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I'm very happy with my new kitchen, everyone at Nobby was so helpful and easy to work with. I'm pleased with. The quality and the friendly attention from all staff was great.

Cooking at its best!!

Delightful team of people. Quality product and delivery from start to finish, on completion I was mesmerised with high end finishes. And most of all it meet all my expectations. I would gladly recommend Nobby’s kitchens to anyone who’s thinking of renovating.

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Helpful, friendly and reliable service from start to finish

After meeting with multiple kitchen companies who often lacked professionalism, we were very pleased by the service and care shown by everyone at Nobby's. Pat in the showroom at Pymble was knowledgable, Paul was very generous with his time to support us with design, and Brendan and his team were reliable and professional with the installation. We love our new kitchen and would highly recommend Nobby's to anyone else.

Fantastic service in replacing a laminate bench top under warranty that was installed just over two years ago.

Our laminate bench top which was originally installed as part of a new Nobby's Kitchen installation just over two years ago, had developed a relatively small rise on one side of one of the joints in the bench top. I reported this when we first noticed it and Heather was most helpful in arranging for an installer to come and have a look at it. After a period of time in watching what the joint did, as it could change its profile from time to time and for one reason or another. After a further inspection by Project Manager Paul, the decision was taken to fully replace the bench top under warranty and he, Heather and Lauren then finalised all the installation requirements with an Installer, Shaun, and Plumber CJ, completing the job today.
This was a very seamless process right from when the replacement decision was readily made by Nobby's through to when the new bench tops were delivered right on schedule, and the installation which was completed, again, right on schedule this morning.
The whole installation job was completed in two hours, it looks great, and arrangements are being made by Nobby's to collect the old bench top pieces and waste and dispose of them as required.
All in all a great after sales service experience from Nobby's and a special thank you to Paul, Heather and Lauren, plus Shaun and CJ for making it all happen.

Changed the way we live!

I'm so glad we chose Nobby's Kitchens!! I spent the time and did due diligence with almost EVERY kitchen company and even bespoke cabinet makers - but they just couldn't compare with Nobby's value for money!! I was hesitant, as for me Nobby's was 'old fashioned', but they surely surprised me.

From my first contact with Castle Hill showroom, I was welcomed, made to feel comfortable and provided honest, practical and down to earth advice - more than I can say for some of the competitors. Then once I decided to proceed to a design quote I was amazed. Everything was flawless. Anna - my designer - spent the time to understand the unique needs of our family, the things we loved about our existing kitchen and the things we needed to change & considered how that would fit with our other building renovations. She worked tirelessly and provided multiple design options for us to consider, whilst keeping her advice practical and cost effective to work within our budget. She was extremely patient and answered all my detailed questions. Whilst the design we chose in the end was not one of the 'wow' designs she provided, it has proved to be exactly what we needed. Calm and relaxed finishes that fit with the rest of the renovation and total functionality - which for a family with teenagers - is essential!!!

The communication to installation was clear and everything went smoothly. We did have a hiccup with our pantry, however with some clever problem solving Sam (our project manager and installer) was able to rectify the issue with minimal disruption to the overall schedule. He was fantastic!! Whilst the final completion did over-run the estimates, I was grateful that Sam wanted to do the best job possible. Other tradesman would have just done the minimum to get the job done, but Sam wanted to do the 'right' thing - and these days that's rare!! The finished result is a testament to Sam's willingness to provide amazing customer service and a quality job.

So a huge THANK YOU Nobby's kitchens - I am a super happy customer, I love my new kitchen, It works perfectly for us & looks AMAZING!!

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Thank you so much for the time taken to post this review. It is always great for the team to see the positive effect we have on peoples lives, when completing a kitchen renovation. The word "RENOVATION" always comes with the understanding that there will be significant interruptions with a customer's day to day, regardless of the nature of works. With this in mind, it was exciting to read why it is so different when renovating with Nobby Kitchens. Not only the product we sell is of the highest quality, it is only your review that clearly explains the seamless interaction from start to finish, dealing with Nobby kitchens. I am sure you will have many years of home cooked meals and entertaining family, in your new Nobby kitchens. Kind Regards. Management Team.

Nobby's Create and Build Our Perfect Kitchen

We could not have chosen a better company. The two designers suggested a design that we would have never thought of ... and then a crucial variation that was the icing on the cake. The tradesmen were professional, on time, and sticklers for detail. The communication was superb all through the build, and when there was one cupboard with a problem, Nobbys persisted until it was all perfect, at I suspect considerable expense that Nobby's absorbed. Thank you so much Nobby's. We also have a kitchen upstairs ... and in a year, we will get Nobby's to design and build a new one.

