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Kitchen Connection

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At last I have my dream kitchen

It was a bit slow at the start because of pricing issues but with lots of consultations with the price, was able to have my kitchen done and it was worth the wait. I am truly happy with my new kitchen...

Bad workmanship, bad service, not worth the money

The designer who came to our home initially made a lot of racist jokes and we had to get him replaced.

The build quality on the cabinets was awful. We checked on delivery and 8 out of 11 were damaged during construction simply due to being put together carelessly. The 'customer support manager' was not interested in fixing the issues, because the damage would not be visible when the kitchen was put together. The area manager avoided phone calls for weeks and was not contactable to discuss escalation. In fact they just delayed dealing with the problem until the stone benchtop was installed and it was too late to do anything. Then the finishing off team damaged the stone bench top and KC were no help in getting it fixed.

KC were actually no help with anything that was not exactly within the boundaries of the initial plan. Completely useles, they took our money and then did not want to do anything to earn it.

Modern kitchen and laundry- Contract RU00541

More than happy with finished product. The job was finished earlier than originally planned due to benchtops being ready early. The change to the schedule was handled expertly by Michael our Customer Support Manager and all tradesman turned up as required. The quality of the tradespeople was excellent.

Shortland Kitchen

Kept up to date on delivery and installation. Sales representative knew her work, the only thing I did not like about the sale was the continual reference to how a member of family bought a kitchen. A bit pushy at times. There were some options not available for what we wanted but we worked around that. Finished install looks good and gives us a new modern kitchen, however still waiting on installer to come and do a repair from the installation.

A great new kitchen for sharing meals with family and friends

Job MT03037-01
A complete transformation of our old 90s kitchen. Great results achieved in a relatively small space in an apartment. An efficient, reliable process from start to finish, from initial showroom visit at Mt Gravatt to final install of kick boards. Matt created a great design for us. Special mention of the range of tradespeople involved. I Hope I don’t miss many names ... thank you to the guys from Vibe Plunbing, Bizelec, Accent Benchtops, and TDM Glass. Special thanks to our installer Neil Willes who made several visits to accommodate other work being done. He was extremely flexible and patient. And grateful for his attention to detail. Great to have a schedule that actually worked and a range of highly competent tradespeople able to co ordinate and work together.

Ode to KC

So happy with the team of professionals at Kitchen Connection. Everyone did their job amazingly well and were so well informed and organised - special thanks to Wing, Dan, Sam and Luke. The finished product reflects the time spent making sure that my kitchen works perfectly for me. One very satisfied customer.

professional experience from start to finish.

Each faze of our kitchen was on time and done completely with no mess or problems.The trades people did a very professional job and a stand out was Glen the cabinet installer.

Fantastic new Kitchen, Laundry and Pantry

Our new installs of kitchen, laundry and pantry are fantastic, it has brightened the house and given it a brand new home feeling. The kitchen had to fit an odd shaped, tiled floor, and Kitchen Connection did an amazing job of fitting the new cabinets to the old floorplan while also giving us the freedom to move things around and make it so much more functional.

I'd definately recommend Kitchen Connection to anyone looking for an upgrade.

A Kitchen Worth Waiting For

We are really happy with our completed kitchen. All the people we encountered along the way were thoroughly polite and professional. Martin , our CSM and Baydon our installer were exceptional.
There were a few delays here and there but overall the finished product is perfect.We would recommend the KC Rutherford team to anyone considering a new kitchen .

Richard is 5 star

My installer Richard , was the best and worked full steam ahead at all times to make my new kitchen exactly to the standard that i expected from Kitchen Connection. the rest of the team were also great.

End result was terrific

Overall we are happy with our lovely new kitchen even though it took 5 weeks from Delivery to Finish.
All the trade persons used were fantastic. Ben Slade who did the Rip Out and installation was just great. Nothing was a problem, he was very professional and knew he trade. The guys who did our plumbing and electrical work were also very professional and friendly.
We live on the 10th floor of an apartment building, with a lift that is booked and used exclusively for our trade persons to use while they are on the job.
We were surprised to find that we were charged $100.00 for " 3rd story and above installation surcharge" for each of the tradespersons job.
We did check with many of our friends who are tradespersons and they have never heard of such a surcharge. Can anyone explain this surcharge.?
Andrew Wooster our Customer Support Manager made himself always available to talk to if we had any concerns.
We found it strange that once work commenced on the kitchen, that never during the 5 weeks did any of the Salespersons who designed and sold us our kitchen contact us to see how things were going and were we happy with everything.
The finish product was fantastic.

Great Job

Well done to Tom and the team at Helensvale KC. I was very impressed by the service and follow up and actual installation of the kitchen, when it finally got fitted after a little issue with a shower leak that I was not aware of !! The team were very professional and worked together to get the job done on schedule after a little hick-up.

Awesome experience from start to finish!

I'll admit I was sceptical when my wife told me that we had a few hours with the kitchen designer. Ann had told her that Matt was the best. He had great ideas and helped us build a kitchen to meet our expectations and budget. He just listened to us and guided us. Sam confirmed it all - measure twice cut once! Wayne's team Dan, Matt and Carl made sure we had a hassle free experience from the builders. Luke installed in a day so that we didn't have to take extra time off. Mitch got our electrics sorted and we got his firm to add our new pendant lights too. Phill was sharp and efficient with our new floors (great idea of yours Matt!). The bench top, plumbing team and splash back guys all did a superb job. The most impressive thing was that everyone confirmed the day before and arrived on time every time. We love our new kitchen it exactly what we expected. Thank you Kitchen Connection

Dream Kitchen

Excellent service from start to finish. Superb quality and finish in all areas involved including a total restructure of existing kitchen/laundry/area and a new floor. Highly recommend using KC (Aspley) !

