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Luvele Ultimate Meat Grinder LPMG700

Latest review: Fantastic...love it....I just about kiss it each time I walk into the kitchen. :) I have used it many times...made sausages 3 times...spaghetti bolognaise...mincing the mince...Lasagna....today I

Gotham Steel

Latest review: I purchased a frying pan and was having a family breakfast excited to use my new frying pan. What a disaster. The eggs stuck ended up with scrambled eggs

Le Creuset Casseroles

Latest review: I contacted Le Creuset when my much valued oval casserole chipped during use. I was given the benefit of the doubt as to why this happened. Today I received a replacement - like for like. Very

Arcosteel Stonehenge Frypan

Latest review: Bought the 26cm version from Woollies for $17.50 after reading the good reviews here. The pan feels solid, sturdy and well built. The fact that it's doesn't have rivets on the cooking side is a plus

Mundial Bonza 9pc Block Set

Latest review: I've had these knives for over 7 years and they're still in excellent condition. Had them professionally sharpened recently (they're used daily!) and they're like brand new. One was lost in a house

Essteele Australis

Latest review: The much vaunted 'lifetime' warranty is a joke. I had purchased the product in August 2018 and out for holiday on Christmas. After 5 months of use, the handle already looses, lots of other defects as

Solidteknics Aus-Ion Cookware

Latest review: We have seven Aus-Ion pieces at the time of review. The excellent engineering helps keep the handles cool, however because they are 100% capable of being used over fire, on the BBQ and in the oven,

Decor Tellfresh

Latest review: I always love these things but there's a slight problem just don't drop them especially the new ones they are really crappy one drop and they just snap and

Tefal Ingenio Preference Stainless Steel Induction Set

Latest review: I bought this set because it was cheaper than my pan of preference, thinking "it will do for now" I have to say I am delighted, good quality, easy clean, multi function, of my new pan of preference,

Bessemer Cookware

Latest review: My wife now has a collection like you have never imagined!!! Great cookware! Heavy quality, non stick, and great results in ALL pans, pots etc. I honestly could not say a bad word about the items!

Essteele Per Vita

Latest review: I have a small Esteele saucepan which was given to my mother about 1964. It has been in regular use ever since. It has even been boiled dry a number of times. 'Esteele' on the copper bottom is still

Scanpan Stainless Steel

Latest review: Have used scanpan for last 25 years for all my home cookware and knives.. I only recently upgraded my cookware and knives but my old scanpan still was perfect in every way I gave as a present..SCAN

Bavarian Edge

Latest review: This sharpener just doesn’t work. If anything it actually dulled my knives. It’s so bad I forked out for the postage to send it bac

Pyrex Basic Glass Storage

Latest review: If only the lids lasted half as long as the bowls themselves. The lids are just not durable, they crack and fail after only a tiny fraction of the bowl's life. Seems such a waste to resort to

Chasseur Cookware

Latest review: .... unless you are not fazed by grunge. It is impossible to clean this plate! The grime must be a health issue. It a very finicky item with very particular use and care instructions. AND it is not

Global Knives Ikasu Knife Block Set

Latest review: I've given this knife block 4 stars - but that's on the basis that you get them at a reasonable price. We saw this set in Australia "on sale" at around $200 several months ago and didn't buy. Then

Blanco Silgranit

Latest review: After researching Blanco sink quality and design, we purchased a Silgrain double kitchen sink to be part of our kitchen renovation. Initially the sink was beautiful and seemed to be able to withstand

Tupperware Turbo Chef

Latest review: Just got one second hand. Brilliant at cutting up onions,garlic : no tears, no irregular sized pieces had some cream so even made own butter with blender attachment. very versatile

Jamie Oliver Premium Stainless Steel

Latest review: We have gone through a range of non-stick fry pans including Scanpan, Circulon, Raco an so called ceramic fry pans but all disappointingly lost their non-stick capability either within or soon after

Borner V Slicer

Latest review: I have wanted the Borner V Slicer for years because I have numbness with 2 of my fingers little one and the next finger. I couldn't cut strait at all carrots onions tomatoes, I tried so hard to cut

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