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Bosch SMU88TS03A

Latest review: We purchased a Harvey Norman exclusive model SMU88TS02A/51. They were on special at $1599 minus bosch cash back and bonus eftpos card so was very good value. It is built in underbench model and looks

Bosch SMU66MS01A

Latest review: We have had a Meile DW for about 8years now and it has died(well short of 20years suggested). It was a reasonable DW appart from three service calls early in its life but for $2k I expected

Bosch SMU66MS02A

Latest review: We sold our Miele with our previous house and had the misfortune of having a Fisher & Paykel in the house we purchased. Thank goodness I had the oppurtunity to dispose of that and get a replacement.

Bosch SMU88TS04A

Latest review: This review is about the Bosch SMU88TS04A which we have recently taken delivery of. We got an excellent deal and paid $1,404-00 delivered to our kitchen from Appliances Online the day after we

Bosch SMV66MX01A

Latest review: Perfect Quality Bosch dishwasher! Flexible and useful programs. We use recommended finish tablets and rinse aid along with regular dishwasher cleaner. Very quiet machine with red light on the floor

Bosch SMV88TX01A

Latest review: I couldn't believe how quiet this dishwasher is when we first turned it on. If it hadn't been for the really impressive projected screen from under the door down onto our floor tiles, I wouldn't have

Bosch SMU50D05AU

Latest review: The dishwasher cleans great, especially on the pots and pans setting, I was so surprised when I put an oven baking tray in there which I normally would've cleaned with a metal scourer and it came out

Bosch SMV88TX02A

Latest review: 1) very useful top tray for cutlery, allows you to collect cleaned items sorted by type straight into your drawer 2) washes well with aldi dishwasher tables, all comes out clean without need to

Bosch SPU68M05AU

Latest review: We had a very small space in our kitchen and this was the best slimline dishwasher we found in terms of value for money. I didn’t like the cutlery drawer at first but now think it leaves cutlery much

Bosch SCE53M05AU

Latest review: After much electronic trouble,Bosch sent a technician to explore. Pleased to say that Bosch replaced the electronics at no cost to me. This is great after sales customer care, as the unit was 6

Bosch SMI66MS01A

Bosch SMV46GX01A