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Advance Premium Dry Dog Food

Advance Premium Dry Dog Food

Adult, Mature and Puppy Growth
3.5 from 17 reviews

Contaminated batch, terrible investigation, never examined the food. Push back. Not just.

My dog ‘golden retriever’ got sick and ended at vet. Directly related to the food. Vet showed an article and recommended to stay away from this brand. I took the food to pet barn and was placed for test. Called advance help line and took 4 months to investigate and blamed me at the end. They Never even tested the contaminated food and apparently management made a decision that it wasn’t them. So unprofessional in their investigation. Do not recommend.

Purchased in December 2018 for $98.00.

Value for Money
Pet's Life StagePuppy/Kitten
Side Effects Yes

Ill Dog

A couple of years ago i bought Advance puppy biscuits for my border collie pup. She ended up with severe diarrhoea and vomitting and was on two lots of antibiotics. I then took my 4 dogs off dry dog food and after alot of research and i studied the diet given by Blind Dogs Australia, i decided to give them a fresh, raw well balanced meal which is very costly but after reading all the reviews i would never go back. My dogs are very healthy and happy.

New packaging terrible not the same product

My wife who is blind purchased the new packaging product . She was told it was the same . However her dog has now had the scours for the past week . Checking the old packaging and comparing the new packaging I find the ingredients are a great deal different . A lot more fat content for starters . I would suggest your company understands how difficult it is for a blind person to pick up after her dog in this situation . I will be referring the matter to guide dogs and vision Australiafor further action .

We have changed from dermocare as the has is ill after 7 years on the biscuit has got ill and can’t

Found biscuit good but after dog has been ill and has only eaten dermocare which over the last 7 years has been great but still vomits and can’t swollow and hard food

Excellent over 12 years

My maltese ShiTsu has been eating advance since 8 weeks of age. now nearly 12 years old and no problem. Supplement by adding some beef mine, chicken necks, chicken thighs twice a week . Also add a little can food for variety.
Floyd is going really well

Awesome product

After owning 2 dogs a staffy and a neo mastiff both had to be taken to the vet in a emergency situation for a twisted stomach.
Was feeding cheaper supermarket type dry food and was informed by the vet it was both were caused by being active and drinking water after eating the food ( mostly cereal ) it swelled in the stomach.
I was advised to feed either advance, ukuramba, or super coat,
Years later have gotten a staffy pup he enjoyed advance wet and dry food is healthy his coat is shiny and his stools are firm but easily passable if your still reading this I

Advance puppy food

Terrible puppy food for my French bulldog. I bought it when she was 10 weeks. She started with diarrhea and some blood. I stopped to give it to her and after a while diarrhea and blood stopped. Now she’s on home cooked food and a different grain free dry puppy food. I would not recommend it. They need to improve it.

Not a good experience

My puppy has been fed solely on Advance and she has come down with diahorria. She is only 10 months. We have taken her off her food and put her on a bland diet whilst we investigate the problem. My vet suggested when she's better to trial others. I will either find a qualified vet nutritionist not affiliated with any pet food company or do research on other brands. Thank you.

Costly lesson.

I have been buying this product in breeder bags for dogs and cats. I'm not a breeder but have a large amount of rescue pets. I have also required the puppy version for 2 new additions.
I have been using this product for many years. After it was recommended by a vet for a dog with sensitive tummy.
Unfortunately after my last purchase all of cats and dogs got severe diahorrea. It was severe. But 2 were so severe I had on 2 occasions had to put them in hospital for treatment, one for 5 days. It cost a lot of suffering and money for my babies. One was vomiting and passing blood. When talking to other animal contacts, some of their animals had also had this problem. I don't know what is in it now that made my babies so sick. But seriously they need to do in my opinion a recall. As soon as I changed food. All animals faeces returned to normal???
I think that speaks for its self!!

Very small dry food which is easy to eat for puppies

The lady at the pet supplies store recommended this when we were shopping before bringing our mini foxie puppy home. It is a good dry puppy food that becomes soft when mixed with water, as well as having very small pieces for little puppies to manage. It also mixes well with moist dog foods. However, our puppy is very fussy and was never really interested in the Advance dry puppy food, and he often was scratching/itchy. I have since changed to Black Hawk dry puppy food and he loves that and no longer scratching/itching, and his coat is shinier and softer. He seems a healthier, happier puppy now.

GREAT My dog loves it!!

Since the day both my pups could eat biscuits they had these never had a problem they love them :)


been buying it since i got my boy over a year ago he loves it and he never misses a meal as he loves it

better than supermarket food

I thought it is expensive, but I bought this from PetCare and I think it is cheaper in long run -- and less to feed, and my puppy enjoy this

Great Puppy Food

We started using Advance Puppy Plus for our dogs (both pups at the time) on the recommendation of our breeder. Our older pup had previously had reactions to a number of premium dog foods, and really coped with this one well. The younger pup was the runt of the litter, but is now very tall for his breed and is a very healthy young man who has never had any dietary issues. We've since switched to adult food, but are very glad we gave them a start with Advance Puppy Plus.

Great puppy food - great value :)

My puppy Maltese / Shit-Zu has been eating this since I got him (8 weeks old) , he is now 6 months old and still loves it. His coat is good, he has always been given very good health review by his vet and I have no complaints at all about this great product :)

In fact, it was recently on special from our local privately run pet supplier ($10 off), so I bought 5 packets :)



Excellent quality

My puppy has been on this since he was about 12 weeks old and quite happily eats it! His coat is so shiny and soft all of the time and his poos are firm and easy to pick up and he's a very healthy pup all round, it's $35 for a 3kg bag but you don't need to feed them as much as the supermarket brands so it works out cheaper! I love that it's an Australian made product too, I won't ever change this brand!
Resealable bag, size of kibble

satisfied puppy customer

My Poodle x Shih Tzu pup loves this product. His coat is shiny and he is in overall excellent health. It's nice to know Advance is Oz made too! Although pricier, it works out cheaper as the food is more concentrated so I don't have to feed as much. Great buy.
superior quality

Questions & Answers

If you go to review sites, they mention the use in Advance of white rice, corn and corn gluten, and talk about the concerns around high glycaemic index, joint swelling, etc. Whether the dog likes it is not entirely the measure of it being good. I really like donuts, but . . . So, irrespective of how the corn is processed, are the negative effects of it always the outcome for a dog that eats this kind of food?
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I don't think anyone is saying "because the dog likes it I will continue feeding it to him even if it's going to harm him" Presume that maybe we are unaware that there are ingredients that could lead to problems because it's a premium dog food. The dog liking it is just an added bonus. I will now look into the ingredients, compare it to other premium brands and make an informed decision on weather to change his food, you on the other hand can continue eating your donuts.

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