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Abbott's Village Bakery Country Grains

Abbott's Village Bakery Country Grains

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Best bread ever

Hi, I was given your bread by a chartiable organisation and it the best bread I have ever tasted, The bread is now 7days old and I thought nI had to toast it but it is still fresh and soft and fresh. Form now on I will be purchasing your bread from Woolworths. Thank you Leo

Purchased in July 2019.

Light Rye

I have been buying light rye bread for years, the last 3 loaves that I have bought have gone mouldy within 3-4 days - have you changed your mix ???? Feeling very disappointed in your product - not value for money

Purchased in March 2019.

country grains bread

well, it`s now country grains without the grains, the grains are now grain bits, please go back to the old.

Abbott's Village Bakery

I have found that Abbott's Village Bakery bread is the best that I can buy in South Australia. Olga's is just terrible as are Tip Top and others. My Abbott's favourites are the Grainy Wholemeal, Country Grains and Farmhouse Wholemeal. However I do wish that Abbott's wouldn't experiment with new bread such as Sundried Tomato & Basil and Pumpkin, Sunflower Seed & Caramelised Onion, which are just awful. Every supermarket has these loaves left over on their shelves because they are not popular. I have tried both and I really cannot understand how this bakery continues these experiments with dreadful results! Oh, yes, too many air pockets in what would otherwise be perfect bread.

Bread quality has diminished

I am a bit sad that the quality of the Light Rye bread seems to have diminished, I will go on purchasing it but now the bread slices are thinner and have far more "air holes" than previously, I used to love the rather "fudgy" texture and I would never purchase any other brand. I might just have to try "Helgas"

Decline in quality

Our bread of choice for some time. Not any more! Air holes, misshapen slices, slices stick together when freezing, slices seem thinner. Why muck around with what was a good product?

air pockets and smaller slices abbotts white bread

Yes slices are smaller and sometimes have air pockets we are now looking at alternatives also noticed weight is 700g compared to wholemeal 750g I have the feeling Abbott's are being sneaky.

thinner slices

not happy with the thinner, smaller slice size
find this very disappointing as I used to love this bread and am quite unhappy with the new arrangement

The best flavoured grain bread.

The Country Grain has great flavour, texture and full of fibre and I have been toasting it in the embers of a wood stove for many years. Since the repackaging I have noticed the slices on the toasting fork appear to be smaller. I would appreciate the larger slices again.

Country Grains and lighter loaf

I have been buying this as preferred for a long time. I buy online delivery from Coles and it had not been on offer in my last two deliveries. I spoke to Abbotts directly and they gave a reasonable explanation. I had feared that Coles may have dropped the line in the light of the last monhh's experience. I have mentioned this in my last comments on my most recent order but I have heard nothing in response so far..Time will tell

Lighter loaf

Not real happy that under cover of introducing jazzy new packaging, Abbott's has sneakily (in very subdued print) reduced the weight of Country Grains from 850 to 800 grams. What a pity this outstanding product has been cheapened this way.

Good Bread Bad coloured Bag

Love the bread but the black colour from the Farmhouse Wholemeal bread bag comes off and leaves a black stain on my light coloured stone bench tops and is hard to remove.

Pleas make GF white or wholemeal.????

Please make some white or wholemeal no seeds GF. as you make the best. As many people can't eat the seeds.Tks

Love this bread !

I've been coeliac for years..was making my own as first gen' g/f bread was like scone mixture..sorry to tell you it will never be the same as gluten bread but I think It is the best so far !! and yes I pay $7.40 because I know a bit about g/f flour prices...if bread goes a bit dry, pop it in the micro wave for a few seconds!

Gluten Free Bread

GF 5 Seeds is very dry, I only use it for toast. Why is it so expensive - $5.99/$6.99 when Aldi GF bread is less than $4.00 and can be used in sandwiches as it is moist.

Disappointed in Bread having Air pockets

While i agree this bread is better than most on the market it does come at a premium price of $7.00 .My issue is the last 4 loafs i have purchased have had huge air pockets.Have contacted the company with photos of the problem with no contact back after 2 weeks!! I refuse to be ripped off and will no longer purchasing this GF bread.They clearly aren't interested in customer satisfaction or quality control.

