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Ekoworx Universal Surface Cleaner

Latest review: It’s a good cleaner and does leave things spotless but unfortunately their own tests have shown that it doesn’t kill viruses. It has no detergent action so it doesn’t get in and disrupt the cell walls

Selleys Oven Plus Heavy Duty Gel

Latest review: Happy,Happy,Happy to have found this one! For me it's the absolute Best! Little time needed and super clean! I promote it with my friends and Family and every where! Using other Selley Products now

OzKleen Oven Power

Latest review: This is THE best oven cleaner. Period! Was a Mr Muscle fan, as it seemed to be the only product that would actually get baked on grease off without a gym workout, but you had to unfortunately inhale

Hillmark Cerapol

Latest review: Tube blocked, when cleared product runs out like water. Can not get product to combine so it is a cream. Have used this product when in cream form and it was

Rubbedin Cooktop Magic

Latest review: We found this an absolutely fantastic product. It cleans spotlessly. So easy to use. We loved the applicator. Our glass cooktop always looks like new. But we cannot buy it at Woolworths or coles

Easy-Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner

Latest review: Works well, except you only get to use half a can as it runs out of gas, therefore not financially viable. I will be trying a different brand in future as I am not happy to pay for a full can of

Easy-Off Bam Degreaser

Latest review: The grease and sparkle in the range is great for cleaning a range of products but I give it only 4 stars because they've changed the bottles and it doesn't spray like before a foam comes out instead

OzKleen Grease Monkey

Latest review: I love this product and I use it to clean my cooker top, dissolves grease within 30 secs and I just have to wipe it off. Not sure how it'll work on heavy duty grease like a

Mr Muscle Oven Odourless Cleaner

Latest review: Awesome product, I’m not sure what these bad reviews are about :s We had over 2 years worth of grime and grease I thought would be impossible to remove. I sprayed on mr muscle and left it overnight.

Stone Guys Benchtop Power Cleaner

Latest review: In 2018, Stone Guys was used to undertake a repair to stone benchtop. Repair had to be paid upfront before booking in job. Stone Guys came and undertook repair work but advised stone would take time

Simple Green Heavy Duty BBQ & Grill Cleaner

Latest review: Have been using this product now for over a year. It is simply brilliant. I clean at least 2 4 burner BBQ's a week, sometimes 4, and this product is the most time saving and simple to use I have

Rubbedin Descale Magic

Latest review: My mum had given me a box of Descaler Magic months ago because a visitor boiled my electric kettle dry and burnt all the inside. It was black and lately I've noticed black soot in the bottom of the

Selleys BBQ Tough Wipes

Latest review: We have been using the barbeque wipes for a while now and only wished we had found them years ago. They cut into the grease on the plate in minutes and they don't cost the earth to buy or

Selleys Oven Clean

Latest review: Selleys Oven cleaner, is a good oven cleaner, it does have it's drawbacks. 1) It does have quite a strong smell, you must open your doors and windows. 2) if it does contact the skin it will

Selleys BBQ Tough Clean

Latest review: This stuff is the bomb. I tried a few different cleaners on a very dirty exaust from a cafe that hadnt been cleaned for 15 years, its stainless steel. I left it on for 7 hours and it virually just

Glitz BBQ and Oven Cleaner

Latest review: I purchased this product before reading the reviews and I'm glad I did. This product was better than I expected and cleaned my oven which had been neglected over time. Definitely will be using it

Bar-B-Chef Hydro Blaster

Latest review: It was fathers day the kids were excited, mum was excited they rushed out with the presents. Amongst them the BBQ Galore available, "Hydro Blast" BBQ cleaner. Basically a large wire brush with a

Rubbedin Hotplate Magic

Rubbedin Oven and Rangehood Magic