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Garmin DriveSmart 51 / 61 LMT-S

Latest review: First problem I noticed the 12v lighter plug means I can have no other device in use at the same time. So cannot charge my phone if required. I could use the USB plug provided with my two plug port

Garmin nüvi Essential Series

Latest review: I've had the Nuvi 55 for ages and it's really good. The problem is that last time I wanted to update the maps two things happened - first, the Garmin Express app told me I had an update - no problem,

Navman MY670LMT

Latest review: Shows school zones streets away. raikway crossing before and after you go past and when there is no crossing. the street names are very small can not adjust . screen very cloudy I would not

TomTom Via 280

Latest review: Gone through two units which both don't get a satellite signal anymore in the space of two years! Always been told to update it but it still doesn't fix the issue. DO NOT RECOMMEND TOMTOM AT ALL!

Navman Move70LM

Latest review: The maps are accurate,I'm so happy my Navman t as kes me everywhere ,never stress it tells me location speed,cameras at lights its the best,it was 1,2,3 to install just wet attach to windscreen then

Tom Tom GO 520 / 620

Latest review: I tried to set unit up using my email details. it said I couldn't because my email already existed with Tom Tom. The reason my email details existed with Tom Tom was I have already had 2 previous

Uniden iGO35/43/50/500

Latest review: Was given my unit as a present. Even though I had always said I would never use a GPS in my car, I have found it pretty useful and not too hard to operate. Probably had it about 4 years now and it

Garmin DriveAssist
  • Screen Size: 5"
  • Battery Life: 0 hours

TomTom Go 5100

Latest review: I paid a premium price in 2016 for one product feature: the Live Traffic updates. But what i didn't know was that this feature relied on the operation of the 2G phone network in Australia. There is

Hema HX-1 Navigator

Latest review: first problem straight out of the box, wouldn't charge. eventually after 5 days it started to except a charge. second problem, showed problem showed intersections or turns after you passed them third

TomTom Start 42 / 52 / 62

Latest review: Needed a GPS to add to my Hema maps on my Tablet for a trip east than up the coast, Bought this on the fly with one day to go before I left, set up was Great- quick and simple, set my designation was

Hema HN7

Latest review: its a clear warrantee but they want to charge me. had the car of caught fire they would be in a huge mess. i fully reccomend people do not buy hema products. its a shame as the mapping is great. next

Navman EZY450LMT

Latest review: The Navman EZY450 LMT is the best GPS i ever had The maps are accurate, it was easy to install into the vehicle, i am satisfied with the signal. The device has voice spoken alerts ,lane guides and

VMS 700HDs11

Latest review: Had the unit for over 12 months no issues for the first few months went on holidays interstate that's when the unit went stupid kept going into error mode and dropping out contacted VMS told them the

TomTom Rider 400

Latest review: I have had every component of this (except the screen) replaced and it still does not work, it never has! Support aren't easy to communicate with and mine is still sitting in a bag doing nothing.

Navman MY Truck

Latest review: Took me to the exact tile on george st sydney even during closure on busy day. (Truck one stoped workinghahah) The Navman seems to grow on you gets smarter???? Better than the new one in new truck

Navman Move85LM

Latest review: The MOVE 85LM is the third Navman GPS I've bought. Two previous units died... and you'd have to wonder why we'd ever try again. (Fool me once, etc...) Well, we actually like the layout Navman

TomTom Go 6100

Latest review: Apparently the solution they offered to compensate your sim card stop working is to ask you to buy another one with their little discount. The customer service kept saying this is the best I can

TomTom Via 52

Latest review: Due to the WNRO I have been advised that my model can't be updated and TOMTOM have kindly sent a discount offer to purchase a new unit. WNRO is something that has not come out of the blue but has

Tomtom Go 5200

Latest review: I have always owned a cheap sat nav and decided it was time for an upgrade not wanting to pay for new maps. So I took the plunge on this device and its awesome. There are so many great things

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