the market has been extremely popular with reviewers so far. Over 2021, reviewers gave it a 5-star average rating for its build quality, value for money, noise level and battery life. Additionally, there was not one review given that wasn't a 5-star review.

The Hobot Legee has a 4-stage cleaning process that is thorough. It does the following: vacuums to suck up dust, dirt and hair; dry mops dust to remove any loose dust; uses 4 jets to spray the floor with a cleaning solution; and then finally, wet mops with a scrubbing action.

According to Robot My Life, the manufacturer, their Hobot Legee scrubs hard floors 900 times a minute. A powerful 2, 700 Pa suction for the vacuum is also more powerful than the more expensive S6 MaxV and S7 from Roborock.

Reviewers reported that their little Legee was easy to set up. Once they did so, they were frequently rewarded with sparkling clean floors. It worked a treat for busy households, particularly those with dogs, cats and kids that track dirt, grass and other sundry muck into the house.

The Hobot Legee usually costs $845, and is currently on sale for $599.

Wrapping up

When it comes to robot vacuums, the latest releases in tech and timing won’t necessarily be the right models for you. We hope that by reading the review summaries of the Top 5 Rated vacuums of all time on, you now have a better understanding of what leads to buyer satisfaction when it comes to robot vacuums.

This can include: whether a robot vacuum is suited to cleaning the floor surfaces in your home, how it transitions between surfaces, its suction power, whether a robotic vacuum can clean your whole home in one charge, and whether it can be operated remotely with ease and convenience. If you'd like to be re-directed to the page with all robot vacuum reviews, you can click here.

Ratings, review data and retail prices in this article are accurate as at December 7th 2021.