The new kitchen has far exceeded our expectations....

We absolutely love it!

We had researched many kitchen suppliers whilst thinking about a new kitchen, doing the rounds of Willoughby Road and travelling out to Sydney's western suburbs to look at other kitchen manufacturers.

Eventually we decided on Nobby Kitchens after visiting their showroom at Pymble. We thought the staff at the showroom were very professional and on the same wavelength as ourselves. Pat, who was our first contact, made us feel very comfortable discussing exactly what we wanted. She asked us what 'we' wanted to achieve with our new kitchen as opposed to some other showrooms who told us what 'they' wanted us to do.

Next step was a visit to our apartment by John the designer who again took the time to ask us what we would like to achieve. Then, he suggested a few other options, all of which we hadn't even thought of but which greatly enhanced the functionality of our overall kitchen design without changing the cost.

Then it was a bit of a wait whilst the kitchen got planned out properly and plans drawn up exactly to spec before we signed off on the design and it went off to be made in the factory. We were allocated a Project Manager, Brendan, who managed the installation from start to finish. All up, from ordering until completion was about four months. This time is needed to properly plan for installation and in our case we had to get approval from the strata within our apartment building which can be quite time consuming in itself.

With installation, I took a week off work to be around for deliveries and to help the workmen with access to our building etc. We are on the eighth floor and it was a bit of a mission having the units and corian bench tops delivered etc but eventually it all arrived in one piece.

To watch Nathan, the kitchen installer and Nick, the Corian bench installer work was a real privilege - the care they took with their jobs was just amazing, they evidently took great pride in their work and went the extra mile to get things as perfect as possible as did all the trades who were associated with our kitchen - the electricians, the plumbers, the demolition guys and builders - everyone was respectful and nice to deal with and, get this... they stuck to the schedule which we were given, phoned up the day before and appeared on time!

The man who installed our Bora cooktop (not part of the Nobby's team) said he had never seen a cut out as good as the one Nick did for us on the island bench - it was perfect!

Having a new kitchen installed in your house or apartment is a big job, it's complex and very detailed and to be honest I was a bit stressed out about different aspects of the job. Our project manager, Brendan kept telling me to let him worry about the details and I guess I should have, we had a few minor bumps in the road but all in all the new kitchen is in, on schedule and we couldn't be happier with the end result.

We would thoroughly recommend Nobby Kitchens to anyone planning a new kitchen into the future.


David and Penne, Surry Hills

Awesome Job Nobby

We are very happy with our new Nobby Kitchen. The design, trades work, installation, customer service and products quality are all outstanding. Trade staff were very professional and friendly. The whole project was well organised. Sam Costarella our project manager was awesome. We was always contactable and made sure the kitchen install meets all our requirements. Would happily recommend it.

Great job, Nobby!

We are very happy with Nobby Kitchen. The design, trades work, installation, customer service and products quality are all outstanding. The whole project was well organised and implemented professionally. Would happily recommend it.

We're very happy with our new kitchen.

We had a few hiccups to start with as some of the items which were delivered hadn't been made to the specifications. However, once this was sorted out everything ran fairly smoothly. As we only have a small kitchen we weren't able to do much with the layout but with careful designing we managed to fit in everything that we wanted. All the tradesmen were first class, and Sam our installer did a wonderful job and went out of his way to sort out any issues that we had.

Very happy

We are very pleased with our brand new Nobby’s kitchen. From the initial designer, to all the tradesmen who arrived on time & completed all the tasks at hand. Barry the tiler was great at liasing with the other trades. Impressed with Jason’s professional & attention to detail with the installation work, coordination between the plumber, electrician & tiler were exemplary.

Wonderful experience

We couldn't be happier with our Nobby kitchen - an elegant, ergonomic replacement in a small and unpromising space which formerly housed a 1970s horror. Project management by Brendan was superb; Heather did a great job with co-ordination; and trades were diligent and courteous, turned up when they were expected and produced excellent work. The quality of finish is very fine indeed and the new kitchen is a delight to work in.

Nobbys Kitchen

Our kitchen took 3 months from the date we signed the contract and we were told by the designer that it would be 4 weeks. However, the wait turned out to be worthwhile as we are extremely pleased with the final outcome. We have a functional light and bright kitchen which is a pleasure to work in. A bit surprised that bare particle board was not covered where it met the concrete floor. The project manager Jack, was cooperative and responsive and all tradesmen were polite. Cleaning up after making a mess could have been handled more efficiently by some of the tradesmen.

