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Siemens EH375MV17E

Latest review: We bought this 30cm domino unit to complement 2 gas burners, as we weren't ready to give up on gas entirely. Good decision. We still use the gas but we find this induction unit so precise that we

Siemens EH675MV11E

Latest review: We have had our induction cooktop for around 18 months. Cracks have appeared spontaneously on both front corners of the cooktop. There was no event to cause this. Siemens eventually organised for a

Siemens EH901SK11

Latest review: I have loved using this cooktop. Easy to use, easy to clean. Looks great as well. Have recommended it to everyone. But. Extremely poor service from Siemens, cooktop has broken twice. This time I

Siemens EH975SZ17E

Latest review: Agree with comment above regarding limit of pots at same time (4 maximum).Yes it take few seconds to switch on but in overall it is fast and controls are easy to use. So far after 18 months no

Siemens EH875KU11E

Latest review: I first started having trouble when the cooktop was 17 months old. All 4 circuits had to be replaced, 2 on each side. 7 months later the same thing is happening but no faults can be detected so even

Siemens EH975MD21E

Latest review: Forget it if you want your Siemens appliance serviced. I have a Siemens washing machine that needed a new door seal. After speaking to the Siemens service department 3 times and then 2 service

Siemens iQ700 EH875KU12E

Siemens EH675FN27E

Siemens EH875SN27E

Siemens EH679MB11

Siemens EH645FE17E

Siemens EH675MN11E / EH675MN27E

Siemens EH675FE17E

Siemens EH875FM27E

Siemens EH645EB11 / EH645EB15E

Siemens EH601MB11

Siemens EH801FM17E

Siemens EH775FE27E

Siemens EH685DB11E

Siemens EH975SK11E

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