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Exelpet All-Wormer Paste For Cats

Latest review: Warning all pet owners. This product made my cat froth at the mouth and have spasms. I genuinely thought he was about to die. I got it off in the shower and I will now be closely monitoring my

  • Side Effects Short-term illness (1)
Exelpet Intestinal All-Wormer For Cats

Latest review: We decided to give this product a go with our Ragdoll Cat . He is 6kg so 1 tablet was given. Within 30 minutes he started going cross eyed, lethargic then his "3rd" eyelids (the internal ones)

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  • Side Effects Personality change (1)
Exelpet EZY-DOSE Intestinal All-Wormer For Dogs

Latest review: My 12 year old male dog, desexed, in very good shape, chewed the correct dosage two days ago.. His motions were runny and bright yellow overnight. I gave him some electrolites and now his faeces

Exelpet EZY-DOSE Heartworm & Intestinal All-Wormer for Dogs

Latest review: My dog hates them and I have to hide them in pieces of meat then follow her around the house picking up the pieces as she spits them out. An entirely unfulfilling experience for all. And why are they

Exelpet Intestinal All-Wormer For Dogs

Latest review: I have never had any problems with this product. I have been using it for 6years and works amazing for my dog and always has. My dog copes wonderfully with them . Once i give her the chews, i give

Exelpet EZY-DOSE Monthly Heartworm Treatment For Dogs

Latest review: Have used this product for a while as convenient from supermarket and palatable enough for my dogs but they reduced the available dose per package in the guise of making it easier to dose all size