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Federal Couragia M/T
Latest review: waste of money....they will form bubbles on them after a few years i have lost 2 now...they need to be held accountable bad tires going to end up killing

Federal 595RS-R
Latest review: I recently changed Sailun (came on the car at purchase) for rsr Federal on my Rs Clio and what an amazing difference, what a great tyre. Wet weather, amazing, Dry weather, amazing, wear, yet to find

Federal 595RS-RR
Latest review: Fistly, this is not a semi slick. You are not going to do A050 times. They have a UTGQ of 200, where your typical R-Spc\Semi Slick has a UTGQ of 80. That said, they are an awesome tyre and amazing

Federal 595RPM
Latest review: Great tyres, had them on a GC8 WRX, 160 treadwear so they are stickier than the RS-RR but have real tread pattern so they work in wet as well as dry. Quiet, predictable, and cheap, fitted for under

Federal Formoza AZ01
Latest review: Excellent dry and wet handling and grip, vehicle performance is know safer and road noise is low, these vehicles travel 400km per night 7 days a week, run 9 to 10 hours the tyres decrease fuel costs

Federal Couragia A/T
Latest review: Have had two sets of these tyres on my Holden Colorado single cab. They have performed far better than I expected when I first got them. Hence the reason why I bought a second set. I drive dirt road

Federal Ecovan ER01
Latest review: Standard tyres really, nothing too fancy to write home about, but much better than the bald ones that were on my car at the time. I’ve had them on for 7 months now and there is no real wear on them s

Federal 595EVO
Latest review: Had theses tyres on my Audi TT when I bought it the tyres grip well but turn your stereo up to max so you can't hear them tyres howl you think you have got big 4wd muddies on so don't go there. They

Federal SS657
Latest review: These tyres in wet Are dangerous Only just done 600km on tyres only so there virtually still brand new Just left set lights turning right doing probably 40 km hour round corner , then car