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Finish Quantum

Finish Quantum

2.4 from 82 reviews

Doesn't disolve at all. Will never buy again

Have used 3 times since buying 2 packs of Finish Quantum from Coles on special.
None have disolved, dishes still dirty. Total waste of money. Never buying Finish products again.
Take it off the market please.

Purchased in May 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $14.00.

Absolutely useless doesn’t dissolve in the dishwasher

Having purchased two packs of these. Used one for the first time. When we opened the dishwasher the tablet was just melted into the dispenser. So we washed everything again by hand. Definitely not fit for purpose avoid at all costs.

Purchased in March 2019 at Costco.

Total lies - improved every 6 months NOT

These guys at finish know exactly how to suck you into buying there so called best yet.
i need a better product but its just wrapped different to previous and cleans no better.
The tablet melts and leaves like a jellyfish inside the dishwasher and im using hot water 60deg
so its not my machine.
my cutlery is disgusting and grey and always needs hand washing
you get 1 star for the years of lies

Purchased in January 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $15.00.

Dont bother

Plastic wont dissolve. Chunks of undissolved product stuck inside container or still sitting at bottom of washer. Dishes left unclean. Not worth money. Cheaper product like coles or fairy much better.

March 31st 2019 Update: Money back guarantee?

Amazing.....all the negative reviews and not 1 response from the company...very disappointing but not really surprising. I throw the challenge out to the maker of quantum finish to pay everyone back there money for this low quality overhyped product or prove it actually works.

Purchased in October 2018 at Coles Supermarkets for $16.00.

Not dissolving

I have sent undissolved tablets to Dublin address. No reply received. This bag is no better. Code N100718C. PROBLEM BATCH?

Clean and streak free.

I have used Finish Tablets before and could see no difference in performance with Finish Quantum. It did leave all the plates, glasses, cups and cutlery clean and streak free. There was no left over food on any items. The glasses were Very clear and no sign of any streaking. The dishwasher itself wash clean and shiny. I could see no reason why I would not use this product again except for the price. Since it cleaned the same as other Finish tablets, that were cheaper, I would only buy these if they were on special.

Finish Quantum does not live up to Finish standard.

I have always used Finish products with good results but the Quantum power balls are a waste of time. They never clean of dried food. They won't fit properly into my dispenser so I just throw them into the bottom of the dishwasher. Perhaps Fairy brand might be a goer.


I have been using finish quantum for a few years now but am not impressed by the smell or the way it sticks in the dishwasher instead of dissolving lately.. what makes it worse is that I have tried contacting them twice now with no reply!! Great customer service that is (not)
Would definitely swap to a different brand as I have not had a problem now

The new plastic covered tablets are a joke.

The plastic covering on the tablets gets sticky before the detergent door opens, and when it is supposed to open, it is partially glued closed.
The result is that you have dishes that are not clean, and are still 'soapy' from the remaining detergent that is present in the final rinse.
I can only assume that the move to these coated tablets was to reduce cost, because they certainly do not improve the results.
The definition of Quantum is the minimum amount of any physical entity involved in an interaction, so I guess that means less detergent for the same money.
This company needs to recall all of these products quickly and go back to the 'tried-and-true' powerball product, before they lose more loyal customers.


The gelatin like outer casing of your pallet and its large flare edge is causing it to stick in the dispenser - gelatin does not melt on some,, does not clean as well as it used to,, what happened to this one great product.
Have switched to Fairy and now have NO problems , and will never go back

Best thing since sliced bread

This product legit changed my life. These guys weren't damn around when they put the word 'Quantum' on the packet.

Ok, so let me set the scene. 65 degrees, universal clean dishwasher setting. Wine glasses, cups, plates and all of your usual dinner time culprits stacked high. Pop this bad boy in and press start. An hour later - bam! Shiny dishes. What a time to be alive.

Baked on stuff

I don't agree that no dishwasher tabs get rid of baked on stuff on pots. I use flat ceramic dishes in a glass convection oven most evening meals and all of the Finish and Logix tabs get them perfect every time in my Bosch without any precleaning at all. Got the same result with the much older Westinghouse with Finish tabs too.

Your more unbelievable than the toothpaste industry

Using finish powerball.. Works ok but pleaaaaase... lets just stop this nonsense about it removing baked on cooking to pots. Not one can remove it , and I have owned serveral dishwashers. At the maximum heat setting of any of the dishwashers I owned , it never fully removed any baked on food on the first wash.

