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VibroSlim Ultra

Latest review: 2 hrs total body workout top setting . NO Results ... Years on big old round machine wonderful results ... Difference in my workout ,the machine... Noisy when not in use . Store away from where I

Vibrofit Pro

Latest review: IGreat results after using Vibrofit, and has helped with stomach problems and excess weight, no more exercising it does it

Vibrofit One

Latest review: Following from surgery to my knee, I put on weight as I was unable to walk or do other exercise. Since using Vibrofit One, I have lost 41kg! Amazing result. Strength is also returning to the injured

Concept2 Model D

Latest review: I purchased the rower direct from the Concept2 Australian distributers website. Paying via credit card was an unexpected hassle. They “randomly “ selected me to confirm my details by crediting a cou

Bowflex Max Trainer M5

Latest review: Bought this new from a gym, as TV Shop reviews weren’t great. Have used it every day for 16 minutes minimum and 32 minutes maximum for the last 3 months. Gone from 89 to 79kg. I love it. Clunks a bit

F45 LionHeart

Latest review: Hi I'm trying to sync my liongerat to the Under Amour app, is there any trick? I can not get it to work, not sure what I am doing

Kmart Bluetooth Body Analysis Scales

Latest review: I tried all the tips like set gender as male, bare foot, tried app on both iphone and android, nothing works, no body fat monitor or any other features, only weight and bmi. Purchased in kmart august

Weight Watchers WW125A

Latest review: Got on scales. Reading A. Get on scales 2 minutes later reading A. Next husband gets on scales Reading X. I get back on scales reading A + or - 3kg than reading 3 minutes ago. Yes put in new

Gym Form Abs-a-round Pro

Latest review: I'm 60 years old. I bought mine at a garage sale for $5 . Wow, this thing is amazing. I've now got my 6 pack back that has been hidden for 30 years and my lower back is so strong again. For $5, this

Weight Watchers WW185A

Latest review: This scale either gives error messages or gives conflicting reading. Never been accurate and every time it gives different readings . Do not waste your money or this product. Crap, Crap,

Propert Glass Digital Scale

Latest review: Bought Propert 3177 from Bunnings. They come with batteries but those batteries were dead in 2 days. I bought new batteries and put them in, but again dead in 2 days. Other than that issue I was

Beurer Glass Diagnostic Scale BG17

Latest review: My boyfriend just tossed it in the trash. Each time we weigh ourselves it gives a different weight. The user instructions are bewildering. A useless, misleading, and VERY frustrating commodity that

Weight Watchers WW147A

Latest review: Had for one month used them twice, then they just wouldnt work put a new battery in worked for one more time then just broke again, tried everything even another new battery. Shocking product dont

Tanita UM-051

Latest review: My primary consideration in buying scales was accuracy. I did a lot of research and these scales were consistently ranked highly. My last scales varied by up to 1kg within minutes of standing on

Reebok I-Walk I-Run

Latest review: I bought I run 03 Reebok in July 2017 It’s worth its price : $849.00 with $59.73 prepaid with discount . It was delivered to me assembled I’ve been use it a lot , it has everything you need , fea

Seca 762

Latest review: We have two - one we bought new in 2005 and the other we bought second hand at a school fete. Both are accurate and - as for long lasting?! The second one has "Made in West Germany" on it. There's

A & D UC-321 Precision

Latest review: Bought 1/3/2014 and used regularly and yet to replace batteries. Measures down to 50g and reading are accurately repeatable. Sometimes it does take a while for the reading to stabilise. Good clear

Infiniti Pilates Total Trainer TT3500P

Latest review: This is the perfect machine! It works the whole body. This is the best home gym I have ever owned. It takes up less space. This is the machine I recommend to all of my clients as a Personal Trainer.

Pro-Form Performance 950

Latest review: Used the gym for a year and figured out that i use mostly the treadmill, so decided to get one home and after a long search settled down for Pro form 950, best decision, the treadmil from the gym

Infiniti T1 / T2 / T3

Latest review: I recently purchased a TS10, and am very pleased with it. Infiniti were very helpful when I rang with a question. It seems very well built and well thought out. I would recommend both the

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