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TammyWide Bay-Burnett, QLD



I paid for a product that came all stuck together. I am only able to use half the bag. Not happy. I will not be buying this product again. This is my 30 word commitment to leave this review

Purchased in June 2020 at Amazon.

ed carter

ed carterPerth, WA

this is a bad very bad


these rapers are wast as these rapers do not dissolve
in dish washer and it cost each time the the raper gets stuck as not doing as its supposed too and a right pain with dish washer down to clean

Purchased in March 2020 at Beta for A$700.00.

Greg Y

Greg YDarling Downs, QLD

  • 2 reviews
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Very bad performance - advertise no need to rinse does not work.


Very poor product, does not work as advertise TV adds say don't rinse does not work, glasses not clean will not remove grim and black specks all over the dishes. Fairy the product i used to use so much better.

Purchased in May 2020 for A$58.00.

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H Lock

H LockMid North Coast, NSW

Finish quantum ultimate pro...


Purchased in March 2020 at Woolworths.

Jennifer Vanzela

Jennifer VanzelaIllawarra, NSW

Don’t waste your money.


These are the worst dishwasher tablets I have ever used, I still rinse dishes first from habit & every time we empty dishwasher there are at least 3/4 dirty dishes & they don’t clean coffee mugs after rinsing. Don’t waste your money.

Purchased at Coles.


BelindaMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

The worst dishwasher tablets on the market


I purchased these because they were on special from Coles. They are not worth buying. My plates and bowls remained dirty even after prerinsing. I’ve gone back to Fairy Platinum. Don’t waste your money folks!

Purchased in March 2020 at Coles for A$12.00.

Lance & Claudia Sterling

Lance & Claudia Sterling

  • 9 reviews

Gross distortion of truth in T.V advertisements


This company advertise on T.V that we waste water when we rinse dishes before placing them in the dish washer. The ad shown a woman placing dirty pots, casserole dishes, and plates directly into the dishwasher and behold, they come out sparkling clean. How dishonest. We are now on our 4th dishwasher and our current model is the most expensive model from Germany. I can assure everyone that dishwashers only clean pre cleaned dishes. They never clean dirty dishes.
Place a baking dish or casserole dish with baked on food, or even a pot that has had pumpkin soup and it will not come out sparking clean on any cycle.

Purchased in March 2020 at Woolworths Physical store.


southernfoodluvaWimmera, VIC

  • 3 reviews

Feeling very frustrated


Purchased in March 2020 at Coles for A$8.50.



  • 3 reviews

Finish Powerball rubbish


I have the Finish Powerball Quantum Ultimate Pro in the 48 bag. We are just a couple with a visiting adult child. The dishwasher does get used once a day at night. It is not overloaded. We are not silly, you have to scrub some food scraps off the plates but we don't have a lot of food like cheesey dishes that stick. I am talking about spoons with bran still attached from the morning smoothy.. These Finish Powerball just will not remove the stuff of our dishes. We have put them into the holder of the dishwaster upside down, back to front, left to right, right to left.. they just DO NOT WORK. go to another brand these are rubbish.

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I think it’s a scam


Finish if your Dishwasher tabs are so good then why do you sell Dishwasher cleaner, If your tabs are so good I shouldn’t have to clean my dishwasher, I think it’s just a scam and you are blinding people with science also there is no powerball, it’s not even a ball so there’s another scam right there

Purchased in February 2020 for A$8.00.


VickiCentral Highlands and Goldfields, VIC

  • 3 reviews

Absolute waste of money..


I saw this product advertised on tele and thought i would give it a go wanting to do my bit and save water.. Well what an absolute waste of money, water and time !!! I had to wash dishes and cutlery again :( gave it a 2nd go, same result, food was left on plates and casserole dish (even though casserole dish had been sprayed with oil before i cooked in it)

Purchased in December 2019 at Woolworths for A$20.00.


DKateHMurrumbidgee Region, NSW

Don't waste your money


The tablet does not dissolve properly and leaves a greasy residue in its wake. Couldn't figure out what was happening, seems to dissolve more with extremely hot water but still leaves an unsettling amount of residue.

Purchased in September 2019 at Woolworths for A$17.00.


PierreGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 12 reviews

Fawlty, Finish and Fairy


Purchased in April 2019 at Woolworths.


JulzHunter Region, NSW

Doesn't disolve at all. Will never buy again


Have used 3 times since buying 2 packs of Finish Quantum from Coles on special.
None have disolved, dishes still dirty. Total waste of money. Never buying Finish products again.
Take it off the market please.

Purchased in May 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for A$14.00.

Absolutely useless doesn’t dissolve in the dishwasher


Having purchased two packs of these. Used one for the first time. When we opened the dishwasher the tablet was just melted into the dispenser. So we washed everything again by hand. Definitely not fit for purpose avoid at all costs.

Purchased in March 2019 at Costco.

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themonkeySydney, NSW

  • 17 reviews

Total lies - improved every 6 months NOT


These guys at finish know exactly how to suck you into buying there so called best yet.
i need a better product but its just wrapped different to previous and cleans no better.
The tablet melts and leaves like a jellyfish inside the dishwasher and im using hot water 60deg
so its not my machine.
my cutlery is disgusting and grey and always needs hand washing
you get 1 star for the years of lies

Purchased in January 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for A$15.00.


goodenoughformeGippsland, VIC

  • 2 reviews

Dont bother


Plastic wont dissolve. Chunks of undissolved product stuck inside container or still sitting at bottom of washer. Dishes left unclean. Not worth money. Cheaper product like coles or fairy much better.

March 31st 2019 Update: Money back guarantee?

Amazing.....all the negative reviews and not 1 response from the company...very disappointing but not really surprising. I throw the challenge out to the maker of quantum finish to pay everyone back there money for this low quality overhyped product or prove it actually works.

Purchased in October 2018 at Coles Supermarkets for A$16.00.

Not dissolving


I have sent undissolved tablets to Dublin address. No reply received. This bag is no better. Code N100718C. PROBLEM BATCH?


SafetyCrossIllawarra, NSW

  • 13 reviews

Clean and streak free.


I have used Finish Tablets before and could see no difference in performance with Finish Quantum. It did leave all the plates, glasses, cups and cutlery clean and streak free. There was no left over food on any items. The glasses were Very clear and no sign of any streaking. The dishwasher itself wash clean and shiny. I could see no reason why I would not use this product again except for the price. Since it cleaned the same as other Finish tablets, that were cheaper, I would only buy these if they were on special.



Finish Quantum does not live up to Finish standard.


I have always used Finish products with good results but the Quantum power balls are a waste of time. They never clean of dried food. They won't fit properly into my dispenser so I just throw them into the bottom of the dishwasher. Perhaps Fairy brand might be a goer.

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lee m.

lee m.asked

On the back of my product which I just bought yesterday at Erskineville Metro Woolworths it has a date;
N 04 02 19 C........18:21 C1
Does this mean it’s out of date?

1 answer
Fired Up
Fired Up

What did they say when you contacted them?

The Cooks

The Cooksasked

I have noticed that the finish powerball tablets in the pack of 34 i have now are splitting on the powder side of tablets. Am half way through bag and have half empty tablets at the bottom. I have noticed it has happened before. I always get them but a bit dissapointed on whats happening.

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Topo Gigio

Topo Gigioasked

How do the "Finish Quantum" tablets from The Reject Shop compare to the ones you find in the supermarkets?

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