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A Plan Kitchens

A Plan Kitchens

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A good experience.

Very good to deal with. Karen produced an excellent design in an awkward space. the work is very good quality and we are delighted with the new kitchen.

I love my beautiful kitchen

Karen the designer for A Plan that I worked with was fantastic. I think I took around 6 months to decide on the final design, colours and materials etc. She was always so pleasant and helpful as was everyone else that I came into contact with. Belinda who organised dates and trades was super efficient and lovely. I now have the best kitchen ever! A very happy customer.. Suzanne

Really Great Service

From the day I walked into the showroom, Mike and the team were awesome in wanting to understand my needs and work with me. They weren't pushy at all, just great.

August 7th 2018 Update: No Hassle Kitchens

I was super impressed with the professionalism and planning of APlan Kitchens. I don't have much time for this working full time so the team at APlan really helped me and my wife.

Good design, management and problem solving

Lucrezia was a pleasure to work with designing my small kitchen and figuring out the best way to fit things in. Belinda was very helpful in coordinating trades while I was away and was responsive to my concerns. Estaban has been calm and a great problem solver dealing with my concerns after installation. Just remember to check estimated installation time - as I did not and that was a bit of a shock!

True custom design cabinets for kitchen and bathroom

A-plan has renovated fully my kitchen 9 years ago and it is still standing strong and looking fantastic. It is basic model kitchen with the laminate bench top. A-plan did the entire project from removal of the old kitchen to full installation of everything incl. tiling, plumbing and electrical. Since then we have had 2 kids and have used the kitchen generously and despite all that the kitchen is looking great.

That is why we have recently returned to A-plan to help us with our bathroom cabinets. This time we have chosen polyurethane cabinets with Silestone. The space and the shape of the cabinets was very tricky with the pipes running behind the cabinets. A-plan designer was able to design truly custom made cabinets that use all the space to maximise storage. They managed to fit the cabinets to the millimetre and give me more storage then the old cabinets had. One must see the space to fully understand how tight the error margin was. Their stone mason managed to fit the undermount sink with the tap in the space where only millimetres were left to spare. I must say it is a miracle.

Designer Lucrezia spent hours with me designing these cabinets to make them functional and ergonomic as well as to minimise the water damage from future use. She knew exactly what will work and what will not with little kids. She knows her colours, shapes and patters. She was always honest with me about ideas I found on Pintrest and saved me a lot of time by telling me straight away what would look good and what would not.

Like with any renovations there were moments when I was worried for example the plumber won’t be able to fit the pipe and there was no space for shower screen. A-plan was very professional and supportive. They worked well with my plumber. They double checked everything and have done check measure on site so it all went well.

I definitely would use them again and have been recommending them to my neighbours of which one had used them before for her house and would use them again.

Fast and fantastic kitchen renovation

We recently renovated our 25 year old kitchen. The actual renovation took 15 days and there were no hitches. Aplan - Belinda- managed the renovation schedule well and communicated promptly and gave sound advice. The designer- Karen Crossley- was very helpful,with suggestions and I felt I was on the same wave length as her in discussing what I wanted.

APlan dealt with superhuman challenges miraculously.

A Plan, and in particular Karen crossly, designed and renovated a kitchen which works perfectly and looks beautiful, on time and within budget. Karen gave better advice and service than could be expected of anyone, for example, she recommended trades and organised them for other renovation work at no extra cost.

Outstanding Design Price and Service

We received outstanding service. A plan designed and installed an enormous immaculately built wall to wall set of cupboards and storage for our Home. They were professional and skilled and very well priced. We would definitely use them again and I would highly recommend their work.

Best kitchen stone makeover & fabulous service workmanship and result!

Updated my kitchen with beautiful new smartstone - stunning results.
Love my new Kleenmaid cooktop too!
Highly recommend APlan Kitchens all round 5 star service

Don't even think about using this company

A Plan Kitchens made our kitchen 10 years ago. Unfortunately the Hettich Hinges on our pantry have snapped. Asked them to order some new hinges in for us which we were happy to pay for. Wanted to organise a courier to pick them up as both my husband and I work full time and cannot get to their showroom during the week. Their response was "Sorry, we don't allow courier's in our show room. You will have to pick them up yourself".

As for their kitchens, if you could be bothered with the hassle of using this company, add a couple of months to whatever date they say your kitchen will be ready. Their factory is "always" behind.

Also don't get [name removed] who I think is the son of the owners to install your kitchen. He never installed our bulkheads, the kickboards where not installed properly and we ended up getting them replaced. My eyes almost fell out of my head when he decided to use my new $2,000.00 Miele dishwasher as his work bench, and got offended when I asked him not to put it under the kitchen bench covered in saw dust. He then dropped our slide out rangehood on our stovetop which resulted in a dent in the stovetop and our slide our rangehood to be bent. He denied doing this even though I was standing there when he did it and saw it with my own eyes. He then called me a liar in front of my husband who told him to back his things and get out of our house.

Absolutely awful customer experience then and 10 years on. We are building another home at the moment and wouldn't go anywhere near these guys again for a new kitchen. Once bitten, twice shy.

Run - Dont walk - away from A PLAN. Be afraid - very afraid.

If you want things delivered and installed on time (took 3 months instead of 3 days) , the correct size cupboards as per the plans, the installer damaged doors resprayed to match the rest of the kitchen, all of the power points cut in the correct locations in the stone splash back, the screw holes covered in the cupboards, the oven and dishwasher properly installed, the recutting of the joinery not to be undertaken on your kitchen floor in a freshly painted room, the same carpenter to do the entire job (rather than 4 with absolutely no quality control) and the project properly managed then GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!! DO NOT GO TO A- PLAN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. The sales staff are slick enough which gives the average punter false hope and that is what gets you in but once you sign on the dotted line and you have to deal with the factory, the installers, the sub contractors, the stone people etc. and the right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing and you are left with an ordinary kitchen and lots of frustration. They quoted $45k and I got them down to $35K and this was before the job and the chaos started. Just shows you the money gouging in this business. Be afraid - very afraid.