Gluten and wheat free bread

Was totally disgusted to see that a company would knowingly try and deceive its customers, when you bought out the larger size slices of above bread I know an enormous amount of people including myself who were so happy that finally someone finally made a slice of bread almost the same size as a standard loaf of bread, finally we didn't have to pay very large sums of money for bread that was not much bigger than a playing card and the texture and smell not good
even though your price was still over $6.00 it was worth it.
But now that everyone I know in the case of gluten and wheatfree bread have discovered that very sneakedly and arogantly you have been making smaller and smaller slices.
Pretty disgusted, once you have people switch over and buy your bread you then start making smaller sixe slices but except now we have to pay around $7.00 a loaf
were you fell short in my case was the fact that I always have two or three packets in the freezer, so to my disbeleif I had thawed out a loaf to make a lot of sandwiches but when I had placed the fresh loaf on the board alongside the frozen one was absolutely disgusted to find that instead of being able to make up the amount that I needed, I had to make half of that as the slices from one loaf did not match the size of the other, even if I cut the crusts off the frozen loaf it was still bigger than the new loaf and it required me cutting quite a lot of the frozen older loaf.
So in fact would have had to throw a heap of bread away.
So will be voting with my money and myself and a lot of people with our conditions will go back to purchasing out bread etc from bakeries who do treat us as acceptable human beings.

Abbotts village bread

I often buy this bread because of its grains and seeds, its very healthy and tastes great, its a bit on the expensive side, but you only get what you pay for, I have told a number of my friends about it, and they agree that its very nice

2nd loaf in 2 weeks with air pockets.... Not Happy Jan!!!!

Ok as above, first loaf had air holes at the end of the loaf, and by that time the 'tag' off the bag was long gone. We clip ours with a cliplock to keep the bread in the freezer. Took photos to send to Abbotts, then read that they want the tag info. Too bad, deleted the photos.

Opened second loaf today, bonus air holes in 1st 2 slices, still got the tag, took photos, nice polite email drafted, photos re-sized for email, - got their email from their website - info@abbottsvillagebakery.com.au - Sent the email off with all the photos and info. Expecting to get an answer tomorrow at the earliest.

Within seconds, I got a failure notice.
Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.

No MX or A records for abbottsvillagebakery.com.au

So I sent a second email without the photos to explain that I got a failure notice, yep, got a failure notice on that one too within seconds....

Well Mr Abbotts, or Mrs Abbotts.... What the heck is the point in having a contact email address on your website that can't accept emails. - Yep, maybe the server is under maintenance, being a weekend, but doesn't look promising at all.

So I guess I'll have to call them tomorrow on their 1800 number - and see if that works....

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Update: I called Abbotts and explained it all to the CSR, she was professional in the handling of the complaint, and offered 'a gift card' as a form of compensation, and appreciated the time and effort of the photos and explanation. The gift card arrived and is to the value of 2 loaves of bread at the current 'special' selling price ($7). Better than nothing I guess, and hopefully they will lift their game. So I would suggest, rather than just vent online, contact them and tell them, it's the only way they will find out, and attempt to rectify the problem. My 2.2c worth, GST Incl.

Sick of the air pockets within the loaves off farm house wholemeal bread

I buy my farmhouse wholemeal loaves at Woolworth woolgoolga. Lately 1 in 4 loaves has an air pocket that you can poke 3 fingers through and 3 or 4 slices thick. I love my morning rare roast beef & cheese toasties, these cannot be made using the holey bread. as there are 16 slices in the loaf that then means i'm missing out on 25% of my bought loaf. 25% of $3.50= $0.875 out of my pension. I'll have to think about Helga's in future.
regards Vincent Otto

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Where the bread baked/produced.
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Love your Country Grains bread but after couple of days gets a white mould on the outside of the loaf . We live in tropical Queensland . Is this mould harmful? Still seems ok for toast
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Hi Tooster! Sorry for not responding to your interesting question sooner; I am intrigued by the white mould that appears on your "Abbott's" bread. I lived in Rockhampton for a few years and I know how quickly the humidity can ruin foods. I kept foods such as bread and bread like products in a refrigerator in an effort to preserve them for a bit longer. I now live in western sydney (nsw) and I now keep a couple of extra loaves of "Abbott's bread in a freezer and I take a loaf out and put it in the refrigerator the day before the current loaf is finished, this allows the bread thaw slowly overnight and is still moist and fresh. I know this doesn't answer your question about white mould although in the past I have sliced off the affected areas and I have not experienced any health problems. May I suggest perhaps that you try contacting either "Abbott's" or a "Food Technologist" even a Dietician may be able to answer your query, in the meantime, it may not be wise to consume "mouldy bread" just in case it you have an intolerance to it. Good luck and kind regards.

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