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Gym Form Abs-a-round Pro

Latest review: I'm 60 years old. I bought mine at a garage sale for $5 . Wow, this thing is amazing. I've now got my 6 pack back that has been hidden for 30 years and my lower back is so strong again. For $5, this

Reebok Professional Series EasyTone Step

Latest review: Best step that I have ever owned as used. I have some knee ad ankle issues and I went with the Reebok Easy tone Step as its all low impact, I can get a full body workout with this machine, and when

Bellicon Premium

Latest review: Two months ago I purchased online a 44 inch (112cm) diameter Bellicon Classic with folding legs. Well-made, sturdy and easily stored for us with limited space. Prior to purchase, I discussed my needs

Reebok Performance Series The Deck

Latest review: I was out at the shops looking for a Reebok Step when a sales person pointed me towards the Reebok Deck. Not only is it a step, but it converts to a works bench ( flat and incline), a seat with 3

Panache Sports Bra

Latest review: I have been running for about 4 years. After a year I started researching for a new bra and came across the Panache. I haven't looked back since. Always wear it in racer back and love that it has

Divine Goddess TPE Yoga Mat

Latest review: I have just bought a second one of these for my mother in law, it really is the best yoga mat I've every used. After years of using PVC mats, I found it much more comfortable on my skin and it is

BodyHelix X-Fit Ankle Helix

Latest review: I used the BodyHelix ankle support for an ankle sprain, it was really good and I could wear it under my shoe too. Really helped me with the swelling and pain management while playing basketball. I

66fit Gym Ball 65cm

Latest review: I've had a couple fit/gym balls that were flimsy. This one is of much thicker material. I would make one strong suggestion however: info on the internet gives a range by your height to determine what

XR Slide XRS-1000

Latest review: Ok. I'm a flight attendant, and I've had a terrible history of trying to keep up with my exercise goals. Even my personal trainer was getting frustrated with trying to adapt a program that worked

Elomi Energise Black Underwired Sports Bra

Latest review: I could never find a good-fitting sports bra as a teenager or an adult. In the end, I have settled on a non-sports bra for years which always ended up breaking anyway but I used it because nothing

Sissel Sitfit

Latest review: As an exercise therapist I used to buy the sitfit from overseas 10 years ago and cost me a fortune, now thanks God it selling in Australia online for much better price, and its quality as gold as

BodyHelix Elbow Helix

Latest review: I recently used one of BodyHelix's other products for my knee and it worked wonders so when I started to have some elbow troubles I thought I would give their elbow helix a go. Low and behold it

XpeeD Weight Lifting Glove

Latest review: Great gloves at a great price excellent wrist support got these gloves for under $40 that is heaps cheaper than other brands and they have performed excellent. I have mow had 2 pairs of these gloves

Insight Fitballs

Latest review: Great exercise equipment, you can do a myriad of exercises for the whole body using it. It's great to build up core strength and balance. I'ts not bulky and can be stored away when not in use.

Celsius Jigsaw Mat Pack

Latest review: These mats are as good as any other out there on the market. The ease of which it was to have to deal with the company that sells them is what makes the difference.It seems I have to write more than

BodyHelix Full Knee Helix

Latest review: I was battling with tracking issues due to weak quads and hip muscles. I had tried all kinds of other products but only the body helix allowed me to continue training whilst strengthening the cause.

FitDeck Bodyweight

Latest review: Fitdeck 'Bodyweight' is a unique way of providing ideas and strategies to involve physical activity into your daily lives. The 'Body weight' series is particularly practical for those who love

BodyHelix Calf Helix

Latest review: My daughter (11) is a distance runner and started complaining about her shins a lot. She had a regional race coming up which she wanted to do well in but she could hardly walk ! She wanted to run, as

Freedom of Movement Eco Friendly (TPE) Yoga Mat

Latest review: I am so pleased with my yoga mat purchase, its a high quality product and for a really good price! I especially love that its really light and packs away tight so its not a problem when I travel to

PowerTube Pro Total Resistance Gym

Latest review: From the customers service, the delivery and the quality of the product I cannot fault anything. The products were promptly dispatched on ordering and, once I got the product the excellent quality

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