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Latest review: My dentist recommended a similar toothpaste to strengthen my teeth and to reduce sensitivity. The low fluoride composition and clinical data persuaded me to try BioMin F instead. So far no more

Colgate Total
Latest review: I've used colgate all my life and like it but my wife bought a tube of this stuff and I thought she pranked me, and it tastes like a bar of soap. Lol. What were they thinking. Sorry but it tastes

Cedel Sensitive
Latest review: I have crowns and have to use sensitive toothpaste tried Cedel when I noticed it was Australian made and have been using it for the past 3years. Great result and a great saving as

White Glo Professional Choice Whitening
Latest review: After using the toothpaste for 2 days, I started having sensitivity to any hot or cold beverages. Two days later tree ulcers appeared on my front gums and the rest of my gums and tongue, making

Cedel Spearmint
Latest review: This is an Australian product...the other major brands are all imported. Cedel is plain white toothpaste in a no-nonsense cardboard box. It is not blue or red and doesn't contain sparkles or

Pental AIM Range
Latest review: Been using AIM for donkeys years. Dentist is always surprised how good my teeth are and I am nearly 74. One dentist laughed and said 'you starve the dentist'

Sensodyne 24/7 Protection Range
Latest review: I started using Sensodyn toothpaste a week ago due to tooth sensitivity as recommended by my dentist Now I still have sensitivity if not more sensitivity and mouth ulcers and it’s like my lining in m

Colgate Optic White
Latest review: My teeth are healthy and I was excited about using this product to see if it would make my teeth whiter. I got sucked in by the marketing; I have been using this toothpaste for about 5 weeks and it

Oral-B Pro Health
Latest review: I brought this toothpaste last week. Within a day i noticed that my mouth and gums started peeling. Switched back to Colgate and no issues. To throw caution to the wind I used the Oral B again.

Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief
Latest review: My dentist recommended this toothpaste and initially it really worked for my sensitive teeth, however, after a few weeks I was suffering with a really dry mouth and ultra sensitive teeth, because

Macleans Extreme Clean
Latest review: Have been using this product for years and at 80 y.o. I have all my own teeth. Macleans Extreme Clean used twice daily suits me just

Colgate Advanced Whitening
Latest review: I had the same reaction with many other people regarding the ulcers. I didn't think anything of it at first as I only had one but after using the toothpaste for a couple of days, I developed another

Oral-B Gum Care & Enamel Restore
Latest review: Have been using this toothpaste for two weeks and find it very good, teeth look clean and less stained, refreshing taste, no bad effects. Would recommend if you are an older person and would like

Oral-B Clinical Gum Protection
Latest review: My favourite toothpaste. Tastes great. Has a textures .. my teeth feel really clean after using it .. Received a sample in the letterbox but can’t find in any stores u

Steradent Denture Paste
Latest review: I've tried so many different fixatives for upper denture, and they haven't done anything, except cause discomfort and movement. Steradent gave my mouth a complete surprise, its gentle, it seals and

MooGoo Moothpaste
Latest review: The first time I used this toothpaste (Moothpaste) I was amazed how clean my teeth felt. I'd been trying many different ones and my teeth never felt really clean, but after using this brand I was

Red Seal Smokers
Latest review: I first came across this toothpaste as a teenager in NZ and used to bring home 10+ tubes with me on every trip back to Australia. I love that all the health stores stock it now and it can be as low

BioMin C
Latest review: No the opposite no issues at all and a mild tasting toothpaste. The only side effect l have had is there is only one Stockist in Melbourne and the Website needs to

Colgate Cavity Protection
Latest review: It is easy to use and I have used it for many years. 130 g One only has to pump the top of it. It is great. Why are you not producing it any more? My chemist told me today as I was buying the last

Supersmile Professional Whitening
Latest review: Even though it has no night time toothpaste i used Supersmile now and i can say it is more superior to White Glo so i hanged,, I do mss the dual system toothpaste but this one is good it leaves your

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