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Ekoworx Universal Surface Cleaner
Latest review: Ordered this product after watching all the advertisement and reading all the reviews. Had very high expectations but when I sprayed on fridge, the food that had fallen and hardened would not come

Selleys Oven Plus Heavy Duty Gel
Latest review: I use this as I can't use the spray oven cleaner I find the fumes to much. This stuff is amazing little to no effort and my oven is as good as new with little to no

OzKleen Oven Power
Latest review: I found the product good but did any one had a problem with rack had rust on the ends after using this

Hillmark Cerapol
Latest review: Used the sample pack on cooktop for first time. Works so well. Cooktop was not looking good. It now looks brand new. Definitely recommend product for ceramic

Easy-Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner
Latest review: I was desperate to find an Oven Cleaner that works like it says. My oven had not been cleaned for a while and everything was caked on. So I knew I was in for some hard work. Sprayed it into a cold

Rubbedin Cooktop Magic
Latest review: I don’t know if I can post photos but I had a rusty pitted hotplate and I scrubbed gently with wet foilto remove rust then applied this and it’s almost completely per

Smart Burn
Latest review: Seem to work well. When product appeared to leak, was replaced for free, with useful tips to prevent it happening again. Great customer service. They obviously believe in their

Easy-Off Bam Degreaser
Latest review: Had to Break lock nib to rotate the lid. Could not read the ON OFF letters. Could NOT read the Phone # to complain too 1800022046 all you get is dumb message "Your call is important to

Mr Muscle Oven Odourless Cleaner
Latest review: Awesome product, I’m not sure what these bad reviews are about :s We had over 2 years worth of grime and grease I thought would be impossible to remove. I sprayed on mr muscle and left it overnight.

Selleys BBQ Tough Wipes
Latest review: We have been using the barbeque wipes for a while now and only wished we had found them years ago. They cut into the grease on the plate in minutes and they don't cost the earth to buy or

Rubbedin Descale Magic
Latest review: My mum had given me a box of Descaler Magic months ago because a visitor boiled my electric kettle dry and burnt all the inside. It was black and lately I've noticed black soot in the bottom of the

Simple Green Heavy Duty BBQ & Grill Cleaner
Latest review: Have been using this product now for over a year. It is simply brilliant. I clean at least 2 4 burner BBQ's a week, sometimes 4, and this product is the most time saving and simple to use I have

Selleys Oven Clean
Latest review: Product was working ok but it's smell was so overpowering was making us feel sick within 10 minutes and house was well ventilated. Very hard to get smell out of oven as well even after rinsing

OzKleen Grease Monkey
Latest review: I first started using this to clean the grease off my cast iron hot plates and it was awesome, then as a little experiment I used it on my marine engine & engine room, awesome results with a nice

Selleys BBQ Tough Clean
Latest review: I used the pump action spray bottle and found it cut through the grease quite well. I wasn't expecting any miracles, but found it to be way better than any detergent, but not as good as caustic oven

Glitz BBQ and Oven Cleaner
Latest review: I purchased this product before reading the reviews and I'm glad I did. This product was better than I expected and cleaned my oven which had been neglected over time. Definitely will be using it

Stone Guys Benchtop Power Cleaner
Latest review: The same as all the other reviews my order had never been sent after payment and emails and calls never answered they were to try and sell product thus product was recommended by another company have

Bar-B-Chef Hydro Blaster
Latest review: It was fathers day the kids were excited, mum was excited they rushed out with the presents. Amongst them the BBQ Galore available, "Hydro Blast" BBQ cleaner. Basically a large wire brush with a

Rubbedin Oven and Rangehood Magic

Rubbedin Hotplate Magic