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4Legs Natural Dog Food

Latest review: Our dog loves these meatballs. He doesn’t get bored with any of the flavours on offer and he’s guaranteed to clean his dish when these meatballs are on the menu. I love the fact that the company con

Australian Dog Food The Original

Latest review: My two, 12 year old dogs, a labrador and a kelpie, have been on the product for two years. They could not be happier or healthier. At their last 2 annual check-ups, the vet said they could not be in

Purina Tidy Cats

Latest review: This litter clumps perfectly without crumbling and sticking to the bottom of the tray. Its easy to clean up, and dispose of and my "fussy"cat doesn't spread a trail of it through the house which is a

Fussy Cat Grain Free Dry Food

Latest review: Our cat has had urinary problems in the past, with blood being found in his urine. We discovered it was his brand of cat biscuits. We switched to Fussy Cat Grainfree Dry Cat Food a few months ago,

Nature's Goodness Grain Free Nutrition Dry Dog Food

Latest review: Gave the bbq beef treats a try and my poor baby woke up with her stomach and nose covered in a rash. This has never happened with any treats and wouldn't even risk trying this brand again as her

Rufus & Coco Wee Kitty Clumping Corn Litter

Latest review: In the first week, it's great, excellent, low tracking through the house, low odour, easy to sift... By the 2nd week, the pellets start to break down into dust and it generally starts to

Wonder Wheat Cat Litter

Latest review: Bought a 12kg bag of this Wonderwheat litter. My cat stinks the house out. Tried crystals, clay, paper, Lucerne. They all stink. BAD! Got this, filled the box. All I can say is WOW! Absolutely no

Dermcare-Vet Malaseb Medicated Shampoo

Latest review: Left my cat with a respiratory infection & skin blisters all over him gone in the bin absolutely terrible stuff will stick to Johnson baby bath in the future expensive stuff too get refused

Essential Dog Natural Dog Shampoo

Latest review: I tried quite a lot of chemical free shampoos for my dog, including making my own. Some made their coats fluffy, (my dog is a Flat Coated Retriever) some fluffy and dry and some did nothing, not even

Applaws Nature's Calling

Latest review: Is gets stuck on the bottom and is gross to get off after 2 days - it's not the best odor suppressor. To expensive - if it was like 5$ it's worth it but nothing more. Pretty poor product. My thoughts

Salty Dog Clippers

Latest review: Very noisy, scares the dog. Used twice then called a dog groomer. They are an expensive paper weight. Sorry I convinced my wife to buy them, because at that price they must be good.


Latest review: I previously left a review saying how my dogs adore this food. They still do, however since then I have been dogged with deliveries sent to the wrong address, no deliveries and part order deliveries.

Oz-Pet Animal Litter

Latest review: I bought this believing that it would be better for the environment than clumping litter. My kitten would go anywhere but the tray, the pellets were too hard on her paws. By the time we realised this

Ivory Coat

Latest review: Pro - Looks and smells fresh and my dogs usually like it. Con - Recently bought the Salmon dog food and my dogs seemed to be doing well but have started having

Breeders Choice Cat Litter

Latest review: Had been using this along with Woolies clumping litter in rotation for years and would rank them equally. Used to pay around $16 for a 30L bag and $13 for the same bag during sale. Now they think the

Big Dog Raw Food

Latest review: My German Shepard pup absolutely loves it however it gives him the worst diarrhoea which is a shame because it’s so affordable and such good quality, might go back to it when he’s old

4CYTE Canine

Latest review: my dog having hip issue. Vet suggest to gave her the 4cyte as this will help her hip issue. for far we been told this is the best product in the

Black Hawk Original Range

Latest review: Used to use meals for mutts but only changed to black hawk as it was hard to source in western Australia. Since using black hawk my dog's used to like it now they blatantly REFUSE to touch it!? They

Nature's Gift Wet Dog Food

Latest review: I find the dog loves this stuff and it smeels really good. As a professional Chef, I'm used to tasting raw meat for seasoning, so I thought, let's check this spam smelling stuff out. I had 1/4 of a

CopRice Max’s Cat & Pet

Latest review: I can honestly say, after trying paper litter, clay litter, crystal litter and tree wood litter, this is THE BEST ! The smell of the litter is like a wood smell, not bad at all and it masks the smell

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