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Pental AIM Range

Pental AIM Range

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Philip Newton

Philip NewtonCentral Queensland, QLD

Excellent to So So


Been using Aim for years. First Made in Australia. Next Made in New Zealand. Then Made in India. Now Made in China. Lately the formula has changed - from Toothpaste to Toothslush. Taste the same, works the same but is now SLUSHY and FROTHY - don't like it at all. If it stays the same I will be buying some other brand even if twice/three times the price. Sorry - you have ruined a good product.

Purchased in May 2019.

Sensitivity Improvement No
Whitening Improvement No


RudolphandHermeyNew South Wales

  • 11 reviews

Terrible product


I purchased this in the hope it would be like old fashioned original toothpaste but its realy watery and foamy. Dosnt clean my teeth properly because of how watery and frothy it is. It dosnt leave a bad taste in my mouth. Why are all these companies changing there toothpaste to this watery foamy crap?

Purchased in June 2019.



Does a good job on my teeth.


Been using AIM for donkeys years. Dentist is always surprised how good my teeth are and I am nearly 74. One dentist laughed and said 'you starve the dentist' .



  • 11 reviews

A good time


I thought that AIM toothpaste had been discontinued but it turns out it hasn't. Boy am I ever glad. I like AIM. AIM reminds me of a simpler time back when The Bill was just a classic TV show about nicking toerags down on the Jasmine Allen. Mind you. I've been to the dentist to get fillings a lot. So maybe AIM is a poor quality paste.

52 years old - never had 1 cavity


I'm a 52 year old male, and have used Aim toothpaste since I was a kid. I've never had a single cavity or filling in my life, and I rarely floss and only go to the dentist for a cleaning every 1-2 years. I do brush 3 times a day, and I use Aim.
It's not genetics, my parents and sister have cavities. It's the Aim, folks !!!! And the only sad thing is it's getting hard to find in my local stores.
Btw, my review is meant to be for regular Aim, multi benefit, not sure what this Pentax stuff is.



  • 182 reviews



To be honest after having this reminder about AIM I am not sure why we buy the more expensive brand Colgate. I have used it in the past and when I lived at home we often had it in the house. I actually quite like the taste and the transparent blue is kind of funky (if you can describe a toothpaste that way). It has always been cheap but not inferior in terms of taste and texture. I might even give it a revisit next time we need toothpaste.
Does what it supposed to do. I find the taste pleasant. Cheap compared to the other brands.

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MotherMoonWA, 6210

  • 455 reviews



I have to say Aim is a household name when it comes to their toothpaste. I use it and I am fussy in many ways. It does give your teeth and mouth a good clean, and you couldnt be dissapointed with it as I can get a tube for under $1.00. Now that is value for money. It has a pleasant taste and you dont need heaps of products to do a clean. The Packaging same as Colgate could do with an over haul. All in all I woulnt hesitate in recommending this to my family and friends. Its a great buy for families also.
Aim is a household name with their toothpste and it is cheap, and it is just as good as Cogate in everyway apart rom the variety.



  • 168 reviews



This is one of the cheapest toothpastes that you can purchase at the supermarket and for what you get it is not that bad if you are living on a budget. It contains flouride and has a reasonably pleasant taste and I have never had any problems usig it. Well worth it in my opinion. And it comes in several different varieties of flavours.
Cheap when compared with other similar toothpaste products, does the job it says it will, leaves your teeth feeling clean and fresh. Worth it when you consider it is one of the cheaper toothpaste varieties you can purchase.


silent_dVictoria, 3178

  • 39 reviews



I mainly use this toothpaste when spending the night at a friends house, and after using it a fair few times, I find it to be a rather good toothpaste. It surprisingly didn't hurt my teeth, which often happens with the 'gel' type toothpastes because of my sensitive teeth. I fully intend to start purchasing this toothpaste for myself after the current one is used up!
AIM is a decent toothpaste that tastes pretty good, and as mentioned, the package is really great as you can get almost every bit of the toothpaste out. It is also very affordable, and good quality for its price.
Nothing that I can think of.


sweetgirlSydney Surrounds, NSW

  • 60 reviews



This is the yummiest toothpaste ever and it is definately going to get a 5 just because of it's taste alone! But, it is also a very effective toothpaste as well and I so wish they would bring one out for sensitive teeth because I'd be their first customer! It's been around for decades and I do like that they have brought out even more flavours than before. An excellent product that would be fantastic in a sensitivity variety.
Great taste! Gives a great clean and a great aftertaste in your mouth.
Not real great on my sensitive teeth.



  • 18 reviews



A nice fresh taste left by alll three. The kids particularly like the gel. I keep an eye open and try to stock up when it is on special . For some reason , these tubes do not seem to get so messty about the lid. All three types of aim toothpaste leave the teeth feeling really clean, with no gritty after taste. Nice to se some good competition to Colgate
All3 varities taste great . Tube is also good as you are able to get nearly all the contents of the tube out , with little waste.
Would prefer bigger size tubes e.g 150 grams



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a good cheap product with a nice choice of ingredients, my chemist regularly has it on special at a dollar a box and it seems to work as well as most brands, in fact it is far better than the more expensive Oral B which is the tooth paste I used to use before I found this one
leaves your mouth nice and clean and your breath fresh, has a slight under taste of eucalyptus that I like, at least I thinks that is what it is there among the mint
Nothing I can think of to say against this product

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