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Latest review: We have not experienced any side effects from using this product and have used it for several month now. We did notice the brown stains coming back once we ran out and switched back to everyday

Colgate Total

Latest review: We've used various Colgate toothpaste varieties and never really had a problem with the taste. However the PRO CLEAN BREATH taste horrible. Taste like its been contaminated with soap or some type

BioMin C

Latest review: I am truly impressed with BioMin. Teeth and gums feel cleansed and strong and it has certainly helped ease the sensitivity I was experiencing in the past. I started using it a few months ago and has

Cedel Sensitive

Latest review: I have crowns and have to use sensitive toothpaste tried Cedel when I noticed it was Australian made and have been using it for the past 3years. Great result and a great saving as

White Glo Professional Choice Whitening

Latest review: White Glo Whitening Toothpaste is great for a deep clean and surface stain removal. You really do feel like your mouth is getting a whole clean and it really is an invigorating clean. This

Cedel Spearmint

Latest review: Been using Cedel Spearmint for years and wouldn't change. The multi-nationals have closed down their Australian factories and relocated to third world countries to save costs but they are more

Macleans Sensitive

Latest review: BigW still stocks this toothpaste, though you've got to look hard (and downwards) to find it. When a product hits the bottom shelf, not a good sign for its

Pental AIM Range

Latest review: Been using Aim for years. First Made in Australia. Next Made in New Zealand. Then Made in India. Now Made in China. Lately the formula has changed - from Toothpaste to Toothslush. Taste the

Sensodyne 24/7 Protection Range

Latest review: Old formula worked. New one with Fluoride in it does not- in fact it has made the sensitivity much worse. Plus it takes some skin off the inside of my mouth and

Colgate Optic White

Latest review: Thought I would give this product a try to whiten the teeth either side of my front teeth that had veneers fitted a few years ago due to an impact injury. After using this toothpaste for just a

Oral-B Pro Health

Latest review: White residue and peeling layer of skin on the inside of my mouth shortly after brushing my teeth. It’s quite off putting when you’re talking and there’s white stuff in your mouth :(

Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief

Latest review: I bought this as I was experiencing settling in pain after a crown and root canal was performed on a front side tooth. I would rub this onto the surrounding gum area and it did relieve the

Macleans Extreme Clean

Latest review: Have been using this product for years and at 80 y.o. I have all my own teeth. Macleans Extreme Clean used twice daily suits me just

White Glo Deep Stain Remover

Latest review: Use this with caution! Yes it did deep clean my teeth along with removing some cosmetic fillings. The only thing I liked was the toothbrush that came with the

Colgate Advanced Whitening

Latest review: I bought this thinking it would be milder than Colgate's more potent Optic White. After a few days I have a bad ulcer inside the top of my mouth which feels like a cut. I have disposed the rest of

Oral-B Gum Care & Enamel Restore

Latest review: Used for over a week and developed extreme pain on one side of my inner cheek. This spreads to gum and under tongue area. I thought it was oral shingles as the pain was on one side. Doctor confirmed

Steradent Denture Paste

Latest review: I've tried so many different fixatives for upper denture, and they haven't done anything, except cause discomfort and movement. Steradent gave my mouth a complete surprise, its gentle, it seals and

White Glo Coconut Oil Shine

Latest review: Finally found a mint free toothpaste in Coles, leave teeth very clean and (maybe) a coating , teeth are shiny. For those that are averse and or allergic to mint, this is such a great addition to the

Red Seal Smokers

Latest review: Red seal for smokers - I am not a smoker as many others are that use this toothpaste. It is refreshing to the mouth and made in New Zealand. Can highly recommend this product. My daughter and I have

MooGoo Moothpaste

Latest review: The first time I used this toothpaste (Moothpaste) I was amazed how clean my teeth felt. I'd been trying many different ones and my teeth never felt really clean, but after using this brand I was

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