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Those contributors who rate this company 5 stars are bogus Do not be persuaded. .

Glad I dodged these guys

Spoke to these guys about getting a quote. Selected the under $10k price range on their website quote system and got a call back basically telling me I was cheap. On the second call back the salesperson said "oh your the guy trying to do it on the cheap". Their attitude and customer service leaves a lot to be desired

Price gouging

Beware of price gouging.

I have been buying cabinets from A-Plan since about 1990. Can't fault the product and service but beware the current price gouging, for example 60% price increase for identical product including harware, lighting and finish in 30 months from July 2012 (4 x 1100mm wall cabinets at about $4,900 = $1200 each including installation $500) to January 2015 (3 × 900mm wall cabinets at about $5,700 inclusive = about $1,900 each).

The pricing is not transparent as they have a new policy of quoting a global price and will not itemise. The reason is obvious - price gouging on the cabinet carcasses and doors.

There is nithing special about the A-Plan product that justifies the price.

Recommendation : dont buy from A-Plan unless you shop around or you don't care what it costs.

Shoddy workmanship, late delivery and hopeless management!

After spending many hours with the designer we paid a 50% deposit and set the date for installation. We had our builder come and remove the old kitchen and do the wiring and plumbing for the installation of the new cupboards. When we still hadn't heard from A Plan two days before the installation was to begin we called them. We were eventually told that the factory was running behind and the installation would be at least another two and a half weeks away! The house was un inhabitable during this renovation as the kitchen is combined with the living and dining area.
Some of the cupboards were delivered three days before the new installation date. Other cupboards and doors would take several more months to come!
Finally on the new installation date the recommended installer called to say he would be two hours late. We waited. After four hours we tracked him down and he told us he would still be another couple of hours away. We finally called him again and he told us he wouldn't be able to start the job that day. He did come the next day but could only stay a few hours as he had to pick up his child. All he spoke of was how horrible A Plan was to work for.
After several days he finally "finished" his work. He fitted the wrong profile doors to cupboards that then had to be re-ordered and the wrong size doors to the concealed fridge. He left un-acceptable gaps between doors and cupboards in his rush to get to the next job. The most frustrating thing was he did not put the wires for the under bench lighting behind the cupboards. We have had to put conduit, a power point and a transformer inside the cupboards instead of them being put on top of the cupboard!
Trying to get all of these problems fixed has been a nightmare. Several more tradesmen have been to look at the mess including the owner of the company [Personal Name Removed]. He has been the most un-favourable man to deal with. He could not care less about the ongoing problems and his resolution plan has been to ignore it.
I am an interior designer and this was the first time I have used A Plan. I will not use them again for myself or a client.

Appalling customer service

A Plan is just Wonderful

A-Plan Kitchens helped me transform my old 1970's kitchen into a fantastic new space with modeern appliances and storage for everything.
They were courteous on time and reasonably priced.
There is a broad range of finishes and colours to choose from. The staff are very experienced and knowledgeable. The installation team was punctual and tidy.
I cannot recommend them more highly.
The design, the services, and the finished product


I found A-Plan to be the most expensive and the most dishonest out of my 4 quotes, and after 2 months my kitchen remains unfinished.

Sue changed my quote 3 times due to “mistakes” after I had paid a non-refundable deposit and even sent a quote with 2 different amounts.

I caught Sue trying to cut costs by installing double cabinets, when the quote had them as single. Sue made numerous attempts to increase the cost for example saying that there is an extra 300mm of bench she needed to charge me for, even though I had to pay for a check measure that A-plan did.

I arrived in the show room to sign off the contract. Sue then cancelled our appointment as she raced off to to try and sell another customer. I was left in the showroom alone signing their contract for a 15k kitchen. Michael assured me that they would look after me.

Please do not trust these guys!

The kitchen was partially installed on August 24th and remains unfinished. A-Plan demands full payment before the kitchen arrives on site and then will not come and fix defects unless you pay them more money. For example in a meeting with my interior designer we advised Sue that we wanted no handles on the polyurethane doors. Sue incorrectly placed handles. When I politely raised this concern both Sue and Michael were incredibly rude and aggressive and refused to fix this unless I paid in excess of $1000 for the new doors, even though it was Sue’s mistake.

My experience with these guys has been a nightmare, not to mention they delivered the kitchen to the wrong address. Michael and Sue are both bullies and have a sales script boasting that they have been in business for over 35 years.

I wish I had never used A-Plan, they were expensive, the product was not what I requested, and they take absolutely no responsibility for their mistakes. This is the first online review I have ever written and if it helps one person I will be happy. My kitchen still remains unfinished.

Please be warned – stay right away from this unscrupulous business.

expensive, dishonest, staff used intimidating tactics

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Craig's kitchen was installed in August 2012 after 6 months of negotiations. A-Plan prepared 8 different plans together with accompanying quotes in response to Craig's varied requests and he chose our company after seeking competitive quotes. After his kitchen installation, Craig advised us of a number of items to be corrected including the replacement of 3 polyurethane doors which he claimed should not have had handles installed, although he had chosen the handles himself and had supervised their installation. While Craig claims his kitchen is unfinished, his property has been fully tenanted since the installation and the kitchen is used every day. In December 2012, A-Plan visited the site to make minor repairs to Craig's satisfaction. In April 2013, Craig invited A-Plan to quote on the renovation of his new kitchen in the adjoining property. Michael Terley Owner. A-Plan Kitchens

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