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Global Knives Ikasu Knife Block Set

Latest review: I've given this knife block 4 stars - but that's on the basis that you get them at a reasonable price. We saw this set in Australia "on sale" at around $200 several months ago and didn't buy. Then

Global Chef's Knife

Latest review: We have a set of global knives and as a designer of cutlery myself in the past, i am fairly pleased with the product range. Yes, they will not stay razor sharp forever and will need sharpening at

Global Synergy 7pc Knife Block Set

Latest review: Just about 20 years old and I still love them, I use them daily they are still sharp but not as sharp as when I purchased them. A few years ago when wanting to get them professionally sharpened , I

Global GF-33

Latest review: Bought one of these this year after using the (lighter) G-2. While the G-2 is a great knife, I wanted something more substantial for coping with tougher vegetables. The GF-33 fits the bill completely

Global Sai-01

Latest review: After the Global Sai-06, I liked it enough to try the smaller (19/20 inch) variant. This is also a 3 layer design protecting a differently heat treated Cromova18 cutting edge with Sus410

Global Millenium 7pc Knife Block Set

Latest review: We received our Global Millenium set almost 14 years ago as a wedding gift. 3 of the six knives have snapped over time, each where the blade meets the handle. Over the 14 years I have sent back each

Global Sai-06

Latest review: After buying a Miyabi Damascus knife I felt it only fair to get one of Gobal's comparative offerings - the Sai-06, a 9.5 inch beast with 3 layer cladding protecting a differently heat treated