Look you have to preclean these items before any wash. and the tablets work ok when not dealing wiith all those issues. Now for the quantum max.

Hey... I could not pop it out of the packaging!! The powerball max has loose cover packaging which is easy and your max has some foil cover that you need to cut it out from. I really appreciate the deals you make with dishwasher manufacturers to supply your tablets to try out. Hey guess what they are still not used. If your going to make things this hard to remove and try to make out that this is something so spectacular that it needs some added protective packaging well.... serioulsy???

I use the powerball and it does what I need if I preclean my pots of baked on stuff.
Trying to convince us of it removing baked on product is another thing completely.

1 - you cannot blame the dishwasher.., why? cos you supplied your product with it and it recommended it.as part of the handshake deals you make with brand manufacturers.

2 - These baked on grime removal claims are so far fetched and unrealistic , perhaps read some of the other comments here and see why no one believes this nonsense.

Look im using your tablets , but stop this nonsense with excessive packaging and claims that prove nothing.I will say it cleans glasses , cutlery great and everything else in a normal non baked on wash.

And to finish with finish

I want to express my deep dissatisifaction with the multiple products you make with one product being better than the other at cleaning. It basically makes you all look like fools for issuing the inferior tablets and claiming others work better

Who agrees?


I have been using finish dishwashing tablets for a very long time.Very disappointed with this brand the plastic that covers the tablets that is supposed to melt only partly melted and clogged the hose of bits of plastic lot of trouble trying to get it unclogged. Not a happy customer will not be using your product anymore.

Absolutely disgusting.

Nup, have to agree, do not buy this product. Nothing was cleaned - i even checked that the dishwasher hasn't been blocked to stop the rinser/sprinkler spinning - nup. Disgraceful. LONG HOT wash to try and get things clean - nada. Twice before clean. Never ever will I touch ANY Finish product again. Have to say Fairy Platinum rocks - and is Choice Magazines first too.

Works magic on dishes!

Finish Quantum is something I recommend to every dishwasher owner, the cleaning performance is unprecedented, I have used it even on intensive,normal and eco cycles and it cleans everything off dishes no matter what it is, burnt stains, food remains, anything!

The only dishwashing tablets I will buy.

Due to the price of the Quantum tablets, I have tried many different brands/types of cleaners for our dishwasher. We have never been satisfied with any others including the Finish powerball. We have a Bosch washer and use the quickest wash cycle and everything is cleaned perfectly. That's pans included. To get around the cost, I purchase a number of the bags when they're on special (often half price)

Big chunk left in dishwasher

Dont buy this. Found chunks of it left in the dishwasher. Very disgusting. I have a brand new Bosch and use hot water and it is still the same. Have called the company no one was of any use.

Have been using for years but lately terrible results. Plastic doesn't melt even using very hot wat

Have been using Finish for years but lately terrible results. Plastic doesn't melt even in hottest water. I will not be using or recommending this product again. What has happened to this once excellent dishwasher cleaner

Don't. Buy. This. Product.

This stuff legit doesn't clean my dishes at all and guests are horrified when we pass them a cup and it has dirty stuff in it. Never buying it again.

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Questions & Answers

How do the "Finish Quantum" tablets from The Reject Shop compare to the ones you find in the supermarkets?
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Is Finish Rinsing Aid necessary to use together with the tablets ??
2 answers
Its not necessary, but having used the tablets with and without, the results would appear to be slightly better with using rinse aid. Seems to give better drying and never a watermark on glasses. Melbourne water is great so the effectiveness of a rinse aid may be more pronounced with harder or lesser quality water. Only discovered this recently when a sample of Finish rinse aid was included in the purchase of a new dishwasher, I did not add the aid for a couple of weeks. It lasts for ages and is a minor cost in the greater scheme of things so I will continue to use it.No I never do. If the tablet has the different coloured liquids or basically not just a powerdered cube you don't need to. You can but it's really just extra chemicals.

Has anyone noticed that the new Quantum Max formula doesn't clean pots and pans as well as the older Quantum formula? With the new formula, soup scum marks (from making broths) in pots and pans still remain and there are weird cloudy marks/stains on the bottom of the pans. With the older Quantum formula, pots and pans come out sparkling clean.
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I had the same results. The older Finish products used to work well but the newer ones do not. 90% of the time they don't dissolve and I have to put the dishwasher through again or hand wash. I rinse everything first anyway so it's not because of a dirty dishwasher. I think it may have something to do with the hard plastic cover which I have never found works well in any of the dishwashers I've seen them used.


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