Job Well Done

Frank & the Team at Capalaba are to be congratulated, they created a design & recommended appliances which we are extremely happy with, we had an issue due to the length of the bench top that was addressed by the Capalaba team who came up with a solution.
The tradies were very good and helpful which meant we were only without a Kitchen for less than 48hrs.
We would not hesitate to recommend Kitchen Connection.

Take Two!

This is our second kitchen renovation through Kitchen Connection. We were so happy with the service and products from Kitchen Connection the first time round that we didn't think twice about using them again for our new house. I was already sure about the design so this process was pretty straight forward. The installer was fabulous and his attention to detail was spot on! (And I'm a pretty harsh critic!) There were two small imperfections in a couple of doors and Kane had them replaced the very next week. We bought all the appliances through the company as well so the whole process was streamlined and simple. The dishwasher did take a bit longer to arrive as it was on back-order. Would have been nice to have this communicated to us before delivery of the rest of the kitchen. In all, I am very happy with the final product!

A great kitchen

I'm very pleased with my new kitchen. KC were very efficient & professional. The communication was excellent. I would have liked a sample of the stone benchtop at quotation so I could use it to help select tiles.

Great kitchen if you ignore the detail

My kitchen is still not finished and am waiting for kick boards and cupboard door (to fix an error)...installation was in January.

The showroom staff were amazing and managed to arrange an additional water filter at the last minute because it wasn’t delivered.

Most trades were very good except a problem with one leaving shoe marks on the arm chair of my lounge, a crack in the wood around the window sill and a broken pepper shaker.

I was not given a schedule of trades and was left uncertain of the installation process having to make emergency calls to the showroom staff again to help out.

The stone bench top does not match up completely with the lines of the cupboards and wall which is disappointing.

All in all I’m happy with the kitchen just wasn’t a smooth process, is still not complete and a few items could have been better executed.

Product great, service average

The actual kitchen itself is lovely and the installers were fantastic and friendly. The service however from Kitchen Connection themselves was average at best. Minor changes to the design were not made for a period of 2-3 weeks and had to be followed up repeatedly to ensure we had the appropriate signed paperwork in time for their own imposed deadlines. The client service manager was hard to pin down for a few minor issues we had post install that we ended up addressing ourselves in the end. Overall the service seemed to stop once we had signed on the dotted line. Wouldn't recommend Kitchen Connection based on our overall experience.

Beautiful kitchen and great Process

The process was very streamlined and stress free.
They took the time to understand my needs wants etc and the end product shows that all my requests were accommodated . No hard sales pitch and so very helpful .
There was a couple of little
Hiccups but they were sorted out and didn’t impact the overall process.
Bec from north lakes kitchen connect was great in giving me ideas.
Steve Chini the installer was amazing -nothing was too much of a problem for him.
The bizlec guys were great as well fixing up the little hiccup .

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Questions & Answers

In Qld., what are the guidelines for the amount of deposit payable before work is carried out. I have paid $3,840 up front (which is almost half). They are asking for $4007 before work will be started. Now they have also added a 10% on completion fee. Does this sound correct ?
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There are different business models operating in Queensland. We would suggest to contact the QBCC and they will be able to provide you assistance with this matter.

Hello, We recently had a new kitchen installed, and while we are generally happy with the outcome, the microwave has been installed in an awkward place. It is too high from me (I am 5'2'') and on a strange angle, which I believe is unsafe, especially the risk of spilling boiling hot liquid all over myself. We have tried and tried and tried to get someone in to move the microwave down just a little, and while there have been promises, nothing has eventuated and we are still waiting. I feel like once the contract is signed and the money is paid, we have been dropped like a hot potato. Where to from here?
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Hi Judi I’m not sure. Kitchen connection came to you and helped you design the kitchen you wanted and discussed such things prior to the signing of any contract or paying any money. They showed you all the plans so you knew exactly where things would be and what they would look like so I’m not sure what happened for you.Yes that's true. It's not until the Microwave was installed that it was obvious that it was too high for me. In our defence, it is difficult to read plans and understand how a new kitchen design will function when the old one is still in place. At that stage, I could not even get to where the microwave would be as the old pantry was there. Kitchen Connection have been wonderful on the whole, but we are finding the follow up service a little frustrating. We have discussed with the staff a very simple solution to the problem, which they say is an easy fix, but are still having no success getting anyone to help us.Judi Apologies for the lack of communication. Can you provide your contract no. And we will ensure someone contacts you on Monday to discuss. Regards Kitchen Connection Customer Service

We have paid the deposit for our kitchen and have experienced a marked degeneration on service since then. The second measure check was done before we arrived for the meeting ie before the agreed time and when we arrived the kitchen connection guy refused to reenter the premises (we had come from interstate for the meeting) . Apparently the kitchen had somehow shrunk since we had signed the contract and paid the deposit. We have purchased a sink based on the original measurements with the knowledge of Kitchen Connections and it will now not fit. So now what do you think we should do? We are very concerned about going forward with paying more money we have refused to approve the building of the cabinets but Kitchen Connections have advised us that they have gone ahead with building them anyway and require full payment 4 days before installation.
2 answers
Hi Lisa I believe your CSM has now been in touch and answered all of your questions above. He has informed us the sink is a perfect fit for your kitchen and there is no issues regarding this. We look forward to completing your beautiful new kitchen. If you have any further questions please contact your CSM directly. Regards Kitchen Connection Customer ServiceFinish our kitchen after 5 weeks and then I’ll be adding a comment

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