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Finish Dishwasher Cleaner Intensive Clean and Care

Latest review: I used this dishwasher cleaner and was very happy with the results, but today i went to use the dishwasher for the first time since, and it is not working! Ie: it fills with water and then stops

Finish Quantum

Latest review: In the Hotel Inspectors episode of Fawlty Towers a guest tells Basil he is 'generally a very patient man' and that is how I have dealt with Quantum tablets, but like him I've lost my patience. The

Finish Gel

Latest review: Since switching to finish gel and using the eco cycle our machine has scud all over it as if the detergent isn't dissolving. I have switch back to finish powder and rinse aid and no problems. I have

Finish Rinse Aid

Latest review: Excellent Product makes all the glasses shine like a diamond and everything seems to be dry as well unlike other Rinse aid products. I would definitely recommend Finish Rinse aid to others. It has to

Finish Concentrated Gel

Latest review: I was looking for something that worked better than the tablets in our lousy dishwasher and a friends suggested this gel. While it works well the smell it leaves on the plates, glasses and

Finish Classics

Latest review: Liquid dish wash if most definitely preferable to powder, much better for glassware and cutlery. However, manufacturer has 'cleverly' changed the shape of the container, now giving customers less

Finish Dishwasher Freshener

Latest review: We had a bad smell from our dishwasher and after using Finish Dishwasher Freshener, the odour was gone and now has a fresh lemon smell. Really impressed me and the

Finish All in One

Latest review: Many items come through the wash still soiled and require further hand cleaning in the sink. Some tabs don't even dissolve fully through the wash. Will be looking for other

Finish Max in 1

Latest review: I have used this product 6 times now and have had to rewash almost the entire dishwasher load each time. I always remove, by rinsing or scraping, any food from the dishes, rinse glasses etc but

Finish Powerball 0% Dishwasher Tablets

Latest review: I got these thinking about the environment, but they are crap! It leaves a white film on plastics so I have to re wash them. I contacted finish and they said it must be the plastics I'm washing,