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Riot Enduro 12 Angler
Latest review: Purchased this about 6 months ago and I'm so glad I did! The stability is excellent and I especially like that you can adjust the seat as of course not everyone is the same and it feels great on my

Nextgen 9 Kayak
Latest review: Picked up this kayak recently and took it on the Nepean river down through to the Hawkesbury. It's a great kayak that's stable and smooth through the water. Lots of room on it to store stuff and the

Australis Gecko
Latest review: I've had my Gecko yak for a couple of years now and it's great in the rough seas around Adelaide's south and also the flat waters of the Murray River. I've done a few over night trips up the Murray

Hurricane Skimmer 128
Latest review: What Hurricane says: “After two years research and development Hurricane is proud to introduce a cutting-edge sit on top series designed by renowned yacht architect Ward Setzer. Like the graceful w

Ocean Kayak Angler Peekaboo
Latest review: One of the best ideas to come from an Aussie in years. A stable hull combined with a minn kota motor makes for the ultimate fishing kayak. These things turn in their own body length, forwards,

Dagger Voyager
Latest review: I have been using one of these kayaks for almost two years. I have taken it in all conditions, on the sea, in estuaries, in the harbour and on rivers. I have found this to be an excellent

KXOne Slider
Latest review: I was after a high quality inflatable kayak and after what I thought was a thorough search and assessment of the tube wall style kayaks, I wondered why SUP drop stitch technology was not being used.

Dagger Safari
Latest review: Dagger Safari: Just 2.7m in length but one of the quickest in the smaller kayak range(below 3m) the under hull design allows a wider weight range so can be paddled by kids and adults, so good for the

Cobra Marauder
Latest review: This is an all new Marauder, a meaner more refined machine than the predecessor that shared its name. The new design comes from Cobra’s New Zealand offshoot, and as we know our cousins over the ditch

Hurricane Tracer 165
Latest review: This is and excellent quality and high performance lightweight 5metre kayak, ideal for estuary, river touring and moderate open water. It has simple drop skeg steering and a beautifull durable gloss

Dagger Coorong 15.5
Latest review: Excellent design and quality manufactured hull(Aus)and fittings. Comfortable seat with adjustments and ergonomic cockpit. After 5 years of use and abuse it still looks cool, works well and travels

Riot Escape 12
Latest review: good deck space to add extras,handy compartments for storage. Tracking a bit sloppy without rudder. Overall a good fishing

Scorpio Terrapin XL
Latest review: Just went and got one 18/01/14 wow!!! all ready have done 20km paddle, so easy to control and paddle as well as comfortable. now going to try and fish from it. i'm a large person 110kg found with

DAG Midway Angler
Latest review: I was after a fast and efficient kayak for exploring and fitness paddling, and this sure didn't disappoint. It's definitely that. I think it carries my overweight body quite well (I'm over 110kg) and

Ocean Kayak Malibu Two XL Angler
Latest review: so glad I chose it! So much fun for my whole family. Kids love it and it handles well when I take it out in the ocean. Good stability and for the price its an excellent purchase. I also love that it

Barracuda SOT
Latest review: This light well designed fishing kayak is a treasure, on and off the water. 4.2 metres of get up and go on your shoulder after unloading the Parado or in the blue water catching fish. Nice to

Riot Edge 11 Angler
Latest review: I bought this Kayak a few years back and it's still going strong. Came with a heap of fishing extras which was great! The anchor system is a huge plus and it's a really well balanced Kayak for

Intex Challenger K1 Kayak
Latest review: The backrest didn't properly support my back so I quickly got lower back strain trying to keep torso upright. After many hours research and design I made a proper backrest and now enjoy extended

Old Town Dirigo 120
Latest review: I have taken this kayak out a total of 3 times. I a into exploring. This kayak is great at cutting through the fast waters of the Cedar river. I paddle up stream fairly fast in very fast current. It

BCF Malibu Mini X
Latest review: I have had my mini X for nearly a year now, got it on special at BCF as demo stock. (couple of scratches) I wasn't sure about the "Mini" part as I'm a big guy, but it handles my weight with no

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