Dream Kitchen

My kitchen took 6 weeks from rip out to completion. I couldn't be happier.
The tradesman treated me with respect at all times, despite a few hiccups which were resolved promptly & cheerfully by Jack the project manager, I have nothing but positive feedback for Nobby Kitchens. Outstanding quality cabinetry and counters. Barry the tiler went above and beyond to ensure I was completely happy with my kitchen. Many thanks to everyone who assisted, planned and delivered an outstanding kitchen. Highly recommended to anyone planning a kitchen reno. Eileen

I get a buzz every time I walk in

I must say that Nobby's have been very organised and professional and I do get a buzz of enjoyment every time I walk into our new kitchen and laundry. A bit of time and effort on our part with tile and laminate selection was worthwhile in conjunction with Paul's good design. The tradesmen and the team have all been very prompt, professional and a delight to deal with.

My kitchen looks GREAT

was so happy from the showroom to having them measure up the kitchen and having different ways or ideas , people were friendly helpful,the whole team worked really well togther
.I would recommend NOBBYs to anybody

Great Laundry!

Good quality products used and all issues and queries were dealt with promptly and professionally. Good outcome and am happy with the result. Ruard was attentive with design plans and offered alternative solutions and ideas. Lauren in the office did a fantastic job co-ordinating trades and providing further assistance when needed. Paul followed up on any issues raised in a timely manner. Overall experience was good and would recommend to others.

My First impression !

Ros,Anna & Glen ... Great work so far really looking forward to the next four weeks. Cannot wait to see the finish product !

Thank you to all three of you for your valuable input.


We planned our dream kitchen with the Nobbys team and thought we were going to have a easy run, this wasn't the case at all.
We were told a week but it turned out to be 7 weeks, its a small kitchen to begin with, first the tap which I planned the kitchen around was to heavy for the sink ( why didn't the designer know this) then my dishwasher arrives damaged , trade put a huge hole in my laundry wall, another trade broke our garden hose ( Hoselink hose not cheap) the project manager would go weeks without contact, how has this business lasted this long?? Don't bother with them very disappointed and when it wasn't finished they had the nerve to ask for their money, regret it very much and would never recommend them to anyone.

Hi There, We have made several attempts to get in contact with you and with no success. We are hoping you will contact us soon to discuss further the concerns you have noted. I am aware of the whole made in the wall and also aware our Project manager personally repaired and repainted the wall. We believe the kitchen renovation has been completed and would like to schedule a final inspection, and finalise your outstanding balance still left on the kitchen. I look forward to your reply. Kind Regards Michael.Michael, We have had 1 yes 1 phone call the final inspection has been done over 4 weeks ago and yes its been paid for. We wanted a new kitchen not a hole in the wall and yes you should of fixed it it was your companies mistake , what about our hoselink hose? or the mess left by tradies?? the whole process was dissapointing we were lead to believe it would be easy and smooth and it was nothing like that at all.

So happy with the result

Arna has designed both our kitchen and laundry, both of which we couldn’t be happier with! She makes every effort to ensure our vision is created while staying in budget. Everyone involved was great to deal with. It was really helpful to have a locked in price for trades which meant we didn’t have any budget blowouts. Would definitely recommend!

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Questions & Answers

how long does Nobby's normally take from design sign off to completed kitchen?
5 answers
Hi There, Generally it is around a 8-10 week exercise provided there are no distractions along the way. things that can delay this time frame is: - If we require information to be sent to us by a customer...e.g. appliance specs. and this is delayed. - If there is a delay in a customer returning construction drawings approved for us to release to the factory. Outside of these points, we stay pretty much with in the indicated time frames. Kind Regards. Michael.In our situation the kitchen was operational with 10 weeks, and fully completed wth 12 weeks allowing for our own time restrictions/commitments.Thanks for the reply David. Was there something further you are requiring from me? More than happy to help if this is the case. Regards Michael.

Do you measure and free quote in the Rutherford area? Not looking for a full kitchen, but do want a bench top and cupboards in a back room. Thanks Frank and Wanda Tracey.
1 answer
Hi Frank & Wanda, Thank you for your enquiry. We are more than happy to present a proposal for your attached request. If you could visit our website...www.nobbykitchens.com.au...you will find the contact details for our Newcastle store. Equally in the meantime if you have an opportunity to visit our showroom in Kotara, you will be pleasantly surprised with ideas and options to service what you are after. Kind Regards Michael Pignataro Management Nobby Kitchens.

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